• 5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

    By mid-October, the supermarket checkout aisle is full of magazine covers, each boasting a glorious, burnished brown Thanksgiving turkey — so juicy and tempting, you can almost smell the savory aroma while you dig out your debit card. And indeed, it’s not too soon to start thinking about stuffing (should it have bacon this year? …

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  • One Ham Bone, Three Great Soup Recipes

    Just like I’ll fight (nicely, of course) the other cooks at the Thanksgiving table for possession of that flavorful turkey carcass — such a great way to make stock — I do the same at Easter for the ham bone. These rainy April days are the perfect time to take that ham bone out of …

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  • Ham Appetizers for Holiday Entertaining

    A holiday ham doesn’t have only one part to play in your end-of-the-year celebrations. Check out these great appetizer ideas for passing around at family gatherings — all finger food and easy to execute. Ham and Cheese in Puff Pastry From Ina Garten, The Food Network. This is one of my favorite holiday appetizers. It …

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  • How to Cook, Glaze and Carve a Holiday Ham

    Few centerpieces are more anticipated than a perfectly pink holiday ham, glazed with a spiky coarse mustard and sweet fruit preserves, and sliced into lovely petals. But if you’re cooking a ham for the first time, getting from the package in the grocery store to that beautiful Christmas Day dinner-table picture can seem like a …

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  • 5 Ways to Glaze a Holiday Ham

    Preparing a Christmas ham, especially if it’s been conveniently pre-smoked or cured for you, is about the easiest thing you can do for a centerpiece. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little something to it—namely, a sweet, decadent glaze to make your ham that much more delicious. Here are five tips from food …

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  • What to Serve at Your Holiday Party: Turkey or Ham?

    A perfectly browned turkey or a glazed holiday ham, sliced into layers like the petals of a flower. Either makes for a crowd-pleasing main course, ample enough to feed a crowd, with leftovers to spare. But when you’re hosting a holiday gathering (that isn’t Thanksgiving — turkey has the clear edge there), which do you …

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  • Five Ways to Add Flavor to Your Thankgiving Turkey

    Turkey by itself — especially the breast meat — doesn’t have a ton of flavor and can run a little dry. For the best-tasting, juiciest turkey, most birds need a little help. Here are five ways to add richness, spice and excitement to your Thanksgiving turkey. 1. Brine it. The white meat of turkey is …

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  • Thanksgiving Turkey – When is it Done?

    The appointed hour has arrived: it’s time for you and dozens of your relatives and friends to gather around the dining room table, stretched out to its full capacity for the most celebrated meal of the year –Thanksgiving. But, like a weary child from the backseat during a cross-country trip, one question nags at you: …

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  • Thanksgiving Turkey – Where Does the Thermometer Go?

    It’s that age-old question, where do you put the meat thermometer in a turkey? You may have spent days looking at recipes, brining your Thanksgiving turkey, and finding just the right ingredients for some amazing stuffing, but if you serve raw turkey at your next Thanksgiving dinner, all that effort will be wasted. (Not to …

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  • Where do you insert a meat thermometer in ham?

    For food safety, a good meat thermometer is an essential kitchen tool. It’s just as important to know how to use it properly. This is the topic of much confusion and consternation. Fret not! We’ll clear it up with a common sense tips on where to insert the meat thermometer in your Holiday Ham. Tip …

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Order Certificates

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