On-the-spot recognition gets instant results!

On-the-spot recognition gets instant results!

On-the-spot recognition gets instant results. When you recognize employees right away, the benefits start right away!
“A year-end cash bonus doesn’t give an immediate sense of gratification for a job done today, and it may not address what’s on an employee’s mind today,” writes Eric Mosley writes in Forbes article, “Incentives vs. Recognition: How Do You Get Your Employees Engaged Again?”
The once-a-year recognition party is good for show, but ultimately it doesn’t affect day-to-day performance and is a weak employee motivator in the long run.
“Recognizing [an employee] with a thank you, a gift card of his choosing or even a personal day off can take you very far. Such on-the-spot recognition, done year-round, inspires ongoing motivation and high performance,” Mosley writes.
It’s time to make recognition an ongoing, everyday activity. Read on to find out why on-the-spot recognition is so effective — and much easier to carry out than you think!

5 Instant Benefits of On-the-Spot Recognition

On-the-spot recognition can feel awkward at first. That’s because traditional attitudes toward workplace recognition have conditioned us to wait to say thank you — or not say thank you at all!
Everywhere else, we naturally thank each other immediately and don’t think twice about it.
On-the-spot recognition should be the standard in every workplace. Here’s why:

1. It improves performance.
When employees hear appreciation on a regular basis, immediately after they do a job well, they understand what they’re doing right and are invigorated to keep it up.

2. It’s what young workers expect.
Millennials get a lot of flak for being “entitled,” but Forbes contributor Chris Ostroich challenges this assumption. “It’s true that growing up, Millennials were often told they were the best and brightest — but this didn’t teach them to assume they deserved everything. It simply gave them a desire for frequent feedback to help them stay on track,” he writes.

Millennials want to excel, Ostroich argues, “and they want to be told how they’re doing so they can course-correct as needed. You should interpret that trait as responsiveness, not entitlement.

3. It’s affordable
Saying “thank you” is FREE, no catch! A little goes a long way when you share on-the-spot recognition with small gifts of appreciation such as gift certificates, flowers or a lunch out.

Timely, meaningful tokens of appreciation are a far better use of your organization’s employee-recognition funds than a big year-end bonus that’s forgotten within weeks.

4. It’s simple
Employee recognition is finally getting the recognition it deserves for improving workplace culture, employee happiness and the bottom line. But just because recognition is finally being taken seriously in the workplace doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated to undertake. Far from it!

On-the-spot recognition harnesses a natural impulse that is often repressed in the workplace: Gratitude. When managers and other workplace leaders share their gratitude, the good feelings of appreciation grow and spread among employees. It really is that simple!

5. It’s appreciated
Take it from Victor Lipman, retired Fortune 500 executive. On-the-spot recognition is what employees want, he writes in the Forbes article, “Employee Recognition: Cost-Free to Provide, Costly to Neglect.”

“If I learned anything in decades in business, it’s that the kind of recognition employees really appreciate in the trenches, in the day-to-day grind,” he writes, “is a pat on the back from their manager. It’s being told they’re doing a good job. It’s a heartfelt thank you for a tough project well done. Sincere appreciation sincerely expressed.”

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