Unlock the Wisdom of gTY Archives: Building a Lasting Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation

    Embark on a captivating journey through the gTY Archives, where timeless wisdom awaits. Unearth the essence of recognition and appreciation, and gain invaluable insights to cultivate a positive work environment. Above all, with the treasures from the past, you can transform your workplace dynamics and foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation that resonates throughout your organization. To clarify, by embracing the power of the gTY Archives, you can illuminate the path toward a culture that values and celebrates the contributions of every individual.

    Unearthing Timeless Wisdom: Exploring the Essence of Recognition and Appreciation

    Journey through the gTY Archives, where profound wisdom awaits. In other words, uncover a rich collection of thought-provoking articles that illuminate the essence of recognition and appreciation. These invaluable resources, while penned in the past, continue to hold true today. Moreover, they offer practical suggestions and strategies to empower you in honoring and appreciating your employees and organizational members.

    Treasures from the Past: Timeless Tips for Fostering a Positive Work Environment

    Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and inspiration offered by the gTY Archives. Similarly, discover timeless tips and techniques that can transform your workplace dynamics. Embrace the power of random acts of kindness and create a team environment that nurtures creativity, dedication, and positivity throughout your entire company. Most importantly, the wisdom you gain from these archives will serve as a guide to foster an exceptional work culture.

    Unlock the Potential: Illuminating the Path to a Culture of Appreciation

    Allow the gTY Archives to illuminate your path toward a workplace culture steeped in gratitude and appreciation. During this enlightening journey, explore the time-tested principles and practical strategies encapsulated within these articles. By leveraging the insights gleaned from the archives, you can cultivate an atmosphere of heartfelt recognition, authentic appreciation, and unwavering positivity that permeates every aspect of your organization. Embrace the power of the gTY Archives and unlock the true potential of your workplace.

    Embark on a captivating journey through the gTY Archives, where timeless wisdom awaits. Unearth the essence of recognition and appreciation, and gain invaluable insights to build a positive work environment. With the treasures from the past, transform your workplace dynamics and foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation that resonates throughout your organization. Embrace the power of the gTY Archives and illuminate the path toward a culture that values and celebrates the contributions of every individual.

  • 5 Easy Ways to Embrace Workplace Gratitude Today

    Embrace workplace gratitude!

    Building a culture of workplace gratitude is transformative. Start today! (Image via pictoquotes & Dominic Alves, Flickr)

    A strong culture of workplace gratitude is the “X factor” in many companies’ success — and they didn’t build it by waiting around for a lavish recognition budget or the perfect circumstances.
    They also didn’t wait for success to start appreciating employees. They practiced and celebrated workplace gratitude early and often.
    At American Airlines, for example, former CEO (and creator of frequent flier mile programs) Robert Crandall says the best idea he ever had was to leave his number in the phone book so employees could reach him easily. “Make sure that everybody that works for the company knows that you care personally,” he advises.
    Small choices and acts of kindness like this are what feed and grow a culture of workplace gratitude. Studies have shown that the benefits of gratitude are too great to ignore — improved physical and mental health, more goal-oriented productivity and boosted self-confidence, to name a few.
    Don’t wait to start practicing gratitude! Read on for five things you can do today to start a gratitude habit and build a culture of workplace gratitude.

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  • Making the Most of Summer in the Workplace

    The following blog is contributed by public relations expert JP George, who enjoys blogging about leadership, talent management and organizational business.
    summer in the workplace Summer in the Workplace — Taking Advantage of Building Workplace Community

    Companies have a great opportunity come summertime to create a fun and enjoyable workplace, while at the same time building a great teamwork environment. Businesses that invest in team-building develop the most productive and happy employees. They’re also seen by potential job-seekers as an appealing place to start or continue their careers. As O.C. Tanner explains, “A growth of team-building skills in the workplace can positively influence group projects, campaigns, employee engagement and motivation in the workplace.”
    This summer, take advantage of the easy ways to inject fun into your workplace and build a stronger workplace community. Michael Kerr, author of “You CAN’T Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work” shares his top 10 ways to add fun this summer in the workplace in this recent blog post.
    Read on below for five fun, festive and community-building ideas to help you make the most of summer in the workplace.

