• It’s Not Too Late to Order Thanksgiving Gifts!

    Thanksgiving is next week, but it’s not too late to order your business Thanksgiving gifts for the workplace.
    gThankYou offers same day shipping so your business Thanksgiving gifts can arrive as soon as tomorrow!
    Not only are gThankYou’s business Thanksgiving gifts fast and convenient, they’re a meaningful and practical gesture of gratitude that your workplace will love.
    gThankYou! Gift Certificates for Turkey (or Turkey or Ham) allow you to give recipients the gift and joy of a Thanksgiving turkey for their holiday meal centerpiece — without the stress of handing out actual frozen turkeys or hams.
    Our Thanksgiving Gift Certificates can be redeemed for any brand, any size and any preparation of whole turkey (or whole or half ham), at virtually all major groceries nationwide. gThankYou Gift Certificates redeem as Manufacturer Coupons, just like the cents-off coupons everyone is used to.
    Plus, you won’t need to worry about finding Thanksgiving cards to accompany your gifts at the last minute. All gThankYou Gift Certificates come with customized, personalized “Thank You” Enclosure Cards — FREE.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to show appreciation in your business at this important time of year. Holiday gratitude is essential in the workplace because it is a chance to let employees know you care about them as people first, according to careers-search website Ladders.
    “As a manager yourself, part of your job description is to ensure your direct reports feel valued, treasured and supported. This doesn’t just extend to their performance between 9 and 5, but also that you understand they have a life outside of the office, too,” Ladders’ Lindsay Tigar writes.
    For employee gifts, one workplace expert “suggests a gift certificate toward something they enjoy … that you know will make them happy.”
    In the end, that’s what business Thanksgiving gifts are all about: a token of gratitude to make employees happy. Happy employees are the foundation for a successful, productive and profitable business!

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  • Thanksgiving Gift Certificates Say ‘Thank You’

    gThankYou Thanksgiving Gift Certificates with free gift Enclosure Cards

    All gThankYou! Thanksgiving Gift Certificates come with your choice of custom ‘Thank You’ gift Enclosure Cardsfree!

    What’s a meaningful yet simple way to share your Thanksgiving gratitude with employees? Thanksgiving Gift Certificates!
    gThankYou’s Thanksgiving Gift Certificates for Turkey (or Turkey or Ham) allow you to give recipients the gift and joy of a Thanksgiving turkey for the centerpiece of their holiday meal.
    The centerpiece to the Thanksgiving feast is a symbol of gratitude and family togetherness going back generations. It’s America’s oldest tradition — and a practical gift everyone appreciates and enjoys sharing with family and friends.
    Thanksgiving Gift Certificates from gThankYou can be redeemed for any brand, any size and any preparation of whole turkey (or whole or half ham), at virtually all major groceries nationwide. Our Gift Certificates redeem as Manufacturer Coupons.
    What will really make a lasting impression is sharing your sincere message of “Thanks” along with your Thanksgiving Gift Certificate.

    The ‘Uplifting Charm’ of Thanksgiving Gratitude

    As the year comes to a close, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the year and express appreciation for all your staff’s hard work. Thanksgiving was created for sharing gratitude!
    In a newspaper column this week, editor Ben Bromley praises the simplicity of Thanksgiving.
    “There is beauty in simplicity, and grace in gratitude,” Bromley writes.
    Thanksgiving is underrated, and it’s time we “give Thanksgiving when it’s due.”
    “Ever since the Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered to break bread and give thanks for the harvest, there has been a quiet, uplifting charm to the holiday,” he writes.
    Celebrate that charm with employees! Express your thanks to staff with a practical, meaningful gift that symbolizes gratitude: Thanksgiving Gift Certificates.

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  • 5 Halloween Contests for the Workplace

    Need Halloween contest ideas for the workplace? It’s not too late! You still have plenty of time to plan something fun and engaging for employees.
    Your instincts to celebrate Halloween in the workplace are spot-on. Halloween is an active, hands-on holiday and popular with people of all ages. A record 179 million Americans are expected to celebrate Halloween this year.
    Halloween “brings out the creative side in all of us, no matter what age, and allows everyone to show off and have a good time in any way they choose,” Rachel Farley writes in an Ogemaw County Herald editorial.
    It may seem like fun and games, but done right, Halloween contests and other activities feed workplace creativity and team-building.
    Creativity is crucial in the workplace, according to Forbes: “Creativity is rapidly shifting from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ quality for all types of successful organizations — from delicatessens to design firms.”
    Any risks involved with celebrating Halloween in the workplace, like inappropriate costumes or practical jokes taken too far, are easy to avoid by planning ahead and putting guidelines in place. (A good place to start to make sure you’re setting the right rules is AZBigMedia’s helpful blog post on celebrating Halloween in the office without consequences.)
    Embrace Halloween! Your employees (and customers) will be glad you did.

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  • Why Choose Turkey Gift Certificates?

    Best employee turkey gift - gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates and Vouchers

    America’s business leaders choose gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates and vouchers for Thanksgiving and holiday employee appreciation. Shouldn’t you?

    If you are looking to share a holiday turkey gift with employees or customers, skip the logistic hassles of distributing frozen turkeys and share gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates and Vouchers instead.
    What’s the difference between turkey gift certificates and vouchers? Nothing! A “voucher” is just another term for gift certificate.
    When it comes to workplace turkey gifts, more companies choose gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude. We’re America’s favorite choice for Turkey Gift Certificates, Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates and other popular food gifts – perfect for holiday-time or anytime employee and customer appreciation.
    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates allow recipients to choose any brand, size and preparation of whole turkey — Butterball®, Norbest®, Smithfield® or any other brand from major grocery stores in the U.S.
    gThankYou Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons which are only good for a specific item (such as a whole turkey), have an expiration date and provide no cash or residual value. They cannot be deposited in the bank or used to buy other merchandise.
    Be careful not to confuse turkey gift certificates and vouchers with gift checks or gift cards.
    Gift cards, allow recipients to buy any store merchandise. Butterball® Gift Checks, and other holiday gift checks, can be deposited into a bank account or used to buy any merchandise. And, both are taxable gifts to employees.

