Not Sure How to Cook a Turkey? Download our Free Cookbook.
In charge of the Thanksgiving turkey this year? Don’t be intimidated! Download gThankYou‘s free turkey cookbook “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” and learn step-by-step how to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey plus expert tips, recipes and more – all FREE!
Thanksgiving is a time to gather and enjoy good food with family and friends. It’s our uniquely American holiday focused on giving thanks for the bounty of our lives. And the focus is on celebrating gratitude with the beloved Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece.
But what if you don’t know where to stick the thermometer or how to make gravy? What if you are not even sure what kind of bird to get?
Find the answers in our free turkey cookbook! Kitchen novices will appreciate how complete it is. Even seasoned pros will find useful tips and fresh serving ideas.
The gThankYou “Turkey Guide” is a cook’s helper. It walks you through the entire Thanksgiving turkey process, from shopping for the right bird to cooking creatively with leftovers. Whether you’re planning for a Butterball or a heritage bird that’s pre-brined, roasted or destined for the smoker, use this handy, straightforward guide to streamline your holiday centerpiece and “wow” your guests.
Along the way, you’ll find last-minute problem-solving tips and practical advice for making sure your turkey is the star centerpiece to your family’s holiday feast.
Your workforce will find our free turkey cookbook helpful, too. Share the download link with employees and coworkers, along with a Thanksgiving greeting. Everyone is sure to appreciate its helpful tips for preparing the perfect bird!
Take the stress out of preparing a holiday turkey. Download this easy-to-use resource today — it’s completely free!

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Click the image to download gThankYou’s free guide to cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. We hope you enjoy it!

What’s Inside Your Free Turkey Cookbook?

Your questions answered!


  • What size of turkey should I buy?
  • Fresh or frozen?
  • Commercial, free-range, heritage, natural, organic, self-basted or kosher?
  • When should I buy it?


  • If the turkey is frozen, how should I thaw it? How long will it take?
  • Where does the thermometer go?


  • Should I make traditional roasted, deep-fried or smoked turkey?
  • How long should it cook?
  • How will I know when it’s done?


  • Should I carve the turkey as soon as it’s done? Why?
  • What tools do I need?


  • How should I arrange the turkey on a platter?
  • What are some creative garnishes I could use?
  • What if the gravy gets lumpy?


  • What’s the best way to store leftover turkey?
  • How can I serve great-tasting recipes using leftover turkey?
  • What’s the ultimate turkey sandwich?

Download “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” by gThankYou today to get started on creating your own memorable and delicious holiday meal. For other valuable free resources, check out “Learning How to Brine a Turkey” via the PartSelect Blog, “How to Cook a Turkey” by the Kitchn and “How to Plan and Cook Thanksgiving” by the food writers with The New York Times.
Enjoy and happy cooking!

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