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Workplace Gift Ideas and Where to Buy Them

Uncover a treasure trove of workplace gift ideas that will delight and inspire your employees. From personalized tokens of gratitude to innovative recognition programs, find the perfect gifts that convey your heartfelt appreciation. Moreover, we’ll guide you on where to buy these exceptional gifts, ensuring convenience and quality.

Employee Engagement, Appreciation, and Recognition

Boost employee engagement by fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition. Discover effective strategies to cultivate open communication, strengthen teamwork, and create a supportive work environment. Empower your employees to thrive and contribute their best, resulting in enhanced job satisfaction and overall organizational success.

Celebrations of Gratitude at Work

Infuse your workplace with a spirit of gratitude that transcends holidays and special occasions. Learn about unique and meaningful celebrations to honor your employees and strengthen their bond. From creative team-building activities to heartfelt appreciation initiatives, create an environment where gratitude thrives year-round.

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  • Santa’s Guide: Picking Employee Holiday Gifts

    When it comes to employee holiday gifts, who knows better than Santa?

    Still deciding on the right employee holiday gifts? Learn from the ultimate gift-giving pro: Santa Claus!

    Feeling stuck trying to pick the perfect employee holiday gifts to share? You’re not alone — workplace gift-giving can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it.
    Forget all the do’s and don’ts that are stressing you out and imagine for a minute …
    How would Santa choose employee holiday gifts?
    Santa delights children around the world year after year, right? He’s a gift-giving authority! (more…)

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  • Why a Workplace Holiday Party Is Still a Good Idea

    workplace holiday party gthankyou

    Plan a workplace holiday party that sets the foundation for a more engaged workforce in 2017! (Photo via USACE-Europe District, Flickr)

    The new comedy “Office Christmas Party” is every HR team’s nightmare of a workplace holiday party gone bad. The movie has every poor-taste cliché going: drunken debauchery, regrettable social choices with bosses and coworkers, and a big mess of property damage to clean up the next morning. It’s enough to make any HR department want to cancel the workplace holiday party, immediately. (more…)

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  • Take the Guesswork Out of Employee Holiday Gifts

    gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates:employee holiday gifts that everyone enjoys!

    Don’t guess around with employee holiday gifts! Follow our three-point plan for giving great gifts your employees will appreciate. (Image via Queen Bee, Flickr)

    The stakes are high with employee holiday gifts.
    A lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders if you’re in charge of picking, ordering and distributing gifts for employees at the holidays.
    Pick the wrong gift, and it could end up on one of the many lists mocking terrible workplace gifts. Bad gifts from bosses are so commonplace that the Emily Post Institute created a multiple-choice quiz to test holiday gift-giving knowledge and warn against common mistakes.
    People don’t have much confidence in companies to get it right, either. (more…)

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  • Challenge: Raise the Bar on Volunteering

    Kick off a new effort today in honor of International Volunteer Day!

    Celebrate workplace volunteering today and every day! (Image via volunteeractioncounts.org)

    Happy International Volunteer Day! Today we’re celebrating the benefits of workplace volunteerism.
    International Volunteer Day is a UN-spearheaded effort to highlight and honor the work of volunteers around the world in areas such as education, youth engagement, health, poverty eradication and the environment.
    If you’re interested in celebrating the day in your workplace or sharing information about your company’s volunteer work on social media, be sure to check out these (more…)

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  • Turkey Or Ham Gifts: Appreciated and Easy!

    Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates.Some families share a turkey as the centerpiece to their holiday feast. And some families share a ham. Give everyone what they want for the holidays with gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gifts!
    Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates from gThankYou give recipients the flexibility to choose. They’re meaningful, appreciated and convenient!
    Choosing an employee holiday gift that recipients will love can be a challenge, especially when you’re tasked with finding a gift to please a large workforce with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and interests. (more…)

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  • Wellbeing and The Great American Smokeout

    workplace wellbeing

    Celebrate and reward workplace wellbeing! Start the holiday season off right with the Great American Smokeout on Thursday, Nov. 17.

