• Thank You! – Gratitude to Volunteers

    In case you missed it amidst all the green hoopla, last week was National Volunteer Week. The week, established by former President Richard Nixon in 1974 and now organized by the Points of Light Institute, this year gave gratitude to people who “take action and solve problems in their communities.”

    Volunteerism is surging, according to institute CEO Michelle Nunn, who notes a 60 percent increase this year in the number of people volunteering in its 250 local organizations this year.

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  • Green Gratitude

    Every day there’s a reason to celebrate. There are big ones and small ones. Official celebrations and casual observances.

    Today’s celebration is all about the environment as we mark the 39th Earth Day.

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  • Do the Gratitude Dance with gThankYou

    We just couldn’t resist sharing this fantastic video, which really gets to the heart of the gratitude-happiness connection.

    gThankYou couldn’t say it better. Now, get out there and dance!

    gThankYou, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin, sells Gift Gertificates that savvy companies give as employee gifts and promotional incentives to appreciative employees and customers. 
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  • A Better Life, With Gratitude

    Did you hear the good news? gThankYou has learned that gratitude (yup, simply being thankful), is a key to happiness. In fact, George Mason University researchers who recently published a study on gratitude calls it “one of the essential ingredients for living a good life.”


    “Accumulating evidence supports the idea that gratitude is linked to greater psychological and physical well-being helps build lasting, meaningful social relationships.” This, according to Todd Kashdan, an associate professor of psychology, who wrote the paper examining gratitude posted recently in the online Journal of Personality.


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