• 9 Ways to Kickstart Employee Wellness Goals

    Spring is here, and World Health Day is April 7 — two good reasons to set employee wellness goals this month to support and engage healthier habits in your workplace! Most employees aren’t even aware of the wellness benefits their company offers. According to the Transamerica Center for Health Studies 2017 Consumer and Employer surveys, …

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  • Redeeming Your gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate

    Did you recently receive a gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate? Congrats! We hope you love sharing your ham gift with family and friends. Redeeming your Certificate is easy. Just choose any major grocery chain store in the U.S. and you’ll be enjoying your delicious holiday ham in no time! Your Certificate can be redeemed today — or whenever …

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  • Why Share an Easter Ham Gift with Employees?

    An Easter ham gift from gThankYou allows your recipients to shop locally for their holiday ham, for the size and preparation of ham they want. Plus, all gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates come with free, customizable “Thank You” Enclosure Cards so you can share your holiday greeting in style! Spring is here! Celebrate with employees with …

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  • What You Can Do to Build Employee Happiness Today

    Employee happiness is the natural result of a recognition-rich culture that engages everyone. In a truly happy workplace, no one gets left behind, even new hires and remote staff. International Day of Happiness is Tuesday, March 20. This year’s theme is “Share Happiness” — a focus on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other. We …

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  • 7 Fun Employee Team-Building Ideas for Pi Day

    Brighten up the last few weeks of winter with these employee team-building ideas for Pi Day on March 14! Pi Day — not to be confused with National Pie Day, our other favorite excuse to enjoy pie — is a holiday made up by math geeks to celebrate the irrational number that describes the ratio of …

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  • Celebrate International Day of Awesomeness — Have Fun!

    International Day of Awesomeness is today, Saturday, March 10. Celebrated every year for the past decade, it’s the perfect excuse to have a little workplace fun! “An acceptable level of fun is rarely defined when companies speak of their corporate culture,” Adam Gale writes for Management Today. But a company’s attitude to workplace fun is …

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  • 6 Easy, Affordable Easter Customer Appreciation Ideas

    Your business depends on loyal, happy customers — show them the gratitude they deserve with an Easter customer appreciation gift, party or promotion, or a combination of all three! Thanking customers at holidays is just good business, according to the Small Biz Trends’ article “5 Simple Strategies to Improve Holiday Sales Promotions.” “Saying ‘Thank You’ …

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  • 10 Last-Minute Employee Appreciation Ideas

    Didn’t plan ahead for Employee Appreciation Day which occurs the first Friday in March? Or are you just looking for anytime employee appreciation ideas to help you and your team brainstorm for the coming months? We’ve got you covered! First, don’t worry that you haven’t planned ahead. A big appreciation dinner that takes months of …

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  • Easy, Affordable Easter Ham Gifts

    Easter ham gifts for your employees, special customers and others in your workplace are the perfect springtime gift to show your appreciation and celebrate the new season! gThankYou has you covered with affordable, easy-to-share Easter Ham Gift Certificates. Plus, all our Gift Certificates come with free Enclosure Cards, including Easter and Spring-themed designs. Redeeming gThankYou! …

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  • Employee Appreciation Day is in March — Plan Now!

    Employee Appreciation Day is always the first Friday of March. Why celebrate it? Jared Weitz, founder and CEO of United Capital Source LLC, puts it bluntly this week in a Forbes column on why employee appreciation should be a top priority. “If you aren’t making a conscious effort to let employees know how much you …

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Order Certificates

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