• Letters of Gratitude Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is this week — and you can still “put the Thanks in Thanksgiving” in time to delight your employees and workplace! For Thanksgiving, and for the rest of the holiday season, gratitude is the best gift company leaders can give employees. Learn how to express your gratitude to employees with gThankYou’s free eBook, “Put the …

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  • Learn to Write a Thanksgiving Message to Employees

    Learn to write a Thanksgiving message to employees without the same old clichés and platitudes — a Thank You letter that truly communicates your appreciation and embodies your unique company spirit! gThankYou’s FREE eBook “Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving” teaches how to do exactly that, with step-by-step instructions to guide you and lots of inspiring real-life examples. With …

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  • How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

    Learning how to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees can be a transformative experience — for you, your staff and your company. Take it from Brian Buffini, founder and chairman of the real estate training and coaching firm Buffini & Company. In a recent column for Entrepreneur, Buffini writes about why sharing Thank You notes …

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  • How to Put the 'Thanks' into Your Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

    Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Now is the perfect time to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees and share your heartfelt appreciation for all they do for you and your business. If you are new to writing business Thank You notes or need a little inspiration, gThankYou’s new eBook “Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: …

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  • New 2016 Thanksgiving Thank You Cards for Employees

    Our gratitude is what makes Thanksgiving special. Be sure you’re communicating your workplace gratitude clearly and in a memorable way. Every order of gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude (for a whole turkey, turkey or ham, groceries and more) come with free customizable Enclosure Cards to share your personal message of thanks – holiday time or any …

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  • 7 Benefits of Starting an Employee Thank You Note Habit

    A thoughtful employee Thank You note motivates employees more than the prospect of a cash bonus or promotion, according to a recent study. The study, from Appirio, underscores the importance of a boss’ appreciation to employees. Of those surveyed, 60 percent said that when they’re considering a job offer, the most important factor is knowing whether management appreciates …

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  • How to Write Employee Thank You Notes

    It’s back to the future for employee Thank You notes! Even in the digital age, handwriting a Thank You note to employees is enjoying a comeback among HR professionals and business leaders. “I think the art of the handwritten note is still powerful. I try to write at least a few each month to members …

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  • How to Write Your New Years Thank You Note

    A New Years thank you note lets employees, customers, and business partners know how much you value your relationships with them, and that you look forward to continuing to do business together. It’s sometimes stressful figuring out what to say, but as Durham, N.C. Herald Sun columnist Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan says in “Write Those Thank You …

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  • 7 Steps to Writing Great Employee Thank-You Notes

    Astronaut Neil Armstrong wrote one of the best employee thank-you notes of all time to the crew of engineers that made it possible for him to walk safely on the moon in 1969. Mental Floss includes Armstrong’s letter in a list of “11 Amazing Thank You Notes From Famous People.” The letter, addressed to the Extravehicular Mobility …

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  • 10 Tips for Writing Employee Thank You Notes

    The humble handwritten thank you note can boost your company’s bottom line, believe it or not. A recent Forbes article by Josh Bersin, founder and principal at Bersin by Deloitte, illustrates the point. His article, “New Research Unlocks the Secret of Employee Recognition,” cites his company’s comprehensive research project on employee recognition showing that organizations giving …

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How gThankYou Certificates Work

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Order Certificates

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