• The #1 Best Tasting Way to Prepare Turkey

    If you are the fortunate to work for a company that gives great holiday employee gifts and receive a gThankYou™ Turkey Gift Certificate, you’ll want to know a delicious way to prepare turkey that’s guaranteed to receive compliments from your family and guests.

    My family loves turkey. It tastes delicious from the oven, but for us, the #1 way to cook a turkey is on a charcoal grill. It’s the easiest turkey recipe we know, the set-up is fast and the bird has a taste no oven or gas grill can match.


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  • Learning To Celebrate

    Celebrating.   In the summer of 1976 I landed my first real job—as a foreman in an Oscar Mayer meatpacking plant (now part of Kraft Foods). My previous jobs as a lifeguard, mowing lawns, shelving library books, and putting piers in the lake hadn’t prepared my for anything like this.

    Work started at 6 AM (a rude awakening for a college kid) with a crew of workers 25-45 years older than I was. Some of them were hired into their jobs during World War II; some were parents of high school classmates. They had forgotten more about the best ways to do things than I could ever learn in a summer.

    And, they had all learned one critical lesson—how to celebrate in the workplace.


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  • 5 Dynamite Turkey Main Dish Recipes

    gThankYou! to one and all for a fantastic reception to our posting of Turkey Burger recipes.  As you know, the gThankYou Team is a group of turkey lovers, so we’re always saving recipes from the web that strike our fancy.  Today, we’ve chosen 5 Main Dishes, All with Turkey.

    As always, more recipes are to be found at the Recipes & Free Stuff page of gThankYou.com

    Enjoy, post your comments and let us know what you think.


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  • The Psychology of Workplace Celebration

    Leaders have many roles: strategist, competitive analyst, resource-allocator, priority-setter and, of course, coach.

    We’ve always heard one of the most effective way to build and lead teams is by setting a great example.

    It’s true.

    Who cannot be impressed by all those great photos of legendary General Electric CEO Jack Welch, late in his career, beer in hand, fully engaged in conversation with junior high-potential GE leaders?

    There is fascinating research to support the value of the leader-as-example-setter-in-chief. The research is published by Robert Cialdini in his recently updated classic, Influence; and explored in his website, Influence at Work. (Full disclosure: I’ve long believed Dr. Cialdini’s Influence is the first text any aspiring leader or marketer should read.)

    Influence examines many of the our basic instincts and how they are used in practice by businesses to affect (influence) others’ decisions.


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