• Delicious Recipes for Turkey with an Italian Accent

    I love Italian food.  Any kind of Italian food, from hearty tomato pasta sauces to thin-crust pizza from a wood-fired oven to pasta and fagioli soup; you get the idea.
    So I was delighted to find these recipes recently; all use turkey in a delicious Italian-inspired dish.

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  • 1-Page Whitepaper — Best Practices for Employee Holiday Gifts

    When the Harvard Business Review talks, people listen.

    Especially when it’s Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

    Professor Kanter is the author or co-author of 17 books, including a Business Week #1 Bestseller. Her work is dedicated to developing peeling-the-onion insights for high-performance organizations, turnarounds and individuals. Her next book will appear in June 2009; the title speaks for itself: The Vanguard: How Principle-Led Companies are Changing the World of Business (and Maybe the World).

    In a 1986 issue of the now-defunct Management Review, Professor Kanter authored “Holiday Gifts: Celebrating Employee Achievements”.

    The bottom line? “Celebration and publicizing employee achievements is a low-cost, potentially high-payoff strategy for inspiring people to do their best”.


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  • 3 Hearty Turkey Meatloaf Recipes

    Here in Wisconsin we’ve already had several cool nights and few (hard-core) schools have begun. All those change-of-season reminders have the gThankYou team thinking about fall, and heartier turkey recipes.

    We’ve found three favorite turkey meatloaf recipes and home you enjoy them.


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  • The #1 Best Tasting Way to Prepare Turkey

    If you are the fortunate to work for a company that gives great holiday employee gifts and receive a gThankYou™ Turkey Gift Certificate, you’ll want to know a delicious way to prepare turkey that’s guaranteed to receive compliments from your family and guests.

    My family loves turkey. It tastes delicious from the oven, but for us, the #1 way to cook a turkey is on a charcoal grill. It’s the easiest turkey recipe we know, the set-up is fast and the bird has a taste no oven or gas grill can match.


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  • 5 Mouthwatering Turkey Recipes with Mexican Flair

    If it’s as hot where you live as it is here in the Midwest, you’re looking for simple, tasty fare for the table.  To that end we bring you four mouthwatering turkey meals —all with a Mexican flair.  Enjoy!

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  • Learning To Celebrate

    Celebrating.   In the summer of 1976 I landed my first real job—as a foreman in an Oscar Mayer meatpacking plant (now part of Kraft Foods). My previous jobs as a lifeguard, mowing lawns, shelving library books, and putting piers in the lake hadn’t prepared my for anything like this.

    Work started at 6 AM (a rude awakening for a college kid) with a crew of workers 25-45 years older than I was. Some of them were hired into their jobs during World War II; some were parents of high school classmates. They had forgotten more about the best ways to do things than I could ever learn in a summer.

    And, they had all learned one critical lesson—how to celebrate in the workplace.


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  • The Psychology of Workplace Celebration

    Leaders have many roles: strategist, competitive analyst, resource-allocator, priority-setter and, of course, coach.

    We’ve always heard one of the most effective way to build and lead teams is by setting a great example.

    It’s true.

    Who cannot be impressed by all those great photos of legendary General Electric CEO Jack Welch, late in his career, beer in hand, fully engaged in conversation with junior high-potential GE leaders?

    There is fascinating research to support the value of the leader-as-example-setter-in-chief. The research is published by Robert Cialdini in his recently updated classic, Influence; and explored in his website, Influence at Work. (Full disclosure: I’ve long believed Dr. Cialdini’s Influence is the first text any aspiring leader or marketer should read.)

    Influence examines many of the our basic instincts and how they are used in practice by businesses to affect (influence) others’ decisions.


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  • gThankYou! Wins Award from Management Guru Tom Peters

    Our Team would like to give a hearty gThankYou! to management guru Tom Peters! We’re regular readers of Tom’s blog and work hard to make gThankYou a company that would make Tom proud. Full disclosure confession: I’ve been a huge fan since In Search of Excellence was excerpted in Business Week in 1980.

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  • 5 Fantastic Turkey Burger and Sandwich Recipes

    It’s grilling season! Here in the Upper Midwest, the floods are finally receding and the grills are coming out. Every evening I smell neighbors cooking outdoors…and it makes my mouth water.

    At gThankYou, we are turkey fanatics — and we sell a lot of Turkey Gift Certificates. So, we’re always excited when we can introduce great new recipes to our customers.

    We’ve found five recipes for turkey burgers and turkey sandwiches we think you’ll love. In a week or so, we’ll post them to our website Recipe Section where you’ll find another dozen or so turkey burgers, too.


    And be sure to post your comments along with your favorite turkey burger and sandwich recipes right here.


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  • The Power of "Thank You"

    Here at gThankYou we believe in the power of “Thank You” in the workplace. In fact, it’s critically important.

    Many of us spend half of our waking days at work. We must find meaning and joy and personal growth in our work. If we don’t, it’s drudgery. It is essential for leaders to create real meaning in people’s work-lives. Often leaders make it more difficult than it really is.

    OK. So what’s one easy way to bring meaning to work? Give up? It’s to say “thank you” often. Not just “thanks” or “I appreciate that”, say it forcefully, look someone in the eye and really mean it.

    Yeah, I know this is simplistic and sappy and something your mother taught you.But, the truth is this: many business leaders don’t do it.

    But Harvey Mackay does.

    Harvey Mackay is one of my favorite business gurus. He is insightful, successful, entertaining — and on target. I read his column every week.


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