    Don’t let the stress of the holidays undo the hard work you’ve put into employee engagement and workplace wellbeing this year!
    Get a head start by promoting and rewarding healthy choices and tobacco-use cessation.
    This week, kick off your holiday workplace wellbeing initiative with a celebration of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout! The date is Thursday, Nov. 17.
    The Great American Smokeout is a chance to offer encouragement to employees who are trying to quit smoking and reward everyone for healthy behavior. Plus, the American Cancer Society has lots of resources to help employers raise awareness about the benefits of quitting and spread the word about workplace wellbeing rewards. (more…)

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  • Plan Your Christmas Ham Gift with Ease

    Christmas Ham Gifts by gThankYou. Easy, meaningful and affordable.

    gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates make your Christmas ham gift-giving easy and meaningful. Share your holiday gratitude with a gift that shows you care!

    Celebrate the gratitude and joy of the season with a traditional Christmas ham gift!
    Everyone appreciates the gift of food during the holidays, especially one that’s the centerpiece to their holiday celebration.
    It’s a meaningful gift they can share with their families and build memories around.
    Make your Christmas ham gift program easy this year: share gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates. gThankYou makes it easy to plan any size of ham gift program — or for a complex distributed workforce or even at the last minute. (more…)

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  • World Kindness Day is Nov. 13!

    Build workplace kindness by celebrating World Kindness Day!

    World Kindness Day is Nov 13. Celebrate it by promoting workplace kindness! (Image credit: RAK Foundation)

    Workplace kindness may be one of the rarest forms of kindness. We’re more frequently expected to share kindness at home, with friends, in places of worship, in our neighborhood and at school.
    Yet the workplace is one place where kindness is not emphasized and often sorely missed — we’re too busy, too distracted, too competitive.
    The climate of communication today is often unkind, too. We’re barely a week out from a bitterly divisive presidential election with name-calling from both sides. We have been immersed in inconsiderate commentary for endless months.
    We all need kindness — today more than ever. In employee management in particular, kindness is powerful. (more…)

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  • Thank Veterans in the Workplace

    how to thank veterans

    Engage employees in gratitude on Veterans Day! In this photo, United Technologies employees walk in a 2014 Veterans Day parade in Connecticut. (Photo via Barbara Bresnahan, Flickr)

    Veterans Day is Nov. 11. Wondering how to thank veterans in your workplace and beyond?
    If you aren’t already, now’s a great time to start incorporating celebrations of giving and honor (like Veterans Day) into your employee engagement calendar!
    Thanking the veterans in your workplace isn’t just a nice thing to do for them, it’s also an excellent opportunity to engage all employees with gratitude and a good cause. Employees now more than ever are embracing workplace volunteerism, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and giving back to their community with coworkers.
    Here are five tips for how to thank veterans in your workplace and community as a tool for employee engagement.

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  • Turkey Gift Certificates: Order Now, Give Tomorrow!

    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates

    Turkey Gift Certificates by gThankYou are the perfect way to say “Thanks” at Thanksgiving-time or anytime. Plus, almost all orders ship the same day!

    Need a workplace Thanksgiving gift, quick?
    Order your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates today and have them as soon as tomorrow!
    gThankYou is proud to offer same-day shipping on virtually all orders. That means you can have your Turkey Gift Certificates in hand, ready to give to recipients — tomorrow.
    Plus, unlike gifts of actual frozen turkeys, gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates give recipients the flexibility to choose the size, brand and preparation they want as the centerpiece of their holiday family celebration. (more…)

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  • Turn ‘Sorry’ into ‘Thank You’

    Build workplace gratitude with simple gestures.

    Are you saying “Sorry!” when “Thank You!” would be better? It could be affecting your workplace gratitude culture.