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  • 7 Summer Workplace Thank You Tips

    workplace thank you gthankyou

    Keep employees engaged with gratitude! Your summertime workplace Thank You builds year-round motivation and happiness. (Photo via m01229, Flickr)

    Happy Solstice! Summer officially begins today — and with it the season when employee engagement commonly takes a nosedive.
    This year, don’t let disengagement win! Keep employees engaged all summer with gratitude.
    Your summertime workplace Thank You engages employees for year-round motivation and happiness.
    But be sure you’re doing it right. The odds are your Thank You message may not be getting through to employees.
    “Employers and managers may think they’re showing gratitude for the contributions of their staff, but more often than not, those thanks are not heard or believed,” writes Fortune’s Katherine Reynolds Lewis in her article, “The Best Way to Give Thanks at Work.”
    Paul White, a psychologist and co-author of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace,” tells Fortune that when he talks to workers about their employee recognition programs, “there’s a lot of distain and cynicism.”
    “They distinguish between authentic appreciation and going through the motions,” White says.
    Authentic appreciation can’t be forced, but with regular practice, it’ll come naturally. It’s all about developing the right habits. Start today with a workplace Thank You plan for Summer 2016! Read on for tips and best practices.

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  • Order 4th of July Employee Gift Certificates Now!

    Easy and affordable Employee Gift Certificates by gThankYou!

    Surprise your employees this 4th of July! Throw a party and share employee gift certificates to say “Thank You!” (Photo via ginnerobot, Flickr)

    Summer is coming! And, 4th of July is right around the corner. How will you celebrate and thank employees this Independence Day?
    It’s not too late to order and delight your workplace with gThankYou! Employee Gift Certificates!
    Are your employees working the 4th of July? Be sure they get a chance to celebrate, too. Host a potluck with a “red, white and blue” menu and hand out gThankYou! Employee Gift Certificates for popular grocery items such as pie, fruit and veggies, turkey, ham, ice cream and pizza.

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  • How to Include Employee Gratitude in Performance Reviews

    Include Employee Gratitude in Performance Reviews.

    Your employee gratitude is an essential part of annual performance reviews. (Photo via Samuel Mann, Flickr)

    Annual employee performance reviews are most effective when you approach them in the spirit of employee gratitude.
    You’re not only meeting to discuss how employees are doing, but why what they’re doing is meaningful to the company — and thank them for it.
    Gratitude connects the dots and reinforces great work.
    Tying together the quality and impact of an employee’s performance during the annual review helps the employee understand better what they’re doing right and what they can do to improve. Your gratitude leads the way!
    Some companies are choosing to ditch the annual performance review, reasoning that it’s “time consuming, excessively subjective, demotivating and ultimately unhelpful” and “epitomizes the absurdities of corporate life,” according to McKinsey Quarterly.
    But the annual review still has value if you do it right. Read on to find out how, and for tips on incorporating employee gratitude each step along the way.

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  • Ignite Workplace Kindness: Say Something Nice Today!

    Ignite workplace kindness and say something nice today.

    Make someone at work smile today: say something nice and spread workplace kindness! (Photo via Elvis Batiz, Flickr)