    If you are looking to restrict your holiday gift to a Turkey, choose gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates.
    (If you are concerned with the tax implications of employee gift-giving, please consult with your accounting or tax professional.)

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  • 20 Ideas for Workplace Halloween Team Building

    20 Ideas for Workplace Halloween Team Building by gThankYou

    Halloween is one of the best opportunities all year to engage employees with team-building activities. Need inspiration? Click the image above to download this 1-Page Guide now!

    Halloween team building in the workplace engages employees at a time when they are open to having fun and expect opportunities to engage with co-workers.
    Download gThankYou’s new “Halloween Team Building Guide” — a one-page PDF that highlights 20 time-tested exercises, games and activities for Halloween team building to help you engage your staff in a meaningful celebration.
    Best of all, it’s FREE — our Halloween treat for you!
    Halloween is one of the most popular holidays all year, according to Harris poll. In many ways, it marks the beginning to the holiday season. Many of your employees want to celebrate Halloween at work — and they will.
    That’s where many HR pros get nervous, and rightly so. A Halloween free-for-all puts your workplace at risk for inappropriate costumes and other liabilities.
    But instead of trying to suppress Halloween celebrations, see the holiday as an opportunity to engage and have some workplace fun consistent with your culture.

    “From the employer’s perspective, you just need to prepare and communicate so that you and your employees are on the same page about appropriate behavior at work,” according to The Balance’s “How to Make Halloween Safe and Fun in Your Workplace.”

    Halloween team building — from party games to charity work — brings people together and encourages positive morale among employees. It focuses everyone’s Halloween excitement on teamwork, creativity, gratitude, camaraderie and giving back.
    It’s an opportunity for you and your management team to set the right tone, and for “executives and senior staff to mingle with the rest of the staff so approaching the senior leaders in the future might not seem so scary,” according to The Balance.
    Plus, if your company is hosting kid-friendly fun, “Halloween also provides the perfect setting for the families of your employees to see the workplace where Mommy or Daddy spend most days.”
    No matter how your team works — on a factory floor, in an office, in retail or sales, at an outdoors construction site, even remotely or on the road — gThankYou’s “Halloween Team Building Guide” has ideas for engaging everyone.
    Download yours free today and start planning now for a fun, productive and inspiring Halloween in the workplace!

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  • 5 Reasons Employees Love Turkey Vouchers

    Turkey vouchers by gThankYou are good for any brand whole turkey at major grocery stores in the U.S.

    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates are good for any brand of whole turkey at major grocery stores in the U.S. All orders come with FREE Cards to customize with your Thanksgiving appreciation.

    What goes great with your workplace Thanksgiving celebration? Turkey vouchers for employees!
    A gift certificate for a turkey is an affordable yet meaningful way to share a classic employee holiday gift. And by giving vouchers instead of actual turkeys, your team avoids the hassle of handling and storing a large number of frozen birds. It’s a win for everyone!
    gThankYou! Turkey Vouchers (or Turkey Or Ham Vouchers) make it easy to reward and thank your staff with a gift they’ll remember all year. Recipients love the ability to choose the turkey that’s best for their family holiday celebration — gThankYou Turkey Vouchers are redeemable for any brand of whole turkey, at virtually all major grocery stores in the U.S.
    Because a turkey is the Thanksgiving meal centerpiece, it carries the symbolism of holiday gratitude and family togetherness. As a gift, it lets your employees know you care.
    Plus, it’s a practical gift your employees will be able to share with family and friends.
    gThankYou! Turkey Vouchers are easy to order: online or call us at 888-484-1658. They come with free personalization and free customizable ‘Thank You’ Enclosure Cards. Even better, we ship same day so you can have your order as fast as tomorrow.
    Order America’s Favorite Turkey Vouchers™ today and let us take care of the logistics of your holiday appreciation so you can focus on what’s really important: thanking employees and celebrating the joy of the season together!


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  • Gratitude: Celebrating Thanksgiving at Work

    Share your gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving at work

    At work this holiday? Throw a Thanksgiving party and be sure everyone gets a slice of pie (and gratitude)! (Photo via See-ming Lee, Flickr)

    Will employees at your company be spending Thanksgiving at work? Bring the gratitude and make it a workplace celebration they’ll appreciate.
    Spending the holiday at work isn’t where most of us expect to be this family-centric celebration, of course. But with the right attitude and activities, sharing Thanksgiving with colleagues is an opportunity to highlight workplace gratitude and celebrate your “work family.”
    “When we’re counting our blessings this Thanksgiving, work will probably not make the list for most of us,” according to the American Management Association (AMA). “Yet it’s worth noting that the origins of Thanksgiving are rooted in work. In its earliest incarnations, it was a day to celebrate the hard-earned bounty of the harvest.

    “And the very first Thanksgiving feast in America came about when the Pilgrims wanted to express their gratitude to the Wampanoag Native Americans who had helped them survive their first year in their new home. So in a very real sense, the tradition of Thanksgiving began as a way of celebrating the timeless workplace values of hard work and cooperation.

    If your company has employees spending Thanksgiving in the office, now’s your chance to plan ahead and make it a celebration of hard work, cooperation and gratitude!

    Make Gratitude Your #1 Priority for Thanksgiving at Work

    Download our free eBook, "How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees".

    “Learn how to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” with the FREE eBook from gThankYou!

