• Gratitude Squared for HR Leaders

    As consumers, we’ve all (I hope) been thankful for a genuine act of generosity. Employees have the same sense of thankfulness, the same sense of gratitude) when they’re recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in the workplace. That sense of thankfulness creates employee engagement and builds loyalty. It’s a big topic …

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  • Generosity Inc. = Gratitude Squared

    Generosity Inc. = Gratitude Squared (GI = G x G)
    We’ll be back. Promise.

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  • Just Say Thank You. (Period)

    “Thank You Power” in action: support staff favore a simple thank-you and having their accomplishments passed on to senior management.

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  • Employee Rewards – Engagement vs. Bottom Line?

    WorldatWork is a leading human resources professional association with more than 30,000 members worldwide.  WaW sees itself as the “Total Rewards Association”, and draws the the premier companies and practitioners in this realm to its annual Total Rewards Conference, held recently in Seattle. One of the really fascinating presentations in Seattle earlier this month in …

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  • How do you measure "Thank You"?

    How do you go about measuring the impact of your company’s Thank You program? Finding that 42 percent of companies that spend millions on these programs don’t know how well they work, the folks at  Globoforce have put some thought behind it. In its recently released white paper, “Measuring Recognition: (How to Build the Business …

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  • Say "Thank You" to Increase ROI

    Saying “thank you” in your company has big generated big return-on-investment (ROI).  If you or the head of your company think saying “thank you” often is not worth the time, more trouble than it’s worth or falls on deaf ears, think again. Formally called “strategic recognition” in Human Resources management lingo, the practice and policy …

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  • American Artisan Ham

    Our Ham Gift Certificates are a customer favorite here at gThankYou.  Office Depot is just completing a nationwide promotion, giving our Ham Certificates to tens of thousands of customers.  gThankYou! to Office Depot. As you might imagine, the gThankYou Team always has its eyes open for interesting articles about ham.  Of course, like everyone else, …

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  • Savvy HR Manager – Thank You, Now More Than Ever

    HR managers are often the keepers of corporate culture.  They’re the ones who encourage senior leaders by saying, “Maybe it’s time we…” Now, more than ever, it’s time to say “thank you” to employees, particularly high performers and high potentials. Robert Half recently published a survey by Robert Half International with some very telling news …

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  • Gratitude at Work – Wisdom for HR Professionals

    Gratitude at work is a powerful team-builder. Savvy HR professionals can borrow lessons from leading companies to improve organization effectiveness.

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  • 10 Fantastic Ways to say gThankYou! on Mother's Day

    Every mother deserves our gratitude. So, in honor of Mothers everywhere, the gThankYou team offers these easy and effective tips on how to show gratitude on Mother’s Day. (Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10.) 1.    Make her a card with your own hands, no matter your age. You get no points for artistry or …

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