10 Ways to Thank Your Team Like a Pro

Thank your team -- a little goes a long way!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to thank your team. Photo via becky731

Thank your team regularly — it pays off in so many ways! Enjoy more engaged, productive employees who are willing to go the extra mile for you, who take initiative in solving problems, and who treat your customers right.

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Improve your bottom-line with employee thank yous

Why are employee thank yous important? If done right, they create employee engagement.

What is engagement? 

gThankYou! Employee Thank You

Photo via Kelly Booth, Flickr

Employee engagement is the emotional investment the employee has in the organization and its goals.

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HR Insider: Top Employee Recognition Trends

Employee recognition

Photo via Julie Rybarczyk, Flickr

Employee recognition programs can be a competitive advantage and directly benefit your bottom line, especially if you stay current with the latest trends. Research has shown recognition programs can:

  • Drive measurable business results
  • Retain top talent
  • Inspire employee engagement
  • Build vibrant cultures
  • Breathe life into your business results

That’s according to recognition/rewards company Globoforce in “Why Recognition?”

And in her post for HR firm TLNT, “Top 3 Employee Rewards and Recognition Trends for 2014,” Sarah White, founder and principal advisor at advisory firm Accelir, cites her company’s Rewards & Recognition: 2014 Trends Report.

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