• Frozen Dairyland (or Ice Cream Flavors we Love)

    It’s hard to imagine just how many flavors of ice cream exist. But creative ice cream makers keep coming up with new tastes all the time.

    Take, for example, one boutique ice cream maker here that concocts custom ice cream flavors for big events and special occasions.

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  • Ice Cream Season

    It hit 90 this week, a rare occasion for Wisconsin in May. We officially moved full-force into summer living. The kitchen is closed. The grill is open. We’re outside working and playing, and hungry for our favorite summer treat: Ice Cream.

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  • Growing Engagement: Just add dirt

    What’s an instant recipe for growing  morale? Just add dirt.

    Some companies have  found a fun and innovative way to engage employees by providing an unlikely benefit: a vegetable garden. This growing trend was recognized as one of the best ideas in Human Resources recently.

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  • Homage to Ham & Bean Soups

    Here at gThankYou, we’re big fans of soup, ham and bean soups in particular. Pity we’re heading out of what I consider prime soup season. Before grilling season takes hold, however, I offer this humble homage to simple, versatile and satisfying ham and bean soups in this installment of Recipe of the Week.

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  • How to Gift in the Workplace: Part III

    It became a popular fun topic of conversation around the water cooler the same time every month. Who would receive the certificate and hearty handshake? As the ritual went, monthly all-staff meetings concluded with the top executive handing out his pick-of-the-month for the stand-out employee.

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  • 101 Uses for Leftover Ham

    We make egg salad once a year. Bet you guessed that it’s the week following the annual visit from that famous bunny, who leaves colorful, hard-cooked eggs all around our house — in the yard if the snow isn’t too deep.

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