Your Thank You Fuels Company Culture

The power of your Thank You can transform your workplace – especially when you use it to recognize employees for exhibiting behaviors that impact your business for the better.

But how does your Thank You fuel positive company culture?

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Affordable Employee Perks Worth Considering

Free vacation may not sound like it belongs on a list of affordable employee perks, but it does!

Companies that recognize and appreciate employees through excellent benefits earn an ROE and ROA (return on equity and return on assets) 300% times the businesses that don’t.

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Corporate Gift Certificates = Easy Employee Thank You’s!

Research continues to remind us that expressing on-going gratitude for employees is critical to workplace well-being! Occasional gift-giving is one way to make your workplace Thank You more meaningful. Corporate gift certificates are an easy to execute and widely appreciated reward for employees’ efforts—and they don’t need to break your budget!

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the secretaries, admins, executive assistants, office managers, receptionists and other support staff who keep organizations running smoothly.

There isn’t much glory in administrative work, but it’s essential to organizations.

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Employee Appreciation: It’s Not Just For Top Talent

Employee appreciation is a hot topic these days, and it’s usually focused on rewarding your top talent.

In honor of National Custodial Thank You Day (October 2), let’s talk about showing gratitude to those invaluable, behind-the-scenes employees.

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