    “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward
    Employees spending Thanksgiving at work are far from alone.
    Millions of Americans work on Thanksgiving. According to a recent poll, a quarter of Americans are required to work Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day — and even more, 45 percent, reported that there’s a chance they’ll work one of these holidays. Employees in retail, law enforcement, health care, travel, utilities, freight, news and other industries all keep working through the holidays.
    Even though they’re far from alone in spending Thanksgiving at work, it’s crucial to let your employees know how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work coming in on a holiday.
    Whatever else you do to celebrate Thanksgiving at work — gifts, a communal potluck, a catered turkey feast with all the fixin’s, or an outing to watch a Thanksgiving parade or volunteer at a soup kitchen — gratitude comes first.
    A Thanksgiving gift or activity shared without gratitude is apt to feel manipulative and impersonal to employees.
    Clearly expressed appreciation from company leadership is key. Employees will notice if managers and other leaders are oblivious to their sacrifice to work on a holiday.
    A note or public announcement of gratitude from the company CEO can make all the difference — and it doesn’t have to be big production! A simple acknowledgement and “Thank You” is plenty. If budget allows, a gift or complimentary Thanksgiving meal is a great way to reinforce this message of gratitude.
    It’s worth noting that “professional satisfaction” is by far the leading reason employees feel thankful at work, beating “benefits” or “salary” by a wide margin, according to an AMA Performance & Profits poll.
    When you thank employees, you’re boosting their sense of professional satisfaction. And in the long haul, feeding a culture of workplace gratitude has benefits beyond engagement.
    Gratitude creates the kind of “cohesive organization that will lower stress and frankly be a place at which people are actually grateful to come to work,” Forbes contributor Neale Godfrey writes this week in her article, “Thanksgiving: Gratitude at Home and at Work May Lead to a Longer, Happier Life.”
    Read on to learn how to write a meaningful and memorable Thanksgiving letter to employees.

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  • FREE eBook: Thanksgiving Letter to Employees


    Learn insights from workplace leaders to writing a Thanksgiving letter to employees that they will remember. Download this new FREE eBook by clicking the image above.

    It’s November, and that means the holiday season of gratitude is here! Seize the opportunity to honor and celebrate with your staff — write a Thanksgiving letter to employees this month.
    Writing Thank You notes is a practice shared by many of the most successful CEOs in business, like Campbell Soup Company’s Doug Conant and Pepsi’s CEO Indra Nooyi.
    But you don’t have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to write the kind of Thank You letter that employees tell their families about and remember for years to come.
    We are excited to introduce our new eBook“Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees”,  the perfect resource for inspiring your Thanksgiving letter to employees this holiday season. Download this FREE eBook for step-by-step tips and lessons from real-life examples from workplace leaders.
    This free eBook is for you — whether you’re an HR manager in charge of employee holiday gifts, a C-suite executive seeking practical advice for a company-wide Thanksgiving mailing, or a location manager who wants to hand-write individual Thank You cards to the whole team.
    Writing a memorable Thanksgiving letter to employees is one of the most valuable and appreciated ways to show your gratitude to employees.

    The Simple Power of ‘Thank You’

    Doug Conant is a legendary thanker. While leading Campbell Soup through a dramatic turn-around, he wrote more than 30,000 handwritten Thank You notes to staffers and clients.
    Conant’s all-too-unusual practice helped create “a company-wide culture of gratitude,” according to Business Insider.
    His dedication to gratitude was almost certainly a factor in Campbell Soup’s reinvention and renewed success under his leadership from 2001 to 2011.
    “It’s worth mentioning that when Conant took the reins at Campbell Soup, the stock price was falling and it was the worst performer of all the major food companies in the world … By 2009, the company was ahead of the S&P Food Group and the S&P 500,” Business Insider’s Shana Lebowitz writes.
    “Bottom line: showing gratitude can motivate your team to work harder, and you probably aren’t showing enough right now,” she concludes.
    In a must-read editorial for Harvard Business Review, Conant himself explains his management strategy as a marriage of “tough-minded performance standards with tender-heartedness.”
    Conant was an inspiration to Janice Kaplan, the journalist who studied gratitude for her New York Times bestseller “The Gratitude Diaries.” She found that Conant’s enthusiasm for thanking employees is not shared by many executives — and they’re missing out:

    “As I was researching this book, I heard over and over from executives the line, ‘Hey, we say thank you with a paycheck.’ Well, guess what? You don’t say Thank You with a paycheck. You say ‘I’m paying you’ with a paycheck. You say Thank You with Thank You.”


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  • Engage Workforce with a Thanksgiving Turkey

    For generations, Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees have been a workplace tradition.
    Since businesses started the practice more than a century ago, it’s grown and spread across industries and into workplaces small and large. It’s endured from the industrial age into the digital age.
    Now, the latest research in employee engagement shows exactly why the turkey gift tradition is so enduring.
    Engaged employees have one big factor in common: they receive more recognition and effective feedback from their managers, according to research analyzed this week by HR Dive.
    Positive, effective recognition accompanied by a meaningful token of gratitude shows employees you care. And knowing your work matters is the driving force of engagement!

    More Engaged, Easier for You!

    Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees still send an effective, thoughtful message of recognition. The only difference now from a century ago? They’re easier for you to share!
    The turkey gift tradition used to involve actual frozen turkeys — and that came with the hassle of buying, storing and distributing bulky frozen birds. Now you can let employees choose the right size turkey for their family, when they want it.
    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates (and Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates) make it easy for you to share your Thanksgiving turkey gift for employees. Recipients love the flexibility to choose the size, brand and preparation they want as the centerpiece of their holiday family celebration. That’s because gThankYou! Gift Certificates are good for any brand of merchandise specified and can be redeemed nationally at virtually all major grocery chain stores.
    Download our Product Guide to learn more about easy, affordable employee Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees from gThankYou! To learn more about our customizing and delivery options for large orders, call us at 888-484-1658.
    Read on for more research on the connection between recognition and engagement and on why gThankYou is America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Gift for Employees™.

