• Holidays that Boost Employee Wellbeing: ‘Walk to Work Day’

    Employee wellbeing starts with simple things such as encouraging colleagues to walk to work.

    Celebrate Walk to Work Day and other health-focused holidays throughout the year to boost employee wellbeing.

    Walk to Work Day and other regular health-focused celebrations help promote employee wellbeing year-round in the workplace.

    Held every year on April 7, Walk to Work Day is an easy opportunity to educate employees on the benefits of regular exercise. (It’s also World Health Day!)

    Walking to work has environmental benefits, too.

    “The heart of Walk to Work Day isn’t just based in our physical and emotional health, but actually concerns itself with the health of the planet as a whole. Prevention magazine promoted this holiday in 2004 and it was quickly picked up by the US Department of Health and Human Services,” according to DaysOfTheYear.com.

    Walking to work — even part-way, for employees who commute long distances — has benefits that can directly boost employee wellbeing and build workplace productivity, performance and culture.

    Benefits of a walking habit include better mood and increased creativity, metabolism, mindfulness and motivation, according to the Prevention article “7 Incredible Results You’ll Get From Walking 30 Minutes a Day.”

    Walk to Work Day is just one of many unofficial holidays throughout the year that are perfect for promoting employee wellbeing. HR experts are calling 2017 “the year for wellness” — read on for more health-focused holidays and to find out what makes a high-value employee wellbeing program.


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  • Ham Or Turkey Gift Certificates for Easter Gratitude

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    Easter in the workplace is about celebrating hope, family and the changing of the seasons — and, most importantly, your gratitude for employees.

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  • Let’s Talk: World Health Day in the Workplace

    world health day in the workplace

    Start a conversation with employees to mark World Health Day in the workplace on April 7. (Photo via hoffnungsschimmer, Flickr)

    Start a conversation with employees to mark World Health Day in the workplace this week.

    Held every year on April 7, World Health Day is an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) to mobilize action around a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

    The 2017 theme is combating depression, with the slogan “Let’s Talk.”

    Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life and in all countries, according to WHO’s free campaign essentials for World Health Day. Depression creates fallout in all aspects of a person’s life, even on the job.

    “It causes mental anguish and impacts people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living,” according to WHO.

    The goal of World Health Day 2017 is to promote a better understanding of what depression is and how it can be prevented and treated, as well as reduce stigma associated with the condition.

    Celebrating World Health Day is an opportunity to help your workforce be more mindful of depression in the workplace. It’s a chance to connect with your team, start a conversation on employee wellbeing, and do activities together for better mental and emotional health. World Health Day also fits well with another awareness-raising initiative happening in April, Stress Awareness Month.


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  • Recognize Employees for Small Wins to Build Confidence

    Recognize employees for small wins throughout the year and build a confident, productive workforce.

    Build a confident, productive workplace — recognize employees for small wins throughout the year!

    Recognize employees for small wins regularly — not just once a year — for a confident, productive workplace.

    Praise for specific acts of excellence builds employee self-confidence and in turn increases engagement. The more, the better!

    Employee recognition is one of the most important responsibilities your managers undertake, according to management and sales expert Brian Tracy.

    “Building self-esteem and self-confidence in others is more important in bringing the best out of people than all the education, intelligence or experience you might have at doing your job,” he writes on his blog.

    The best employee recognition fulfills a “core emotional need” in humans: to feel important. Your employees want to work for leaders who like them and value them. After all, company leaders are the ones who hold “the most influence over the employee’s work and income,” Tracy writes.

    Unfortunately, too many well-meaning employee recognition programs don’t make this emotional connection with employees. Instead of building confidence, these efforts actually lower confidence and demotivate.

    Ensure that your workplace leaders recognize employees effectively. Invest time and structured training for managers so they understand recognition expectations, and learn how to effectively recognize reports. Read on for expert tips on inspiring and using confidence-building recognition.


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  • 7 Days to a More Mindful Workplace

    Be mindful. 7 Days to a more mindful workplace.

    April is Stress Awareness Month. Build a more mindful workplace daily by focusing on wellbeing and gratitude with employees. (Image via libookperson, Flickr)

    A mindful workplace is your buffer against the kind of employee stress that disrupts productivity, drains happiness and drives high turnover.

    With Stress Awareness Month coming up in April, now’s the time to plan workplace activities focused on stress awareness — and to give employees the tools they need to handle stress before it takes over.

    The first step toward busting stress is mindfulness.

    “This is why April is Stress Awareness Month. The key to minimizing unhelpful stress is to first become aware of it. We cannot change what we cannot see,” author Melissa Heisler writes in her HuffPo article, “Make the Most of Stress Awareness Month.”

    Ultimately, stress itself is not the issue. Stress is an inevitable part of life! It’s how we handle stressors that makes the difference between healthy and dysfunctional.

    Workplace leaders set the tone for how to handle workplace stress.

    In an un-mindful workplace where leaders feed stress, employees are more likely to react to stress with anger, ingratitude, burnout, overwork or disengagement. Actuarial research shows that self-medicating with unhealthy habits like smoking and binge drinking are also common outcomes of unmanaged workplace stress. The results can be disastrous for your company culture and business, as disengaged employees “check out” from doing their best work.

    In today’s workplace, “it’s unlikely the pace or intensity of work will change much anytime soon,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

    But “there’s a growing body of research that suggests certain types of development activities can effectively build the capacity for resilience,” Wisdom Labs co-founder Rich Fernandez writes for HBR. Investing in employee personal growth and development “is the first step in unleashing creativity, enabling potential and supporting sustainable productivity.”

    Start the process in April with a week (or more!) devoted to building a more mindful workplace. Read on for Stress Awareness Month activity ideas.


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  • Employee Thank You Gift Cards for Easter & Spring

    Employee Thank You Gift Cards for Easter and Spring

    Celebrate your workplace this Spring! Whether you focus on Easter or just the inspiration of the new season, we’ve got you covered with FREE Cards to share your thanks with any purchase of gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude.

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    Even the smallest of gifts matter in the workplace. gThankYou offers a range of meaningful and affordable Easter and Spring Gift Certificates perfect for any budget. Tuck one in a fun spring Easter basket or distribute them with your personal thanks.


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