• 10 Fantastic Ways to say gThankYou! on Mother's Day

    Every mother deserves our gratitude. So, in honor of Mothers everywhere, the gThankYou team offers these easy and effective tips on how to show gratitude on Mother’s Day. (Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10.)
    1.    Make her a card with your own hands, no matter your age. You get no points for artistry or craftiness with Moms. They’ll love it no matter what.
    2.    Cook her a meal. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be served in bed, Mom will appreciate the attention and recognition. Here are some great recipes to search through Epicurious.
    3.    If cooking really isn’t your thing, take her out for lunch, dinner, brunch, what have you. Avoid the crowds on Sunday by showing up at her workplace before this Sunday to treat her, making it a real surprise!
    4.    Connect by taking a walk or hike with her and enjoy spring’s grandeur.
    5.    Make your own floral arrangement. Nothing says “Thanks” like a bouquet of taken from your own garden stock or the surrounding environment. (And, yes, dandelions work, too.)
    6.    Give in her name. With more than 100 causes, you’re apt to find something your Mom believes in at Charity Gift Certificates.
    7.    Create a chore-a-day jar or basket. Fill it with simple tasks written on slips of paper that you can help Mom with in the upcoming weeks.
    8.    Hugs go a long way. Complement the traditional kind with a Hug Card.
    9.    Today, the adage, “A mother’s work is never done,” is more true than ever as more Moms work inside and outside the house. Give her a break with some time alone in the house or arrange for her special day with a friend.
    10.    Say Thank You. It’s simple, effective and from the heart.

    gThankYou, LLC sells Gift Gertificates  that savvy companies give to show appreciation to employees and customers.  gThankYou® Ham Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Certificates, and Grocery Gift Certificates are its best known products.
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  • Thank You! – Gratitude to Volunteers

    In case you missed it amidst all the green hoopla, last week was National Volunteer Week. The week, established by former President Richard Nixon in 1974 and now organized by the Points of Light Institute, this year gave gratitude to people who “take action and solve problems in their communities.”
    Volunteerism is surging, according to institute CEO Michelle Nunn, who notes a 60 percent increase this year in the number of people volunteering in its 250 local organizations this year. According to Nunn, “As this year’s theme — Celebrating People In Action — suggests it is also a time of inspiration as we honor the thousands of individuals who take action all year round, to strengthen their communities.”
    Nunn’s observations of this surge are evidenced in companies like General Mills, a former employer of mine. The Minneapolis-based company points out that a whopping 82 percent of its employees volunteer, a surprising increase of over the company’s previous figures. It provided the consumer packaged goods firm a reason to gather in the workplace and package 2,000 pounds of rice for the local Emergency Assistance Program. Many other companies, their employees and professionals of all stripes devote time to making their communities better through volunteerism. In this day and age, they recognize the value of giving thanks through solid action.
    So, to all of those who volunteer, in whatever capacity, gThankYou wants to pause to say a heartfelt, “Thank You.”

    gThankYou, LLC sells Gift Gertificates  that savvy companies give to show gratitude to employees and customers.  gThankYou® Ham Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Certificates and Grocery Gift Certificates are its best known products.
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  • Green Gratitude

    Every day there’s a reason to celebrate. There are big ones and small ones. Official celebrations and casual observances.
    Today’s celebration is all about the environment as we mark the 39th Earth Day.
    As more companies find it’s good business to adopt sustainable practices, Earth Day has come to be a day of celebration at work, too.
    Take, for example, clothier Gap Inc, which has activities throughout the week to mark Earth Day. With the theme, “What is your Re:Solution?” Events at the company include a Green Festival and Take a Child to Work Day.
    The Re:Solution campaign is part of the San Francisco-based company’s overall environmental commitment, according to the company which notes, “we believe that reducing our impact on the environment can also result in positive business benefits.”
    Writing in Grist.com this week, Len Sauers of Procter & Gamble urges companies to celebrate Earth Day with employees, communities, and leading companies what green accomplishments achieved this year with an eye toward planning for the future.
    “From a corporate perspective, we are faced with many opportunities to make a tremendous difference. But I would challenge that today’s mission of ‘going green’ is not a bandwagon, it’s a journey. And the deliverables need to not only be real, but long-lasting and sustainable in and of themselves,” writes Sauers, a 23-year P&G vet with a doctorate in toxicology who now leads the company’s sustainability efforts.
    Call it food (think salad greens) for thought.