    Why Recognized Employees are 3x More Engaged

    Gallup researchers have consistently found that less than a third of employees are engaged in their work in any given year. This finding has “remained consistent since 2000, when Gallup first began measuring and reporting on U.S. workplace engagement.”
    For employees who are engaged, the difference is often a good manager, according to the Gallup analysis “Employees Want a Lot More From Their Managers.” Among the key points of the analysis:

    • Managers account for up to 70 percent of variance in engagement.
    • Consistent communication is connected to higher engagement.
    • It’s up to managers to help employees develop through their strengths.

    It takes more than sheer quantity of communication to increase engagement. Quality matters, too.
    Employees value communication from their manager not just about their roles and responsibilities, “but also about what happens in their lives outside of work.” Gallup found that employees who feel that their manager is invested in them as people are more likely to be engaged.
    “The best managers make a concerted effort to get to know their employees and help them feel comfortable talking about any subject, whether it is work-related or not. … Great managers have the talent to motivate employees and build genuine relationships with them,” Gallup’s Jim Harter and Amy Adkins write.
    Other research shows the same link between recognition and engagement. IBM’s WorkTrends survey of over 19,000 workers in 26 countries, across industries and thousands of organizations, revealed that engagement is almost three times higher among employees who receive recognition vs. employees who don’t.
    “Recognition has been shown to increase happiness at work in general and is tied to cultural and business results, such as job satisfaction and retention,” Christine Porath writes for Harvard Business Review.

    Show Your Recognition with a Turkey Gift

    How will you recognize employees this holiday season?
    Why You Should Give Employees a Turkey for Thanksgiving - Download Now!Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees are meaningful and appreciated by everyone.
    Turkeys are a symbol of gratitude. A gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate communicates your Thanksgiving gratitude to your workplace family for all their hard work and contributions to the success of your organization.
    Sharing the centerpiece to the Thanksgiving meal lets your employees know you really care about their lives outside of work. A turkey gift carries the symbolism of holiday gratitude and family togetherness.
    It’s also a practical gift your employees will be able to share with their family and friends.
    Here at gThankYou, we make it easy for you to share in the gratitude of the season with your employees. And we make ordering employee holiday gifts easy, regardless of how large or spread-out your organization is!

    How gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates Work

    1. Call Us Or Order Online

    Simply call us at 888-484-1658 or place your order directly online. Our Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates are available in a range of affordable values.

    Distributed workforce? We can help! We can create custom online ordering for your distributed workplace with your choice of products, volume pricing and custom “Thank You” Enclosure Card. Call us to learn more.

    gThankYou also offers FREE “ThankYou” Enclosure Cards in Spanish!

    2. Pick Out Your FREE Holiday Enclosure Cards

    Every great gift needs a Thank You card to go along with it, and we’ve got you covered! gThankYou Enclosure Cards are free with any purchase. Choose from dozens of card designs, then give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired). We’ll create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order — all for FREE!

    See our catalogs of Thanksgiving Card Designs and Holiday Card Designs for the full range of seasonal options, or visit our website for even more options.

    3. Receive Your Certificates As Fast As Next Day

    Have your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates (and Enclosure Cards) in hand as soon as the next business day! Virtually all orders ship same day, even large orders. Plan ahead and we’ll ensure you have them exactly when you want them.

    4. Share Certificates and Enclosure Cards with Employees

    Tuck your Certificates and Enclosure Cards into holiday mailings or payroll, or better yet, have managers give them out individually with a smile, a handshake and a heartfelt “Thanks!”

    Be sure to share your holiday gift in time for employees to shop for their turkey or ham of choice, whenever and wherever they choose. Also, let your recipients know we offer a free downloadable turkey cookbook with helpful tips and recipes — “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” — as well as a free “Holiday Ham Guide.”

    5. Enjoy the Holiday Season!

    Let gThankYou help you with your employee holidays gifts so you’re free to spend the holidays focusing on what really matters: sharing in the gratitude of the season with your employees.

    Need more reasons why Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees are a great idea? Download gThankYou’s new brochure “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” to learn why so many businesses give employees a Thanksgiving turkey.
    Why You Should Give Employees a Thanksgiving Turkey: Download Now!

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  • Plan Now for Halloween Team Building

    Take advantage of a favorite holiday and invest in halloween team building fun!

    Halloween team building is employee engagement at its best. Have fun! (Photo via r0sss, Flickr)

    Halloween is less than two weeks away! Are you ready? Make it easy on yourself this year. Plan ahead for a workplace celebration that energizes employees with Halloween team building.
    Games, a costume parade, themed potluck, or contest for best office decoration — Halloween team building activities turn the focus on play, laughter and connecting with coworkers.
    Play is a powerful tool to increase creativity and strengthen relationships. Employees will return to work with renewed enthusiasm and better ideas.
    Halloween team building is employee engagement at its best: affordable, collaborative and refreshing.
    Need another great reason to celebrate Halloween in the workplace? People love Halloween. According to a Harris Poll, it ranks third among U.S. adults for favorite holiday. (Christmas and Thanksgiving come in at #1 and #2, respectively, but Halloween outranks the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and even “my birthday”!)
    Read on for advice and inspiration to help you plan for a successful day of Halloween team building in your workplace.

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  • ‘Importance of a Thanksgiving Turkey’

    Why it's important to give employees a Thanksgiving turkey gift.

    “On the Wednesday before every Thanksgiving, Dad would come home from work with a nice, big turkey.” — Lisa

    Last week we asked our gThankYou email subscribers to answer the question, Why is it important to give employees a Thanksgiving turkey?
    We entered the respondents in our giveaway of Melanie Kirkpatrick’s new book, “Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience.”
    Lots of great responses came in, but one in particular stood out. It came from Lisa, an administrative assistant in California.
    Lisa’s heartfelt reflection on the employee turkey gift tradition goes back to her childhood. It’s about a lesson in appreciation she learned from her father and his boss. She’s been kind enough to allow us to share her story with you, our Celebrating Work blog readers!
    The holiday season is the perfect time to honor your team’s hard work and dedication with the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey. But don’t take our word for it. Read on for Lisa’s story on why it’s important to give employees a Thanksgiving turkey.