    Sorry. It’s the one word that may be holding back you and your team from building a stronger culture of workplace gratitude.
    Apologies have their place. But you’re probably saying “Sorry” when “Thank You” would be better.
    “If you’ve truly done something to hurt or offend someone, an apology is best. But so often the things people apologize for in daily life are ambiguous,” Julie Beck, senior associate editor at The Atlantic, writes in her article “The Power of Casual Gratitude.”
    “A ‘sorry’ is a token offered to ward off guilt and to keep others from being irritated with you. But it’s just basic economics that the more of these coins you have in circulation, the less they’re worth,” she writes. (more…)

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  • Election Day: Chance to Engage Employees

    An opportunity to engage distracted employees

    Don’t let politics cause workplace disruptions! Instead, engage distracted employees with a celebration of voting on Election Day. (Image via donkeyhotey, Flickr)

    Are your employees caught up in election distraction? Don’t worry! Election Day is actually a great opportunity to engage distracted employees.
    This presidential election cycle has been more distracting and contentious than most — and it’s causing problems in the workplace, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.
    Bosses are put in a position to mediate political disputes between coworkers and are “struggling to keep employees civil and productive,” John Simons and Rachel Feintzeig report.
    At the same time, there’s no denying that (more…)

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  • FREE eBook: Thanksgiving Letter to Employees


    Learn insights from workplace leaders to writing a Thanksgiving letter to employees that they will remember. Download this new FREE eBook by clicking the image above.

    It’s November, and that means the holiday season of gratitude is here! Seize the opportunity to honor and celebrate with your staff — write a Thanksgiving letter to employees this month.
    Writing Thank You notes is a practice shared by many of the most successful CEOs in business, like Campbell Soup Company’s Doug Conant and Pepsi’s CEO Indra Nooyi.
    But you don’t have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to write the kind of Thank You letter that employees tell their families about and remember for years to come.
    We are excited to introduce our new eBook“Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees”,  the perfect resource for inspiring your Thanksgiving letter to employees this holiday season. Download this FREE eBook for step-by-step tips and lessons from real-life examples from workplace leaders. (more…)

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  • Workplace Culture Aligned to Corporate Ethics?

    workplace culture gthankyou

    Ethical workplace culture depends on leaders who embrace an ethical “do as I do” model. (Image via nist6dh, Flickr)

    Workplace culture is defined in part by the corporate ethics a company practices. And when there is an ethical breakdown — such as the widespread fraud case reported at Wells Fargo — it can have a toxic effect on workplace culture.
    Employees and customers are paying attention. Ethics matter in every aspect of business now, from hiring talent to attracting customers, as more people demand corporate social responsibility. (more…)

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  • gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates Give Employees Choice

    gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates

    Share your employee holiday gratitude with a gift everyone will appreciate: the centerpiece to their holiday meal. Whether they want turkey for Thanksgiving or ham for Christmas, a gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificate lets recipients choose what they want most.

    Say “thanks!” to your employees with the centerpiece to any holiday meal: gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Vouchers give recipients the flexibility to choose what they want most as the highlight of their holiday feast.
    Choosing an employee holiday gift that recipients will love can be a challenge, especially when you’re tasked with finding a gift to please a large workforce with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and interests. That’s why the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham is one of the most meaningful yet affordable gifts you can buy. Enjoy our free download “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” and learn why businesses have been sharing a Thanksgiving turkey for over a century. (more…)

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  • It’s Make A Difference Day! Plan Now for #GivingTuesday

    Make A Difference Day

    Happy Make A Difference Day! Workplace volunteerism engages employees. Are you celebrating #GivingTuesday next month? (Photo via cheerful-givers, Flickr)

    Make A Difference Day is today, Oct. 22. How are you and your team celebrating?
    If you missed organizing a Make A Difference Day activity in your workplace this year, no worries! Now’s a great time to look ahead to #GivingTuesday. Similar to Make A Difference Day, it celebrates gratitude, giving and volunteerism.
    After Thanksgiving, we have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday — and #GivingTuesday on Tuesday, Nov 29.
    #GivingTuesday is a “global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration,” according to GivingTuesday.org. It “kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.”
    United Way calls these Days of Caring. Besides Make a Difference Day and #GivingTuesday, the organization also includes Martin Luther King Day, Read Across America Day, National Volunteer Week, Day of Action, and 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.
    #GivingTuesday and other Days of Caring are a fantastic opportunity to engage employees with volunteerism and giving back. You can organize activities inter-departmentally or with the community in your neighborhood, city or state, or even orchestrate a nationwide effort with employees across distributed company locations.
    Days of Caring are quickly becoming key workplace celebrations. Read on to find out why, and for planning inspiration.

