Savvy HR: 2018 Employee Appreciation Calendar

gThankYou’s popular Employee Appreciation Calendar for 2018 is here!

We’ve updated our annual day-to-day appreciation calendar with lots of new topics, new case studies and even more holidays and reasons to celebrate!

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Employee Appreciation for a Multigenerational Workforce

Targeted techniques for engaging Millennial or Gen Z employees are helpful but don’t fully reflect the reality — the need for employee appreciation for a multigenerational workforce.

“Today’s workforce is decidedly multigenerational,” according to AccountingWeb article “How to Make the Most of a Multigenerational Workforce.”

“If you walk into any office or firm, on any given day, you’ll find Baby Boomers on the cusp of retirement working side by side with Generation Xers staking out new leadership roles and Millennials eager to make their mark,” writes columnist Deanna Arteaga.

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What’s Trending in Workplace Gratitude?

As the value of workplace gratitude gets more recognition, leaders are exploring its impact and studying how to better implement it.

The power of a positive, appreciation-driven culture is clear.

Employees at organizations with positive cultures scored significantly higher scores in leadership caring, confidence and listening, a CultureIQ poll found.

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The #1 Trend Shaping Employee Appreciation Today

One word sums up trends in employee appreciation today: flexibility.

It goes beyond allowing flexible hours or working from home. The flexible approach to employee appreciation is agile, personalized and focused on finding common ground.

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Workplace Wellness Doesn’t Take a Holiday

As the holidays approach, the challenges to workplace wellness increase. Time for self-care shrinks (waistlines do the opposite!), and holiday stress and pressure piles on. Work-life balance is thrown off kilter.

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