    gThankYou, LLC sells Gift Gertificates  that savvy companies give to show appreciation to employees and customers.  gThankYou® Ham Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Certificates and Grocery Gift Certificates are its best known products.
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  • TED – The Power of "Thank You"

    The gThankYou Team hopes you’re enjoying the Gratitude Dance we posted last week.
    Here’s another, wonderful, gratitude/thank you video.  It’s just 3 minutes.  In it Dr. Laura Trice is speaking to TED.  TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is one of the world’s great conferences, brings together many of the most creative people on the planet, allows them to speak just a few minutes and explain their work.
    Dr. Trice explains in simple terms the profound impact a thoughtful “thank you” can have.
    [ted id=349]
    gThankYou, LLC sells Gift Gertificates  that savvy companies give to show appreciation to employees and customers.  gThankYou® Ham Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Certificates and Grocery Gift Certificates are its best known products.

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  • Do the Gratitude Dance with gThankYou

    We just couldn’t resist sharing this fantastic video, which really gets to the heart of the gratitude-happiness connection.

    gThankYou couldn’t say it better. Now, get out there and dance!

    gThankYou, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin, sells Gift Gertificates that savvy companies give as employee gifts and promotional incentives to appreciative employees and customers.  The company is best known for gThankYou® Ham Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Certificates and Grocery Gift Certificates.
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  • A Better Life, With Gratitude

    Did you hear the good news? gThankYou has learned that gratitude (yup, simply being thankful), is a key to happiness. In fact, George Mason University researchers who recently published a study on gratitude calls it “one of the essential ingredients for living a good life.”

    “Accumulating evidence supports the idea that gratitude is linked to greater psychological and physical well-being helps build lasting, meaningful social relationships.” This, according to Todd Kashdan, an associate professor of psychology, who wrote the paper examining gratitude posted recently in the online Journal of Personality.


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  • You Say We're Hip? gThankYou!

    The gThankYou Team loved, we mean luuuuuvvvved, the article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune titled “Is g the new W?“.
    Tribune writers Nara Schoenberg and  Monica Eng explain to us how “W” has been the ultra-hip letter in recent years, fronting for stylish W Hotels and cooler-than-cool W magazine.
    Now, you guessed it, “spunky little lowercase g is making headway in the worlds of design and pop culture”.

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  • NEWS RELEASE: New Enclosure Cards for gThankYou.com Gift Certificates

    gThankYou.com announced new Enclosure Cards today.  Free with the purchase of gThankYou® Gift Certificates, the new designs feature Springtime themes.  These Enclosure Cards are available immediately at www.gThankYou.com or by telephone (888-484-1658).  The new designs are displayed on the Company website’s Free Stuff page.
    Detailed information about gThankYou® Gift Certificates and is available on the gThankYou website for Gift Givers, consumers who have a gThankYou Gift and Grocery Stores redeeming gThankYou Gift Cards and Gift Certificates.
    "Tulips" Enclosure Card
    “gThankYou Ham Gift Certificates are popular during the Spring and Easter Holiday times”, said company president Rick Kiley, “these new, free Enclosure Cards are an ideal addition to our line of Gift Certificates.  We love the work of artist Amy Pierquet of Waterfront Graphic Design, who developed them.”

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  • Delicious Ham Recipes to Start Your Day

    It’s still cold here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Morning temps are around 10 degrees. That kind of weather has the gThankYou Team thinking about hearty breakfasts.  We love the earlier daylight that suggests spring will be here soon, but we still want a morning meal that sticks to our ribs.
    So, here are four delicious looking recipes that won’t leave you hungry as lunch time approaches.

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  • Four Heart-Warming Ham Soup Recipes

    It’s cold and snowy here in Wisconsin!  Although, it’s a lot less snowy and a lot warmer than just a few weeks ago.
    The gThankYou Team has been searching the Internet for some delicious, hearty soups to warm our hearts on a cold winter day
    We think we’ve found four of them that you’ll love.

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  • NEWS RELEASE-Grocery Gift Cards Introduced by gThankYou

    Grocery Gift CardsGrocery Gift Cards from gThankYou.com were launched today as the company’s newest Employee Gift.  gThankYou® Grocery Gift Cards are available immediately at www.gThankYou.com or by telephone (888-484-1658).  Detailed information about gThankYou Grocery Gift Cards is available on the company website for Gift Givers, Consumers who have a gThankYou Gift and Grocery Stores redeeming gThankYou Gift Cards and Gift Certificates.

    gThankYou Grocery Gift Card

    gThankYou Grocery Gift Card

    “gThankYou’s best ideas come from our customers”, said company president Rick Kiley, “Grocery Gift Cards were requested by customers.  Many customers who use our popular Turkey Gift Certificates and Ham Gift Certificates this Holiday Season want to offer a choice of Gifts, including one for vegetarians.  Other customers would like gift recipients to have more flexibility to choose food items from a supermarket, not only turkey or ham.


