How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

Celebrating workplace friendships is why you should celebrate valentines day in the workplace!

There’s another way to frame a Valentine’s Day workplace celebration besides romance. It’s a celebration of workplace friendships! (Photo by Tyler Burrus, Flickr)

Planning a Valentine’s Day workplace celebration may seem like a tricky proposition at first glance — drawing attention to romance, among coworkers?

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Have A Scary-Good Workplace Halloween With Candy Gift Certificates!

Celebrate Halloween right with gThankYou! candy gift certificates!

A cubicle-decorating contest–along with gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificates–makes Halloween at work a blast! Photo via

Remember the fun and excitement of Halloween when you were a kid? Halloween can still be just as exciting for adults in the workplace – they just might need a reminder it’s OK to have fun.

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9 Easy Ideas for Halloween Team Building

Pumpkin carving is a perfect team building exercise!

A pumpkin-carving party is a fun, affordable Halloween activity for workplace team building. (Photo via khrawlings, Flickr)

A fantastic opportunity for easy team building is just a couple weeks away: Halloween.

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Make Super Bowl Monday A Workplace Win: Engage Employees

How to Engage Employees the Monday After the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: NFL

The Challenge:
To Engage Employees on a Notoriously Unproductive Day in the Workplace, “Super Bowl Monday.”

It sounds like every manager’s nightmare. How do you get people excited about being at work when they’re nursing hangovers and all too eager to discuss the previous night’s game instead staying on task?

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