    Happy “Say Something Nice Day”!
    Workplace kindness begins with a kind word, and there’s no better time to start than today. Don’t just say “thanks” or “good job” — give it a little thought. You’ll be making someone’s day, guaranteed.
    Workplace kindness is an HR focal point right now because we need it. As a culture, we’ve gotten away from practicing kindness in everyday life, distracted as we often are by digital gadgets, overbooked schedules and overflowing email inboxes.
    We think we’re too busy to be kind — yet ironically, research shows that taking a few minutes each day to slow down and be kind is an antidote to stress. It helps us feel calmer, happier and more productive. And those are just the benefits for kindness givers — recipients experience benefits, too!
    Break from the status quo and start a new habit of practicing kindness today.
    It starts with you and your management team.
    “A culture of kindness has to be embraced, promoted and encouraged by company leaders. They set the tone,” writes the Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke in his recent column, “Leaders Are Key to Kindness In the Workplace.”
    In a series of recent columns, Huppke has been delving into the subject of workplace kindness. What are the best ways to share kindness? How does a company incorporate kindness into its culture? And, most intriguing, why is kindness something we all love but don’t always practice?
    Read on to get inspired by Huppke and others to spread workplace kindness for “Say Something Nice Day”!

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  • Secrets to a Resilient Workplace

    Learn how to build a resilient workplace culture!

    A resilient workplace culture engages employees and helps them bounce back faster from stress. (Photo via Timothy Tolle, Flickr)

    The resilient workplace was the leading culture trend for 2016, according Forbes contributor and meQuilibrium co-founder Jan Bruce.
    Maintaining a resilient workplace culture is replacing simple “stress relief,” which she says is too little too late.
    The true antidote to stress is resilience.
    “We don’t just need to ‘calm down’ or ‘relax.’ Instead, it’s important to have the competence to manage those thoughts that actually exacerbate stress in the first place,” Bruce writes. “Through resilience, you can regain control of a situation. You can’t escape stress, but you can smartly confront it through resilient behavior.”
    A resilient workplace culture engages employees and helps them develop the skills to bounce back faster from stress, change and other work disruptions. Read on for practical tips in building resiliency in your workplace — for a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

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  • Savvy HR: Your Summer Employee Appreciation Calendar

    What's on your summer employee appreciation calendar?

    One date to put in your summer employee appreciation calendar: National Ice Cream Day, always the third Sunday in July. (Photo via seelensturm, Flickr)

    Summer is around the corner! Get ahead of the game and plan your summer employee appreciation calendar now for a stress-free season.
    Whether you’re planning team-specific celebrations or large interdepartmental events, or both, an employee appreciation calendar is a helpful organizational tool.
    Summer is the perfect time to start an appreciation calendar, too! We’re entering the season of vacations, outdoor distractions and temptations to play hooky. Having a calendar full of fun celebrations and employee recognition keeps everyone looking ahead, focused and motivated.
    Not every celebration has to be a big blowout, either. Low-key celebrations can be just as effective.
    A story in the Washington Post this week describes “the arms race in employee perks” among some companies vying to provide the flashiest, hottest benefits to their employees. But prevailing wisdom among engagement experts tells a different story: regular celebrations and daily appreciation, not expensive perks, are the foundation of a happy, productive workplace.
    Your Guide to Summer Appreciation
    Read on for a sample summer employee appreciation calendar with don’t-miss holidays and celebrations coming up this June, July and August. Want more reasons to celebrate? Make up your own! Take meetings outdoors every Tuesday, or share a team bagel breakfast on Fridays. Get inspired to start your own summer traditions.

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  • How Culture Drives Employee Recognition

    Effective employee recognition is sincere and timely!

    Truly great, effective employee recognition needs to be embedded in and grow from company culture. (Photo via edandeddie, Flickr)

    Employees are ahead of many executives in understanding the importance of culture to business success.
    “Without culture, strategy cannot be fully effective. Employees agree, yet executives are still missing the point a bit,” writes Globoforce VP Derek Irvine in his blog post, “Culture Drives Employee Engagement, Not the Other Way Around.”
    Business strategies are most successful when all employees — at every level — are committed to “living the culture by demonstrating the core values in their daily work” and are “reinforced, praised and recognized for doing so,” according to Irvine.
    “Your employees are watching, closely,” Irvine writes. “Are you really living the core values?”
    When your company has a strong sense of culture, employee recognition (and how to implement it) comes much more naturally.
    You’ll also have an employee recognition program that intuitively reflects the needs, preferences and personality of your workplace and people. All great recognition is frequent, personal and genuine, but did you know everyone has a preferred “appreciation language”?
    The first question to ask when developing a recognition program isn’t “How do we recognize excellence?” but “Who are we, and what do we stand for as a company?”
    Own your employee recognition program! Read on for ideas on building a recognition program that’s inspired by culture, plus an example of one company who does it right.

