Savvy HR: Your Summer Employee Appreciation Calendar

What's on your summer employee appreciation calendar?

One date to put in your summer employee appreciation calendar: National Ice Cream Day, July 17. (Photo via seelensturm, Flickr)

Summer is around the corner! Get ahead of the game and plan your summer employee appreciation calendar now for a stress-free season.

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Workplace Happiness

Workplace happiness is just steps away!Work-life balance isn’t always easy. Stress, miscommunication, and unexpected life circumstances can chip away at our sense of satisfaction both in and outside of work.

But as we’ve learned, happiness isn’t merely a feeling; it’s a science, a choice, and a lifestyle!

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How to Tell If Your Workplace is Too Stressed

Workplace stress putting you on edge?

Is Workplace Stress Putting You on Edge? Photo via Elmira Strange, Flickr

Every workplace gets stressed from time to time, whether due to tight deadlines, unexpected hurdles, or tight staffing. But how can you tell if workplace stress is to the point where it affects people’s health and productivity?

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Time Off Actually Boosts Employee Productivity

employee productivity depends on downtime

Taking time off isn’t just relaxing, it’s essential to employee productivity. (Photo via Dan Boot, Flickr)

Employee productivity depends on regular downtime as much as our daily functioning depends on nightly sleep.

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