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  • Delicious Turkey Main Meal Entrees, gThankYou!

    gThankYou!  It’s a holiday turkey frenzy out there.
    The gThankYou Team has been busy lately filling orders for our famous gThankYou® Turkey Gift Certificates.  There are lots of lucky folks out there with an employer planning to give you one of our Gift Certificates.
    To put you in the mood, we chose three delicious looking recipes that use larger cuts of turkey you can buy in the supermarket without purchasing a whole bird.

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  • NEWS RELEASE: Employee Gifts with Free Enclosure Cards from gThankYou

    Employee Gifts from gThankYou.com now include Free Enclosure Cards the company announced today.  gThankYou, a leader in Employee Gift Certificates, is well known for its Turkey Gift Certificates and Ham Gift Certificates which are a favorite holiday gift of employers.  gThankYou™ Gift Certificates are available at www.gThankYou.com or by telephone (888-484-1658).

    gThankYou Enclosure Card

    gThankYou Enclosure Cards are printed on heavy, high-quality paper and include the giver’s customized message to Gift Certificate recipients.  The Enclosure Cards are three inches high by four inches wide (3″ X 4″), suitable for enclosure in most payroll envelopes.  The Cards can also include the giving Company’s logo.  Detailed information and instructions for ordering the Enclosure Cards is on the gThankYou’s Free Stuff page.

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  • Fabulous Fall Ham Meals

    Ham Gift Certificates from gThankYou are off to a fantastic start.  gThankYou! to all our loyal customers.
    As lovers of all things ham, we’d like to share with you some of the tastiest looking recipes we’ve seen on the web for using ham as an entree.

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  • Ham Sandwich 6-Pack

    The American election is in full swing, as you doubtlessly know.  Earlier this week we posted the Turkey Sandwich 6-Pack in honor of Sarah Palin’s self-professed affinity with that mythical great American hero, Joe Six-Pack.

    As you know, at gThankYou, we sell Turkey Gift Certificates and Ham Gift Certificates and wouldn’t dream of not giving equal time to both “candidates”.

    So, here, to complement, the Turkey Sandwich 6-Pack, and fairly give equal time to the alternative candidate, is our Ham Sandwich 6-Pack, in honor of Joe Biden, of course.



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  • Turkey Sandwich 6-Pack

    With the election season in full-swing, it’s hard to miss some of the oft-cited expressions some of our candidates use.
    For example, Sarah Palin, with a wink and a grin, tells us how much she has in common with “Joe Six-Pack” (as Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live hysterically reminds us of this).
    In keeping with the spirit of the season, your friends at gThankYou suggest a tempting turkey sandwich “six-pack”.

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  • Turkey Dinners for Kids

    Employee gifts are what we’re all about here at gThankYou.
    And our gThankYou® Turkey Gift Certificates are our number #1 item.
    So, we love to talk about all things turkey.
    As the father of a second-grader, choosing dinner items the whole family likes isn’t always easy.

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  • The Art of "Thank You"

    This is the first in a series describing some of the great ways our customers distribute gThankYou® Gift Certificates to employees. They’re touching, inspiring, thankful, often funny and just plain effective.

    When gThankYou does our year-end wrap-up calls with customers we always ask:

    1.  “How did you distribute gThankYou® Gift Certificates to employees?”


    2.  “How did it go?”

    The responses are always revealing. Often they illustrate great creativity, sense of purpose and, of course, gratitude.


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  • Five More Terrific Ham Soups, Chowders and Stews

    Wow!  Everyone is excited about ham soups, chowders and stews.  Thank you for your interest.
    Our Ham Gift Certificates are also off to a fine start.  gThankYou! from our Team.  Many of our customers have decided to give their employees Turkey Gift Certificates for Thanksgiving and Ham Gift Certificates for Christmas.
    As promised, here are recipes to complement those posted earlier in the week.

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  • Terrific Ham Soups

    Ham Gift Certificates from gThankYou are off to a fantastic start.  The gThankYou Team would like to thank everyone for the fantastic support of this new product launch.  gThankYou!
    Here in Madison we’ve been diligently searching for great ham recipes for our readers.  And we’ve been fantastically successful!

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