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  • 25 Everyday Employee Thank You Gift Ideas

    Flowers are a great employee thank you gift!

    An employee thank you gift can be simple or elaborate, as long as it’s sincere. Photo via Daniel Orth, Flickr.

    An unexpected, thoughtful gift can brighten workplace spirits and lets employees know how much you appreciate them. An employee thank you gift can be simple and affordable, or as elaborate as you please. As long as it’s sincere, your workers will know you appreciate them.
    Read on for easy and affordable employee thank you gift ideas that anyone will enjoy. Be sure to share them with your sincere note of thanks and delight recipients in person whenever possible!

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  • Great Summertime Employee Gift Certificates

    employee gift certificates

    Employee gift certificates in summer can provide the centerpiece for a picnic! Photo via Taz, Flickr.

    When the weather is beautiful and the kids are on vacation, no matter how much you love your job, it can be a challenge to focus on work. What better time to surprise and delight your workforce with summertime employee gift certificates?

    There’s nothing like a special event and an unexpected gift to help employees feel energized, engaged and enjoying work in the summer. Take a couple of hours during the workweek if you can, to have some fun with your workers–throw a party and hand out gift certificates so they can do something fun with their families–go to the movies, go bowling, even enjoy a pizza or ice cream party on you. If you can’t allow time during work, host an after-work event. 

    Read on for inspiration and ideas for great summertime employee gift certificates to delight your workplace!


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  • How Stay Interviews Build a Culture of Appreciation

    Stay interviews help build a culture of appreciation.

    Use stay interviews as an opportunity to share your gratitude and build a culture of appreciation. (Photo via Alan Cleaver, Flickr)

    Don’t wait until an employee’s exit interview to say “Thanks for your work!” A workplace with a vibrant culture of appreciation depends on leaders who listen to and thank employees early and often.
    When used correctly, stay interviews are an important part of that process.
    Growing in popularity, the stay interview is a meeting designed to engage employees before they decide to leave. It’s a chance to ask “Why do you stay here?” instead of “Why are you leaving?”
    The exit interview “has seen the end of its useful life,” according to Entrepreneur contributor and Fortune 500 consultant Curtis Odom.
    Exit interviews provide insight into employee retention after it’s too late, Odom explains in his article “Forget Exit Interviews — Here’s Why You Should Conduct Stay Interviews Instead.”
    Stay interviews, in contrast, give employers “rich, actionable data” and show employees “that you’re taking the time to understand what’s working and what’s not.”
    The stay interview is also your chance to express gratitude one-on-one and build a culture of appreciation that retains employees naturally. Read on for tips to conduct a great stay interview that shows gratitude and reinforces the employee’s choice to stay with your company.

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  • Plan Now: Successful On-Boarding for Summer Interns

    on-boarding for summer interns - start planning today

    On-boarding for summer interns includes communication, challenge, coaching, and connecting. Photo via thetaxhaven, Flickr.

    As college semesters wind down, are you preparing to welcome student interns? If so, planning your on-boarding for summer interns should be front and center. You want them to love working with you, so you both have a successful summer experience.

