How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Workplace

Celebrate Thanksgiving in the workplace this year and show colleagues you care!

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the workplace is an appreciated and valuable way of showing gratitude to employees. (Photo via Satya Murthy, Flickr)

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the workplace is an appreciated and valuable way of showing gratitude to employees.

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America’s Favorite Corporate Turkey Gifts

corporate turkey gifts

America’s favorite corporate turkey gifts from gThankYou make it easy to share a clear message of gratitude at the holidays. A Thanksgiving turkey is a thoughtful, meaningful gift.

New research shows companies with clear, top-down communication have happier employees and are more profitable — and, at the holidays, nothing sends a clearer message of gratitude from the boss than corporate turkey gifts.

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Your Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide

Download "The Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide" - the perfect guide for your holdiay employee gift planning!

Our new, updated Employee Gift-Giving Guide is now available! Click to download.

gThankYou’s new, updated Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide has fresh case studies, more resources and the latest research in HR management – the perfect resource for planning holiday employee gift-giving and recognition efforts for the new year.

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