    Workplace Volunteerism Attracts (and Keeps) Employees

    Millennials in particular are demanding corporate social responsibility, according to an NPR commentary by Paul Argenti, Dartmouth professor of corporate communication. A recent Nielsen survey shows the younger generation is “significantly more responsive” to corporate social responsibility “in both consumption as well as employment decisions.”
    A triple bottom line is emerging: people, planet and profit.
    “Millennials are choosing to spend their resources — be it time or money — on organizations that appear to represent a set of values,” Argenti writes.
    One company incorporating volunteerism and giving back into its business strategy is TCC, the Verizon wireless retailer. CEO Scott Moorehead explains that the “commoditization of wireless retail stores meant we needed to do more to differentiate ourselves in order to grow a loyal customer and employee base.”
    So TCC started “Culture of Good,” a program aimed at engaging its employees, 85 percent of whom are Millennials. Employees are allowed 16 hours of paid time-off annually to devote to volunteer efforts. In 2015, the company donated $1.2 million to employee-led charity efforts.
    “Such a policy fits well with two of the major requests from Millennials: empowerment and the ability to affect local communities,” Argenti writes.
    It’s also good for business. As a result of “Culture of Good,” TCC reported higher employee retention and satisfaction, as well as an increase in customers.
    “Although each generation bemoans the faults of the following ones, perhaps it’s time we give Millennials credit where credit is due: They are forcing business to do good while doing well. Companies need to rise to this challenge quickly or risk becoming an anachronism,” Argenti writes.

    5 Ideas for Workplace Giving Inspiration

    Be inspired by what companies around the country are doing! It’s the best way to start brainstorming your own ideas for Make A Difference Day, #GivingTuesday and other celebrations of volunteerism.
    1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
    Employees and their families at 11Alive, an Atlanta-area TV station, are volunteering at a shelter for women and children called My Sister’s House. Coworkers from parent company TEGNA are joining them. John Deushane, general manager of 11Alive, says Make A Difference Day demonstrates “how easy it is to volunteer and how lives can be changed … for both those being helped as well as for those helping.”
    2. Teach kids athletic skills
    Experts recommend that corporate #GivingTuesday activities be strategic and on-brand. Reebok did just that last year by encouraging its customers to support Fight For Peace, an organization that teaches kids boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development.
    3. Ask for favorite charity nominations
    CVS Health invites employee volunteers to nominate a charity in their local communities for a grant from the CVS Health Foundation. In response to the overwhelming success of the 2013 #GivingTuesday campaign, the foundation in 2014 more than doubled its commitment and awarded a total of $100,000 to 50 organizations nationwide.
    4. Let employees volunteer at their charity of choice
    Ryder System, Inc., the commercial fleet management and supply chain company, invites employees to volunteer on #GivingTuesday at local charities of their choice. During a recent year, 220 employees participated from 29 Ryder locations across the country.
    5. Make your city beautiful
    The City of Mesa (Ariz.) is spearheading an effort to get everyone in town involved in Make A Difference Day. City staff along with residents, neighborhood groups, local businesses and church groups are volunteering on a variety of beautification and cleanup projects, including painting, landscaping and distributed neighborhood resource bags.

    Make A Difference Day and #GivingTuesday Celebrate Gratitude

    Gratitude is transformative in the workplace! Want to build gratitude in your workplace? Download gThankYou’s must-have free eBook, “Transform Your Workplace With Gratitude.” It’s full of practical learning that you can start putting to use today. Learn from positive psychology and leadership experts how to build (and sustain!) a workplace culture of gratitude that attracts employees and customers.