    The 4 “Cs” of On-Boarding Interns

    In “What Are Best Practices for Onboarding Interns?” Brad Karsh, founder and CEO of JB Training Solutions recommends “the 4 Cs”:

    1. Communicate
    2. Challenge
    3. Coach
    4. Connect

    As soon as someone accepts an offer, send a small gift with a personal note welcoming him or her to the company. A week later, send information highlighting your company’s culture, perks, and achievements to get your future intern excited about the possibilities. On his or her first day at work, fully communicate your expectations, his/her role, and general office protocol, so your intern feels comfortable. Introduce interns to your team and explain what each member does. Assign someone as a “buddy” for interns when they have questions.
    Ensure your interns have challenging, but manageable work. Let them attend strategy meetings, give them projects to manage–ones that matter but aren’t too risky–ask their opinions, and recognize their accomplishments. If they have interesting roles, they’re more likely to accept full-time positions later.
    Part of on-boarding for summer interns is teaching them workplace skills like conflict resolution, effective communication, even appropriate dress and etiquette. Remind their “buddies”–preferably fellow millennials–to coach interns in these areas as they impart information about projects, the company, and the industry. Assigning a senior mentor to help with goal-setting and career planning is helpful as well.
    Ask your interns what motivates them, what causes are important to them, and what they hope to accomplish during their time with your business. Connect them with people and projects that help them achieve their objectives.
    And, involve them in workplace fun. Host a welcome party for interns. Involve them in company softball or summer league teams. Get them involved in your organization’s community outreach events or ask interns to work across departments to plan a summer service event.
    Ultimately, interns want what regular hires want – to feel respected, valued, challenged and included from day 1. Read on for creative on-boarding ideas and even an on-boarding check-list!

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  • National Nurses Week – Plan Now!

    Celebrate National Nurses Week!This Friday, National Nurses Day, is the kickoff to 2016’s National Nurses Week, May 6 -12. Plan now to celebrate these caring, healing professionals and start the week off right.
    If you’re a health care organization with nurses on staff, plan to recognize them during National Nurses Week, but don’t forget the others on your health care team! Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) post, “Tips for Success: Celebration Ideas,” notes:

    “Nurses in some areas have taken the opportunity during National Nurses’ Week to honor valued team members such as care partners, medical receptionists, etc.  At the same time, non-nurse team members have reciprocated with local events honoring their nurses.”

    Here are some fun ways to recognize your nursing team:
    Come up with some award categories and have nurses vote for winners. You can even design your own National Nurses Week ballot box. Announce the winners at a celebratory gathering with lunch or snacks and give small prizes.
    VUMC’s award suggestions include:

    • Most Likely to Swap a Shift
    • Our Greatest Cheerleader
    • Most Likely to Have Something Nice to Say
    • The Calm in the Storm

    Have your winners stand for a round of applause and ask attendees to raise their hands to say a few words about each one. Be sure your leadership takes the stage to thank all nurses for their vital service to patients!
    Read on for more easy and affordable ways to celebrate National Nurses Week in your organization!

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  • Prince’s Other Legacy: Workplace Gratitude

    Did you know Prince is an example of workplace gratitude in action?Workplace gratitude is more than simple appreciation or “thanks” — it’s a way of living and working that builds a sustainable, positive culture and engages employees to do their best work.
    Did you know that Prince is a model for building workplace gratitude? Well, he is!
    When the legendary musician and songwriter died last week at the age of 57, he left behind a rich legacy of influential music and an enormous vault of unreleased songs.
    Now we’re discovering another Prince legacy besides his music: a model for passionate leadership, hiring great people and, ultimately, lasting workplace gratitude.
    This alternate legacy is emerging now as Prince’s friends, collaborators, fans and music critics openly discuss his character and analyze his career and influence across nearly four decades.
    Prince didn’t just leave behind amazing music. He also has a surprising legacy of generosity, compassion and trailblazing leadership. Read on to find out why Prince is a model for leadership and what his legacy teaches us about creating great work by nurturing a culture of workplace gratitude.

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  • Administrative Professionals Day Done Right

    Join gThankYou in celebrating Administrative Professionals Day!

    Administrative Professionals Day celebrated the right way amplifies a culture of appreciation. (Photo via USACE Europe District, Flickr)

    Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week in April each year!
    However you celebrate your administrative staff this week — cards, flowers, gifts or lunch — be sure you’re not back to “business as usual” the other 364 days of the year.
    Holiday celebrations are important rituals that deserve time and recognition in the workplace, but they don’t let you off the hook the rest of the year!
    Ideally, the Administrative Professionals Day celebration in your workplace this week amplifies the daily appreciation you’re already showing employees.
    Your admins deserve a celebration that helps them feel valued every day. As you plan for Administrative Professionals Day, take your long-term engagement strategy into account.
    Read on for tips on how to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in a way that builds year-round engagement, gratitude and happiness.