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  • National Custodial Workers Recognition Day!

    How will you celebrate custodial workers recognition day?

    Give your custodial staff the thanks they deserve on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, Oct. 2. (Photo via San Marcos CISD)

    Happy National Custodial Workers Recognition Day! Held every Oct. 2, it’s a celebration of the people who keep our buildings cleaned, maintained, safe and ready for daily activity.
    Every workplace needs custodians. Custodial workers are ubiquitous, yet they’re often the least seen or recognized employees of a company.

    “More than 23 million custodians in the United States work behind the scenes, clean up our messes, and usually go unnoticed,” according to an ABC news story. National Custodial Workers Recognition Day is a way to highlight “their sometimes thankless job.”
    In another ABC story on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, one custodian says his team’s work is rarely noticed until something goes wrong.
    “If something’s wrong, they hear about it. If something’s right, they usually don’t get that pleasure of hearing ‘Thank You,'” he says.
    Read on for quick recognition ideas to show your gratitude and celebrate National Custodial Workers Recognition Day. Your custodial staff will appreciate the attention!
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  • Corporate Gifts for Distributed Employees

    gThankYou! Corporate Turkey Gift - An Easy Way to Share Your Thanksgiving Gratitude!

    Share America’s Favorite Corporate Turkey Gift with your distributed workforce for a practical, meaningful message of holiday gratitude.

    Send a genuine, meaningful message of appreciation to your distributed employees this Thanksgiving: choose a Turkey Gift Certificate or Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificate from gThankYou. It’s America’s Favorite Corporate Turkey Gift!
    gThankYou specializes in corporate turkey gifts that make it easy and affordable to express your gratitude, even in workplaces with employees spread across the country.
    Recipients love the ability to choose the size, brand and preparation of turkey that’s best for their family Thanksgiving celebration. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates can be redeemed for any brand of whole turkey, at virtually all major grocery stores in the U.S.
    Plus, each Certificate purchase comes with our popular ‘Thank You’ Enclosure Cards. Choose from dozens of card designs, then give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired). We create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order – all for FREE! Click this link to see our Catalog of Free Thanksgiving Card Designs now.
    We created our corporate turkey gift with you in mind.

    We understand orchestrating the distributing of employee gifts can be a challenge for any workplace, but especially distributed ones. gThankYou! Gift Certificates and Enclosure Cards fit in a standard business-sized envelope for distributing in person or via payroll or mail. gThankYou can provide custom website ordering with your pre-determined selection of products and custom Enclosure Cards. Orders ship directly and can be timed for a company-wide delivery date or shipped immediately.

    To learn more about our customizable ordering and delivery options, call us at: 888-484-1658.

    Clearly communicated, meaningful appreciation is needed now more than ever in the American workplace, according to a new report. Read on to find out what this report means for thanking distributed workplaces and why a gThankYou Corporate Turkey Gift satisfies new standards for appreciation.

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  • Turkey Vouchers for Workplace Holiday Gifts

    gThankYou Turkey Gift Vouchers are the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift for employees and customers.Turkey Gift Vouchers from gThankYou give you the ability to share a token of holiday appreciation with your employees that’s both meaningful and convenient.
    Our gift certificates for Turkey (or for Turkey or Ham) allow you to easily reward and thank your staff with a gift they’ll remember all year. Recipients love the ability to choose the turkey that’s best for their family holiday celebration. gThankYou vouchers can be redeemed for any brand of whole turkey, at virtually all major grocery stores in the U.S.
    The gift of a holiday turkey — the centerpiece to the Thanksgiving meal — lets your employees know you care. It carries the symbolism of holiday gratitude and family togetherness, plus it’s a practical gift your employees will be able to share with family and friends.
    gThankYou gift vouchers are easy to order, online or call us at 888-484-1658 and come with free personalization and free customizable ‘Thank You’ Enclosure Cards. What’s more? We ship same day so you can have your order as fast as tomorrow.
    Have a distributed or very large organization? We can help you with a custom program that meets your timing and logistical needs. Interested in our volume pricing for turkey vouchers? Give us a call and we are happy to help.
    Order Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Vouchers today and let us take care of the logistics of your holiday appreciation so you can focus on what’s really important: thanking employees and celebrating the gratitude of the season with them!
    Read on to find out how gThankYou’s Certificates of Gratitude work and why they’re your best choice for rewarding employees at the holidays or anytime.

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  • Ten Reasons to Give a Thanksgiving Turkey

    Thanksgiving is America’s oldest tradition

    Our shared holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving, has been celebrated for centuries.
    Gratitude, hospitality and inclusion are the hallmarks of this uniquely American holiday, celebrated with a feast of turkey shared with family and friends.
    For generations, businesses have made it a tradition to give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving. Since the practice began more than a century ago, it’s grown and spread across industries and into workplaces small and large. It’s endured from the industrial age into the digital age.
    Sharing a turkey gift at the holidays is meaningful and appreciated by everyone. Plus, it’s smart business. An employee turkey gift communicates your Thanksgiving gratitude to your workplace family for all their hard work and contributions to the success of your organization.

    10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Thanksgiving

    Download our free new 2-page brochure, “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” and learn why so many businesses give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving time or anytime. It’s the perfect employee holiday gift!


    In this free two-page brochure, we explain exactly why it’s tradition (and smart business) to give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Nothing says “Thank You” like the gift of a Thanksgiving Turkey! Read on to learn about why turkey is a beloved American tradition.

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  • Be An Office Hero: Team Thanksgiving Gifts

    gThankYou! Gift Certificates - America's favorite Thanksgiving gifts for employees!

    Finding Thanksgiving gifts for employees is easy with gThankYou! Gift Certificates — give a turkey or the whole Thanksgiving feast!

