Happy Thanksgiving! We’re Grateful for You

Share Thanksgiving gratitude with free customizable Enclosure Cards from gThankYou

We’re committed to helping leaders express their Thanksgiving gratitude, and this Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for you!

Thanksgiving gratitude is what gThankYou is all about.

And, as always, we’re thankful this year for our customers, our Certificate recipients, our email subscribers and blog readers, and our hard-working team!

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3 Mini-Case Studies in Employee Appreciation

Share your heartfelt thanks this Employee Appreciation Day!

Celebrate genuine workplace gratitude and teamwork for Employee Appreciation Day on March 3. (Photo via AFGE, Flickr)

Employee Appreciation Day is this Friday, March 3. To get ready, we combed the news for case studies in effective, original employee appreciation to inspire your efforts.

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Bring Your Gratitude: Celebrating Thanksgiving at Work

Share your gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving at work

Celebrating Thanksgiving at work? Be sure everyone gets a slice of pie (and gratitude)! (Photo via See-ming Lee, Flickr)

Will employees at your company be spending Thanksgiving at work? Bring the gratitude and make it a workplace celebration they’ll appreciate.

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7 Ways to Thank Employees Better

Learn how to thank employees better!

Follow these workplace Thank You tips for better communication and happier employees. (Photo via USACE, Flickr)

Is your workplace Thank You inspired — or is it tired?

It’s critical for managers and company leaders to thank employees for excellent performance, and do it effectively. 

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How to Write Employee Thank You Notes

A handwritten employee thank you is a keepsake and one of your best ways to show real appreciation.

Handwritten employee Thank You notes are still one of the best ways to praise and motivate employees. (Image by ArteZoe, Flickr)

It’s back to the future for employee Thank You notes!

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