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  • This Earth Day, Plant a Culture of Gratitude!

    Plant a culture of gratitude in your workplace this Earth Day!

    Celebrate Earth Day by planting a culture of gratitude in your workplace! (Photo via Kate Ter Haar, Flickr)

    Happy Earth Day!
    It may not be a traditional employee appreciation holiday, but Earth Day offers a fresh and unexpected opportunity to connect with and celebrate employees for the benefit of our planet. And, it’s an easy way to invest in building a culture of gratitude.
    Your Earth Day employee appreciation means the most when it’s specific, personal, memorable and builds an overall culture of gratitude.
    Ultimately, today is about gratitude for our planet and working together to care for it.
    Sharing this sentiment and goal as part of a workplace Earth Day celebration sends an important message to employees that “we’re in this together.” When your team celebrates by volunteering or raising money for an eco-friendly charity, you making a difference in your workplace and the community-at-large!
    Read on for practical ideas for your Earth Day workplace celebration and how to incorporate gratitude along the way to build a sustainable culture of gratitude!

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  • Celebrate High Five Day to Raise Workplace Spirits

    National High Five Day is the third Thursday in April each year. It’s as straight-forward as it sounds: you celebrate by giving high fives!
    High Five Day is a fun, easy way to raise workplace spirits, one high five at a time.
    The Boston Globe describes it as a “whimsical annual celebration of fraternity and encouragement.”
    High Five Day is also commonly used as an opportunity to raise money for a good cause. The organizing nonprofit behind the celebration, The High Five Day Project, has donated money in past years to a scholarship, to cancer research, to mental-health services and physical therapy for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and to Action for Healthy Kids.
    Best of all, you can celebrate High Five Day on the fly if you like. No planning or preparation is necessary. All you need is a high-fiving hand and a smile!
    Read on to learn how High Five Day got its start, and why it makes the perfect light-hearted workplace celebration.

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  • Want Employee Loyalty? Ask This 90-Year-Old How

    Employee loyalty quoteElena Griffing is a living testament to the power of celebrating employee loyalty.
    The 90-year-old recently celebrated 70 years working at the same San Francisco Bay Area hospital. She was just 19 years old when she started on April 10, 1946 at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley. Back then, the average American made $2,500 a year, a gallon of gas cost 15 cents and Griffing was a member of the Frank Sinatra Fan Club.
    Her milestone work anniversary attracted media attention from around the country, and the stories are a joy to read! Griffing is a spry lady with a sense of humor who still wears heels to work and loves her job, even after all these years.
    “Some people retire at 65, but good grief, I was just getting my second wind at 65,” she tells the San Francisco Chronicle.
    In 70 years, she has taken only four days of sick leave.
    So what’s her secret? And, more importantly, what did her employer do right all these years to keep her around and keep her happy?
    Employee loyalty starts with finding the right person for the right job — clearly, Griffing is perfect for her job! After that, it’s up to the employer to nurture the right environment and culture. Read on to learn the essential building blocks of employee loyalty.

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  • Great Workplace Celebrations Made Easy!

    gThankYou! knows a thing or two about great workplace celebrations!

    Great workplace celebrations help build workplace connections and make employees feel valued. Photo via David Orban, Flickr.

    Celebrating your employees’ achievements makes them feel valued, allows them to strengthen workplace relationships and inspires them to work hard for your company. There are endless ways to recognize workers’ efforts—here are examples of great workplace celebrations from formal events to a simple employee picnic that any company can modify to fit their culture and budget. Now that springtime has finally arrived, you have more options than ever!

    Download your Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar now for monthly celebration guides, case studies and expert tips for building and everyday culture of appreciation.


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