5 Ways to Thank Your Boss: Happy National Boss’s Day!

It’s National Boss’s Day (Thursday, Oct. 16) — a perfect time to celebrate your company leaders’ hard work and dedication!

Good bosses don’t have many role models in pop culture. Bad bosses get all the attention — who can forget dictatorial Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, boorish micromanager Bill Lumbergh in Office Space, or megalomanic Michael Scott in The Office?

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The Secret to Employee Thank Yous

Employee thank yous are an essential tool for building a vibrant culture of employee satisfaction, engagement and happiness.

Research shows that feeling appreciated—which comes from recognition from others—is one of the top three drivers of employee engagement.

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Why Writing an Employee Thank You Note Still Matters

Why write thank you notes to your employees?

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, with smartphones, tablets, and laptops within arms’ reach, it’s all too easy to fire off a text or an email to recognize your employees and express gratitude for their performance.

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Be Inspired this Mother’s Day to Share Your Gratitude Every Day

Celebrations like Mother’s Day are more like reminders than holidays — gentle reminders that our gratitude shouldn’t be a one-day-a-year occurrence, but sewn into our everyday existence. So take inspiration from Mother’s Day this year and make a commitment in the coming days, weeks and months to incorporate thanks into all aspects of your life, including how you share your workplace gratitude.

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How to Share Your Employee Thank You

We talk a lot on gThankYou’s Celebrating Work blog about why sharing gratitude and showing appreciation are so essential in the workplace, but what about the how? What are the best practices for sharing your employee thank you?

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5 Great Ways to Glaze your Holiday Ham

There’s a reason everyone hovers in the kitchen while Christmas dinner is cooking. Few things make the mouth water like a succulent holiday ham, pleasantly salty and covered in a sinfully sticky glaze.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to take this opportunity on our national day of Thanksgiving to say how grateful we are to all our wonderful family, friends, customers, and business associates. We love that our business is about workplace celebration at gThankYou!

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Make Workplace Thank You Notes Work for You

gThankYou! Enclosure Card

Making your employees feel appreciated is more than just employer generosity or good will. It is good business, and it involves more than just employee gifts.

The link between employee recognition, appreciation, engagement, retention, and business success is well documented.

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Employee Gifts for New Hires: A Good Investment

“An employee’s introduction to the company is equally important to the later success of both the individual and the company,” says an Inc. Magazine article, “Onboarding Done Better.”

“Welcoming employees with an assortment of gifts and activities help new hires get involved right out of the gate.”

The article quotes George Bradt, managing director at PrimeGenesis, an onboarding and leadership consulting company based in Stamford, Conn.

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Employee Gifts for Spring Just Got Easier!

gThankYou! is excited to announce new Spring Enclosure Card designs for your Certificate of Gratitude Gifts!

Whether you celebrate the spring holidays at your workplace, or just want to brighten winter-worn workplace spirits, it’s a great time of year to share your gratitude with employees and co-workers for their continued hard-work and contributions to your business.

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Are You Ready for National Employee Appreciation Day?

World Complement Day LogoMarch 1st is the Perfect Day to Celebrate Employees!

Here’s Why:  It’s both National Employee Appreciation Day AND World Compliment Day!  Wow, how perfect is that!

Celebrating employees should be a regular event at any workplace, but sometimes there are days that are fun and are so well suited to tie in your recognition events, it’s hard not to take advantage of them. 

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