    Hard to believe, but it’s autumn already! Now’s the time to start planning your Thanksgiving gifts for employees.
    Giving employees a Thanksgiving turkey is a company tradition going back generations. Historians date the practice to the manufacturing boom of the 1800s, as a way to introduce immigrant workers to American culture and the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving.
    In the early days employers handed out actual fresh or frozen turkeys. It was, and still is, an appreciated gesture.
    Now we have a more practical, easy and appreciated way for distributing a turkey gift, while still honoring the meaningful tradition of sharing a Thanksgiving turkey with employees. No more bulky frozen turkeys, cumbersome distribution process or expensive refrigeration system!
    Instead, gThankYou makes it easy for workplace managers with Turkey Gift Certificates, redeemable for any brand of whole turkey, at virtually all major grocery chain stores in the U.S. gThankYou! Gift Certificates are practical and economical yet importantly still convey the same meaningful message of Thanksgiving gratitude. Recipients love the flexibility to choose the centerpiece to their holiday meal that’s best for their family.
    gThankYou! Gift Certificates make it easy to give each employee a turkey, or even a whole Thanksgiving feast! Be an office hero this holiday season and share the gift of Thanksgiving gratitude – a turkey.
    Read on to learn how easy it is to plan your Thanksgiving gifts for employees with gThankYou! No wonder gThankYou is America’s Favorite Employee Gift Certificate!™

    Why Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees Matter So Much

    Thanksgiving gifts for employees are more than a workplace ritual. They also send an important message of thanks at a time of year when gratitude is on everyone’s minds.
    When the workplace turkey gift tradition started over a century ago, it was just the nice thing to do. Now we know there’s more to gratitude than being nice. It’s smart business. Employee appreciation is crucial now more than ever with a labor shortage in many areas of the country. Employers are discovering that employee appreciation builds a relationship beyond a paycheck. In turn, employees are more motivated, productive, creative and loyal.
    Accompanied by an employer’s sincere appreciation, Thanksgiving gifts for employees build engagement and contribute to the greater workplace culture of gratitude.

    Give a Turkey (or the Whole Thanksgiving Meal!)

    gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude simplify Thanksgiving gift giving for employees.
    gThankYougThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate for your Thanksgiving Gift for Employees has you covered with a range of meaningful yet affordable products, and price points to fit any budget.
    gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude honor the meaningful tradition of Thanksgiving gifts for employees while making it easier for you and more flexible for recipients. Our Turkey Gift Certificates take the guesswork out of buying the right-sized turkey for everyone and they don’t need refrigeration or a complicated distribution plan!
    In addition to our popular Turkey Gift Certificate, we offer Certificates for all the components of a Thanksgiving meal:

    Combine Certificates if budgets allows and give employees a gift they’ll remember: an entire Thanksgiving feast!
    Recipients love the flexibility to choose any Brand, size or preparation, at the time they need it and at the store they want. gThankYou! Certificates are redeemable at all major grocery stores in the U.S.
    Personalize your Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees with our FREE Enclosure Cards!Plus, all gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude come with free personalization and free “Thank You” Enclosure Cards to customize your message of appreciation. We’ll even add your company logo and send you a proof – all for free!
    And, virtually all orders ship the day they are placed. That way you can have them as soon as tomorrow (next business day).
    Ordering is easy: online (www.gThankYou.com) or over the phone (888-484-1658).
    Sharing special Thanksgiving gifts for employees has never been easier. But don’t take it just from us. Here are a few comments we’ve received from our customers:

    • “Thank you … this is a great program. We have been distributing turkeys and hams for the past 20 years! This makes it a lot easier for us to distribute and allows our associates to pick up their product when they are ready.”

    • “I love gThankYou because of the ease of ordering, the quick turnarounds and the awesome and very friendly help I always received.”

    • “gThankYou! Certificates are a perfect and simple way to show gratitude for our employees! Everyone can use help with Grocery coupons.”

    • “You are so fabulous! I am so impressed with how responsive and professional you have been.”

    Contact us today and let us help you start planning your Thanksgiving gifts for employees! By planning ahead, you ensure a smooth and stress-free Thanksgiving. That way, you can spend the holidays focusing on what really matters: sharing in the gratitude of the season.

    We can help you achieve hero status in the workplace!  There are so many ways that we are ready to offer assistance – instead of spending time researching Thanksgiving gifts for employees.

    We make buying and distributing your gift easy — the certificates fit into a standard envelope which makes them convenient to mail if you have a distributed workforce or handy to deliver in person.  As mentioned before, you can customize the actual certificates with giver and recipient names (for free) and pick from a fun and festive array of enclosure cards (also free). You won’t need to mess around with the logistics of keeping bulky turkeys or hams at the appropriate temperature or figuring out where to store them.  Your employees will also appreciate not having to cope with inheriting the burdens that come with frozen turkeys.  They will get to pick out the perfect turkey for their holiday at a time and place that is convenient for them.

    Share gThankYou Gift Certificates with employees and be the hero in your workplace!

    If you’re worried that you waited too long to get this process rolling?  Don’t fret, almost all orders ship same day.

    We’ve also got your back when it comes to letting recipients know how to redeem their certificates.  You can easily print out copies of our guide “How to Use Your gThankYou! Gift Certificate” (in English and Spanish) for employees or include a link to the pdf in an email.

    If you’re still on the fence about turkeys as the ideal employee gift this holiday season (or maybe you need to convince C suite folks), we’ve put together a top ten list that offers information and clarity on reasons ranging from emotional to financial — historical to logistical.  Check out “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays.”

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  • Why gThankYou Is America’s Favorite Gift

    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates: America's Favorite Employee Turkey Gift for the Holidays!

    Delight your workplace with gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates this holiday season. Good for any brand and redeemable at virtually all major chain grocery stores in the U.S, it’s no wonder it’s America’s Favorite Employee Gift Certificate™!

