HR managers are often the keepers of corporate culture.  They’re the ones who encourage senior leaders by saying, “Maybe it’s time we…”
Now, more than ever, it’s time to say “thank you” to employees, particularly high performers and high potentials.
Robert Half recently published a survey by Robert Half International with some very telling news about how critical it is to express Thank You in corporate environments today.Thank-You Note
The poll of 150 senior executives from the nation’s 1,000 largest companies reveals the two leading reasons top performers leave their jobs.  First,  they’re, unhappy with management; second, the see  limited advancement opportunities. Retaining top talent is a major concern, particularly in today’s challenging economic climate.  Savvy human resources managers can must ensure senior leaders are generously leveraging value of Thank You.
Explains Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International and author of Human Resources Kit for Dummies, “Employees want to see their efforts rewarded and acknowledged. If offering a promotion isn’t an option right now, managers can reward employees consider providing employees with professional development opportunities and the flexibility to pursue projects that will help them expand their skill sets.”
Knowing how to say thank you to employees is now the most important tool in the HR managers’ tool kit. Elaine Varelas, managing partner of Boston career management firm Keystone Partners, writes that giving thanks to employees need not wait for a special occasion or an annual performance review, “HR managers can help make employee recognition a part of the culture.” Start, Varelas suggests, by having a conversation with the company’s leadership team and obtaining buy-in for the gratitude concept. Then, establish formal recognition policies while stressing the importance of providing positive feedback in the context of a specific “Thanks” for a job well done.
Don’t take employees for granted during a recession, urge management consultants Don Lowman and Julie Gebauer of global professional services firm Towers Perrin and authors of Closing the Engagement Gap, reminding that employees now expect companies and leaders to make decisions that are “thoughtful, balanced and fair.”
Says Lowman, “Your best people are always going to be in demand. Make sure they know that they are in demand where they are now!” “My strong advice to you is to pay attention to them now, let them know how much you appreciate them and reinforce how committed you are to their careers. Your smart competitors will see the current environment as an opportunity to build their talent bench and/or upgrade their staff at a lower price than might have been the case a few months ago.”
Well said; gThankyou.
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