    Download FREE eBook

    About gThankYou, LLC
    Turkey Gift Certificates and Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates by gThankYou! are two of America’s favorite employee gifts and can be redeemed for any brand (Turkey or Turkey Or Ham), at virtually any grocery store in the U.S.
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    gThankYou, LLC (www.gthankyou.com) is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Contact: Rick Kiley, Chief ThankYou! Officer, gThankYou, LLC at info@gthankyou.com or 888-609-2234.
    Follow the Company Blog — “Celebrating Work”.
    Join the Conversation @gThankYou
    “G” logo and “Certificates of Gratitude” are trademarks and “gThankYou” is a registered trademark of gThankYou, LLC.

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  • Plan Now for Halloween Team Building

    Take advantage of a favorite holiday and invest in halloween team building fun!

    Halloween team building is employee engagement at its best. Have fun! (Photo via r0sss, Flickr)

    Halloween is less than two weeks away! Are you ready? Make it easy on yourself this year. Plan ahead for a workplace celebration that energizes employees with Halloween team building.
    Games, a costume parade, themed potluck, or contest for best office decoration — Halloween team building activities turn the focus on play, laughter and connecting with coworkers.
    Play is a powerful tool to increase creativity and strengthen relationships. Employees will return to work with renewed enthusiasm and better ideas. (more…)

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  • 8 Staff Appreciation Gifts that Won’t Break Your Budget

    Share your staff appreciation gifts with a thoughtful thank you note!

    Share staff appreciation gifts that focus on gratitude and personal connection, not money.

    Staff appreciation gifts that send a meaningful message of thanks don’t need to break your budget!
    In fact, budget-friendly staff appreciation gifts are more effective than even expensive bonuses because the focus is on your gratitude and on a thoughtful gift that has personal significance.
    “Bringing unengaged and detached employees back to the pack doesn’t have to be a pricey undertaking,” according to the employee feedback experts at Quantum Workforce. (more…)

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  • Importance of a Thanksgiving Turkey

    Why it's important to give employees a Thanksgiving turkey gift.

    “On the Wednesday before every Thanksgiving, Dad would come home from work with a nice, big turkey.” — Lisa

    Last week we asked our gThankYou email subscribers to answer the question, Why is it important to give employees a Thanksgiving turkey?
    We entered the respondents in our giveaway of Melanie Kirkpatrick’s new book, “Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience.”
    Lots of great responses came in, but one in particular stood out. It came from Lisa, an administrative assistant in California.
    Lisa’s heartfelt reflection on the employee turkey gift tradition goes back to her childhood. It’s about a lesson in appreciation she learned from her father and his boss. She’s been kind enough to allow us to share her story with you, our Celebrating Work blog readers! (more…)

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  • Spanish Resources For Your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates

    Say your gratitude in Spanish with new Holiday Enclosure Cards

    Convey appreciation to your Spanish-speaking employees with our Spanish resources for your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates.

    gThankYou is excited to announce our new Spanish resources for your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates. Our “Thank You” Enclosure Cards and other free resources en Español make it even easier and more convenient to show your gratitude to all employees!
    We recently updated both the English and Spanish versions of our “About Your Certificate” letter for gThankYou! Gift Certificate recipients.
    In addition, we have new Spanish-language Enclosure Card designs for both Autumn/Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays.

    And we offer Spanish-language customer service!
    Thanksgiving in particular is celebrated by all Americans. As we learned in our recent interview with Melanie Kirkpatrick — author of “Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience” — it’s one of the first American traditions that immigrants learn about and embrace.
    Help the Spanish speakers on your staff embrace and celebrate the holidays (and their gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates) with personalized cards and resources they can easily understand. Read on to see our new Enclosure Card designs en Español and find information on all our Spanish resources for your gThankYou! Gift Certificates.

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