• Sharing Employee Gratitude Keeps Holiday Stress Away

    Share your holiday employee gratitude - it's easy and important.

    Put a big smile on employees’ faces by spreading gratitude in your workplace this holiday season. (Photo via USASAC, Flickr)

    Prioritizing employee gratitude helps keep holiday stress from hijacking your workplace.

    Fun activities with a focus on wellbeing, appreciation and making social connections are the antidote to the kind of stress that can distract employees and derail productivity over the holiday season.

    Keeping employees engaged and healthy is particularly difficult during the holiday season. The weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year offer a lot of challenges when it comes to productivity, illness and work performance,” Forbes contributor Alan Kohll writes.

    Ironically, when stress takes over, we stop doing the things that help keep stress at bay — like exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and engaging in meaningful social connections.

    “When employees are over-stressed or dealing with hectic schedules, they tend to drop healthy habits and become disengaged with their work,” Kohll writes.

    That’s why it’s so important for management to lead with gratitude and model healthy behaviors, especially during vulnerable times like the holidays.

    “It may feel counterintuitive, but the holiday season could be the best time for employers to double down on employee wellbeing,” Kohll writes. “By recognizing the holiday season and all the joy — and stress — it can bring to employees, employers can help reduce any extra pressures around the office and keep employees motivated to finish the year strong.”

    Simply acknowledging that the holidays can be stressful lets employees know that you understand what they’re going through. Take it a step further and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts this month, too.

    #GivingTuesday is this week, and it’s the perfect time to kick off a month of gratitude activities for the holiday season in your workplace.


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  • Happy Thanksgiving! We’re Grateful for You

    Share Thanksgiving gratitude with free customizable Enclosure Cards from gThankYou

    We’re committed to helping leaders express their Thanksgiving gratitude, and this Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for you!

    Thanksgiving gratitude is what gThankYou is all about.

    And, as always, we’re thankful this year for our customers, our Certificate recipients, our email subscribers and blog readers, and our hard-working team!

    We put a high value on great customer service and helping company leaders show their appreciation with meaningful, practical gifts shared with gratitude.

    We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have loyal customers and supporters who are just as enthusiastic and committed to this mission!

    It’s an exciting time for HR management right now. Employee gratitude and employee experience are finally getting recognition as indispensable business tools. We’re grateful to help play a small part in serving this growing field.

    However you’re spending Thanksgiving — with family, with friends or with coworkers — we hope it’s a joyful experience that brings you closer together.

    And, if you’re cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, don’t forget to check out our free “Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” for last-minute tips, guidance and side-dish recipes.

    We wish you a safe, happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!


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  • Letters of Gratitude Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving

    Download "How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees" from your friends at gThankYou

    Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving! Download “How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” from your friends at gThankYou.

    Thanksgiving is this week — and you can still “put the Thanks in Thanksgiving” in time to delight your employees and workplace!

    For Thanksgiving, and for the rest of the holiday season, gratitude is the best gift company leaders can give employees.

    Learn how to express your gratitude to employees with gThankYou’s free eBook, “Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees.”

    This free how-to guide has step-by-step instructions on writing a memorable, meaningful holiday letter, as well as tips and real-life examples to inspire you.

    Whether you’re composing a company-wide email, handwriting Thank You notes, preparing a speech, or just want to say “Thank You” more effectively in person — this is the eBook for you!

    Genuine, clearly expressed gratitude from leadership is what really “puts the Thanks in Thanksgiving” — and it’s what employees want.

    A new Randstad survey of about 1,200 U.S .employees from a cross-section of industries and regions shows that some workplace holiday traditions — cookie swaps, the annual Christmas party — are not actually that important to workers.

    What employees really want, more than anything, is to feel the spirit of the holidays in their workplace.


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  • Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey: FREE Cookbook

    Cooking your Thanksgiving turkey is a family tradition treasured by all!

    Cooking your Thanksgiving turkey is a family tradition treasured by all!

    By cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, you’re taking part in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Each generation enjoys sharing the secrets to cooking their family recipe to the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

    The Thanksgiving meal is one of America’s most beloved traditions, and sharing a turkey as the centerpiece to the meal is a tradition that has its roots in the first Thanksgiving feast shared by Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621.

    In the 400 years since then, “the essence of Thanksgiving has remained the same,” as Melanie Kirkpatrick, author of Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience tells us.

    That essence of Thanksgiving is gratitude.

    Gratitude is “impressed on the American spirit,” Kirkpatrick says. “What it means to be American includes generosity. … On Thanksgiving Day, the definition of family is very elastic — it includes everybody in your circle. If there’s a single person at work who doesn’t have a place to go for the holiday, it’s taken for granted that one of his colleagues will ask him to join his or her family for dinner. It’s built into our DNA after all these years!”

    If you are new to cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, gThankYou has free resources with tips and recipes for a successful, delicious holiday meal.

    Whether you’re cooking your Thanksgiving turkey for immediate family, for a big extended family, for a church or community gathering, or for a Friendsgiving potluck — read on for resources to help guide the way.


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  • Redeeming Your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate

    How to Redeem your gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificate

    Redeeming your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate is as easy as 1-2-3. You get to choose when, where and how to redeem!

    Wondering how to redeem your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate? Here at gThankYou, our goal is to make your redeeming experience easy as possible.

    That way you can focus on what’s really important at the holidays: enjoying a meaningful and memorable meal with family and friends.

    Thanksgiving is a special holiday because it’s centered on gratitude and being thankful for the good in our lives.

    Editor Ben Bromley said it well when he praised the simplicity of Thanksgiving in a recent newspaper column:

    “There is beauty in simplicity, and grace in gratitude. Ever since the Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered to break bread and give thanks for the harvest, there has been a quiet, uplifting charm to the holiday.”

    Wishing you a happy, gratitude-filled holiday!

    How to Redeem Your gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificate in 3 Easy Steps

    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates have long expiration dates so you can redeem your Certificate when the timing is right for you and your family — whether it’s right away for Thanksgiving or next month for a holiday party or New Year’s, or even all the way up through the Spring 2018 holidays.

    Here’s how:


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  • How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Workplace

    Celebrate Thanksgiving in the workplace this year and show colleagues you care!

    Celebrating Thanksgiving in the workplace is an appreciated and valuable way of showing gratitude to employees. (Photo via Satya Murthy, Flickr)

    Celebrating Thanksgiving in the workplace is an appreciated and valuable way of showing gratitude to employees. Don’t miss out this year!

    SHRM calls Thanksgiving workplace celebrations an “incredible tool” for managers.

    A business veteran and author quoted by SHRM says that “in so many organizations, employees go through their days assuming that their co-workers, and especially their bosses, don’t notice or appreciate all of the hard work that they do.”

    “And if that’s the way you feel, you will just go through the motions,” the expert, Todd Patkin, says.

    Thanksgiving gratitude to the rescue! “Tapping into the spirit of Thanksgiving can tip the balance between success and growth or stagnation and failure,” Patkin says.

    Celebrating Thanksgiving in the workplace is also a “motivator and catalyst for growth,” he added.

    Read on for tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving in the workplace, even with limited resources or at the last-minute. After all, the emotion that Thanksgiving thrives on — gratitude — is 100% free and instantly accessible.


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