    An employee turkey gift is one of the best ways to reward and thank staff at the holidays or anytime. It’s a workplace tradition going back generations!
    But not all employee turkey gift options are created equal. Don’t get stuck this year with a holiday turkey gift that’s inconvenient, expensive or comes with strings attached.
    Here at gThankYou, we’re proud to offer America’s Favorite Employee Turkey Gift! Customers return to us year after year for gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude and our great customer-service team.
    It’s not too early to start planning your employee turkey gift for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. Make an informed decision this year: read on to see why we’re America’s Favorite Employee Turkey Gift.

    8 Reasons gThankYou Is America’s Favorite Employee Turkey Gift

    Happy customers keep coming back to gThankYou to plan their employee turkey gift program. Here’s why:

    1. gThankYou Is Convenient for You!
    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates free you from the cumbersome logistics of buying and distributing big, bulky frozen turkeys. And, managers can still share in the joy of holiday gift-giving! gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude can be handed out in person with a big smile and hearty “thank you,” or if desired, distributed via payroll or in a holiday mailing.
    Ordering is easy! Call us at 888-484-1658 or place your order directly online.
    2. gThankYou Provides Recipients the Choice they Want
    Recipients choose the type and size turkey that’s best for their family and their holiday schedule. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates are redeemable:
    • For any brand, any size and any preparation of whole turkey: fresh, frozen, brined, smoked, pre-cooked, free-range, organic … even vegan “turkey”!
    • At virtually any major U.S. grocery chain store that takes Manufacturer Coupons. The stores that don’t take Manufacturer Coupons are Sam’s and Costco, Aldi and specialty stores such as HoneyBakedHam.
    3. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates Are Manufacturer Coupons
    Most companies choose us because our Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons. They are unlike Gift Cards or Gift Checks because they are:

    • Redeemable only for a specific item (e.g., a whole turkey).
    • Have no cash value and no residual value.
    • Have an expiration date.

    Remember, it’s always good practice to review any tax decisions with your business accountant.

    4. Every gThankYou Order Includes FREE Personalization and Customizable “Thank You” Cards
    gThankYou! Thanksgiving Enclosure CardsEvery gift needs a “Thank You” card to go with it! We offer “Thank You” Enclosure Cards for every season, free with your purchase of gift certificates. Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Choose from dozens of card designs.
    Step 2: Give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired).
    Step 3: We create a proof for you to approve.
    Step 4: Your customized cards arrive with your order — all FREE!

    Gift Certificates can be personalized with giver and recipient names if desired.
    5. gThankYou Provides Volume Discounts
    Not sure if you qualify for a large-volume discount or want to learn more? Call us at 888-484-1658.

    6. gThankYou Offers Same-Day Shipping
    Need your employee turkey gift — tomorrow? No problem! We pride ourselves in providing our customers with fast turnaround. Virtually all gThankYou orders ship the same day they come in.
    7. gThankYou Has Top-Notch Customer Service
    When you call gThankYou at 888-484-1658, we answer the phones personally!
    And we keep long customer-service hours year-round: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m Monday-Saturday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays. (Longer during the peak holiday shopping times, too!)  Spanish language assistance is offered during normal business hours.

    Every gThankYou! Gift Certificate of Gratitude has a toll-free number printed on it for recipients to call with questions. Check out our “About Your Certificate Letters” in English and Spanish — perfect to distribute to recipients, share with managers and post in work rooms.
    8. gThankYou Customers Come Back Year After Year — They Love Us!
    gThankYou has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our customers return year after year because they know they can rely on us for quality, flexibility, affordability and convenience. Here’s how one gThankYou customer describes it:

    “I love gThankYou because of the ease of ordering, the quick turnaround and the awesome and very friendly help I have always received since the very first time I ordered. I also love that the Certificates are personalized, easy to distribute to my employees and accepted almost everywhere. The free Enclosure Cards are icing on the cake!”

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  • Employee Appreciation Gifts for All Occasions

    Employee appreciation gift certificates are the perfect way to thank your staff — and gThankYou has one for every occasion!
    From on-the-spot recognition to workplace wellness incentives to milestone celebrations, and from New Year’s to 4th of July to Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered. gThankYou offers nine types of grocery store Gift Certificates in a variety of values to meet your company’s specific needs and budget.
    U.S. employee engagement is slowly rising but remains dismally low, according to the latest Gallup report. Two-thirds of Americans remain unengaged in their jobs, and experts agree that employers need to do a better job of recognizing employees and rewarding excellence.
    Regular, personalized appreciation accompanied by tokens of gratitude are “proven to motivate employees who then invest more effort and enthusiasm in their work,” according to 15Five.
    gThankYou Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates are flexible, practical, meaningful and, best of all, appreciated. Read on for examples of workplace celebrations and other occasions that are perfect for sharing your gratitude and building a happy, motivated and engaged workforce.

    Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates for Every Occasion!

    All gThankYou! Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons that are redeemed at checkout like other cents-off coupons — recipients can shop at virtually any grocery store nationwide and choose the brand, style, preparation and product sizes they want!
    Order them online or call 888-484-1658, and in most cases your Gift Certificates will ship the same day you order.
    Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates - Free Thank You Cards!Personalize your gift of gratitude with one of our free Enclosure Cards. You choose the design you want from dozens of holiday and seasonal designs, customize your message and have us include a company logo if desired. We even send you a proof – all free!
    Pick your occasion — gThankYou has the Gift Certificate to match it!
    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Thanksgiving

    Put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving by giving employees the centerpiece to their holiday feast. The gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate is our most popular choice for workplace giving! It’s no surprise why: turkeys embody the grateful spirit of the season, and giving turkeys is an American workplace tradition going back generations. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates allow employers to continue the holiday tradition without the hassle of handing and distributing frozen turkeys.

