3 Mini-Case Studies in Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is this Friday, March 3. To get ready, we combed the news for case studies in effective, original employee appreciation to inspire your efforts.

What makes a good employee appreciation program?

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Bring Your Gratitude: Celebrating Thanksgiving at Work

Will employees at your company be spending Thanksgiving at work? Bring the gratitude and make it a workplace celebration they’ll appreciate.

Spending Thanksgiving at work isn’t where most of us expect to be this family-centric holiday, of course.

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7 Ways to Thank Employees Better

Is your workplace Thank You inspired — or is it tired?

It’s critical for managers and company leaders to thank employees for excellent performance, and do it effectively. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to thank someone!

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How to Write Employee Thank You Notes

It’s back to the future for employee Thank You notes! Even in the digital age, handwriting a Thank You note to employees is enjoying a comeback among HR professionals and business leaders.

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Great Summertime Employee Gift Certificates

When the weather is beautiful and the kids are on vacation, no matter how much you love your job, it can be a challenge to focus on work. What better time to surprise and delight your workforce with summertime employee gift certificates?

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3 Inspiring Stories of Teacher Appreciation

Share your teacher appreciation today!Looking for a team bonding activity that gets people talking, laughing and learning together? Share stories of teacher appreciation! You’ll be amazed and inspired.

Stories about the teachers we appreciate are a window into our own values and aspirations, and telling and listening to these stories with coworkers helps us connect and builds a culture of gratitude.

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Plan Your National Nurses Week Celebration Now!

Celebrate National Nurses Week!This Friday, National Nurses Day, is the kickoff to 2016’s National Nurses Week, May 6 -12. Plan now to celebrate these caring, healing professionals and start the week off right.

If you’re a health care organization with nurses on staff, plan to recognize them during National Nurses Week, but don’t forget the others on your health care team!

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Great Workplace Celebrations Made Easy!

Celebrating your employees’ achievements makes them feel valued, allows them to strengthen workplace relationships and inspires them to work hard for your company. There are endless ways to recognize workers’ efforts—here are examples of great workplace celebrations from formal events to a simple employee picnic that any company can modify to fit their culture and budget.

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