The Ice Cream Gift Your Employees Are Craving

gThankYou makes giving an ice cream gift easy, affordable and fun!

An ice cream gift is the perfect way to treat your staff this summer! (Photo via sussexcareers, Flickr)

National Ice Cream Day is this Sunday, July 16! What better time to share an ice cream gift with your employees?

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Summertime Appreciation Gifts: Ice Cream Gift Certificates

Ice Cream Gift Certificates make the perfect ummertime appreciation gifts for employees and customers!

Give the summertime appreciation gifts everyone will love: gift certificates for ice cream! (Photo via sharisberries, Flickr)

Summertime appreciation gifts keep employees engaged through the distractions of the season.

“Savvy companies maintain staff productivity and morale by embracing summer in the workplace,” says Brandi Britton of staffing firm OfficeTeam, which recently released survey results on what employees want most for summer engagement.

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4th of July Employee Appreciation Gifts Your Staff Will Love

4th of July Employee Appreciation Gifts are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

4th of July employee appreciation gifts are the perfect summertime “Thank You” for your staff. Be sure to include the whole family in your celebration! (Photo via usembassyta, Flickr)

Employee appreciation gifts for the 4th of July are the perfect summertime “Thank You.” Delight the whole family with gift certificates for ice cream, pie, or turkey or ham from gThankYou.

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Make Super Bowl Monday A Workplace Win: Engage Employees

How to Engage Employees the Monday After the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: NFL

The Challenge:
To Engage Employees on a Notoriously Unproductive Day in the Workplace, “Super Bowl Monday.”

It sounds like every manager’s nightmare. How do you get people excited about being at work when they’re nursing hangovers and all too eager to discuss the previous night’s game instead staying on task?

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Thanking Employees at Easter Time

A sincere “thank you” at work means a lot, so it makes sense to find ways to show your employees you appreciate them throughout the year.

WateringCan 2013Whether you choose to celebrate the Easter Holiday or Springtime, your employees will be grateful for the recognition and the post-winter pick-me-up.

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News Release – gThankYou! Summer Enclosure Cards

gThankYou!, America’s employee gift certificate leader, announces New Free Enclosure Card designs.

What’s better than a triple scoop cone on a hot summer day? A free enclosure card from gThankYou that says “Thanks for a job well done!”. 

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Best Ice Cream Sundaes

We’re big fans of Ice Cream Sundaes, as well as lists. So it was great fun pouring over some lists of the top Ice Cream Sundaes. The Ice Cream Sundae remains among the most simple, yet elegant desserts.

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