    • Also Good For: December Holidays, Employee Appreciation Day, Summer Holidays

    gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Christmas/New Year’s

    The gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate provides employees additional choice with all the same great benefits of the Turkey Gift Certificate. Employees use their Gift Certificate when they want, for the holiday and centerpiece of their meal that works best for their family. It’s a gift appreciated by everyone, and an affordable, easy way to share your holiday season gratitude.

    gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Easter

    gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates are good for any brand and any preparation of a whole or half ham. The gift of a ham is a springtime treat perfect for sharing with family and friends. Plus, a workplace Easter celebration is still a great idea, regardless of employee religion. It marks the beginning of spring and the sense of renewal and gratitude that accompany the new season!

    • Also Good For: Christmas, New Year’s, Spring Equinox, Summer Holidays

    gThankYou! Grocery Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Employee Appreciation Day

    Share your gratitude any-day or on Employee Appreciation Day with this versatile, practical Gift Certificate for Groceries. Employee Appreciation Day is an essential workplace celebration that puts your gratitude for employees front and center. Our Grocery Gift Certificates are for food products only. Any brands, any preparation. It’s a gift that’s appreciated anytime, by everyone.

    gThankYou! Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Employee Health & Fitness Day

    gThankYou! Fruit and Vegetable Gift Certificates allow recipients to choose any brand, variety or preparation of fruit and vegetables, including fresh, frozen or even cooked. It’s perfect as a special “thanks” for Employee Health & Fitness Day/Month or as a wellness incentive for anytime. Combine with a Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate and give the gift of a special occasion to share with families and friends.

    • Also Good For: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Workplace Wellness Incentives, Employee Wellbeing Month, Back-to-School

    gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: National Ice Cream Day

    Celebrate National Ice Cream Day by giving certificates for everybody’s favorite summer treat. gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificates can be redeemed for a wide variety of products, including custard, sorbet, novelties, gelato and even milk-alternative ice creams made with coconut, almond or soy.

    • Also Good For: 4th of July, Memorial Day, National Picnic Month, On-the-Spot Recognition, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Valentine’s Day, Summer Solstice, Anytime Thank You

    gThankYou! Pizza Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Back-to-School

    Pizza Gift Certificates by gThankYou! offer recipients the choice of any brand of pizza, fresh or frozen, at their favorite local grocery store. Employees will appreciate Pizza Gift Certificates for sharing with their kids and friends — the perfect back-to-school treat for after sporting events, study sessions, neighborhood get-togethers and more!

    • Also Good For: Fun At Work Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Superbowl/March Madness Celebrations, Winter Solstice, On-the-Spot Recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

    gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Independence Day

    Share the All-American dessert of pie on the 4th of July! gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates can also be redeemed for cake, cheesecake or similar items, fresh from the bakery section or frozen. Combine with an Ice Cream Certificate for a special anytime treat for employee families!

    Also Good For: National Pie Day, Pi Day (March 14), National Picnic Month, On-the-Spot recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

    gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificate

    • When to Give It: Halloween

    Put a smile on everyone’s faces with gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificates. Halloween is the perfect holiday for growing a culture of gratitude with team-building. Hand out Candy Gift Certificates as party favors or as prizes in a costume competition.

    • Also Good For: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Employee Appreciation Day, World Laughter Day, On-the-Spot recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

    Make Every Day a Workplace Celebration!

    Download our FREE Day-to-Day Celebration Calendar for expert tips on engaging, recognizing and building a happy and loyal workplace every day of the entire year. This one-of-a-kind eBook will help you build everyday workplace spirit with month-by-month guides, case studies, research highlights, how-to recognition advice and celebration ideas for specific holidays and anytime.
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  • Buying Turkeys for Employees – Simplified!

    With a gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate, recipients can choose the turkey they want, when and where they would like to shop. We make it easy for you too! Call gThankYou today: 888-484-1658.

    gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates simplify the workplace tradition of buying turkeys for employees and preserve the gift’s meaning: gratitude!
    For generations, employers have bought turkeys for employees — real, frozen turkeys that weigh up to 25 pounds. It’s an appreciated, well-meaning gesture, but a frozen turkey gift comes with strings attached.
    Let’s face it, frozen turkey gifts are not convenient for the giver or the recipient! They’re awkward to store, transport and distribute. And they involve guess-work that’s difficult to know. What if a recipient bikes or takes public transportation, doesn’t have enough freezer space or it’s not the right size or timing for their family?

    How can you give the same, meaningful gift with none of the hassles associated with the gift of a frozen turkey? gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates to the rescue! Buying turkeys for employees has never been easier. 

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  • 10 Thank You Gifts for Boss’s Day!

    Last-minute thank you gifts for boss's day!

    You don’t have to create a billboard, but it’s nice to recognize your employer on National Boss’s Day. Photo via Channel DJVT.Milwaukee, TV58.

    It’s National Boss’s Day!

    Hopefully your boss expresses his or her appreciation for your work regularly. Today is your opportunity to return the favor with a small thank you gift or note for providing the tools that make it easier to do your job well.

    Last-minute Thank You gifts for Boss’s Day!

    Some employees pull out all the stops to show their bosses appreciation. Milwaukee’s EKG Trucking value their boss, Ed Grober, so much that they had a billboard posted with his picture on it! Most of us though, are not as good about planning ahead.

    If you forgot to make or buy a gift, it’s not too late! Use your break or lunch to write a note of thanks. A sincere thank you note and fun card is a wonderful gift anytime.

    If you prefer to pick up or make a last-minute thank you gift instead, here are ten easy ideas you can still do and that anyone would appreciate!


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How gThankYou Certificates Work

Step 1

Order Certificates

Choose the gThankYou Certificates you want and order them online or by telephone.

Step 2

Ship directly to your business

Your order is delivered by UPS. Nearly all orders ship the day received. Overnight shipping is available.

Step 3

Distribute to your employees

Personalize your gThankYou Certificates with Recipient and Giver names (optional) and give them to employees.

Step 4

Redeem at any grocery store

Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.