9 Ways to Kickstart Employee Wellness Goals

Employee wellness goals are easy to achieve by supporting healthy shopping and eating habits.

Encourage and reward employee wellness goals like shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. World Health Day is April 7! (Photo via USDA, Flickr)

Spring is here, and World Health Day is April 7 — two good reasons to set employee wellness goals this month to support and engage healthier habits in your workplace!

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Flexible Workplace Benefits: Perfect for Back-to-School

flexible workplace benefits are especially valued during back-to-school

Make it easy for employees to adapt to back-to-school routines with flexible workplace benefits. (Photo via U.S. Department of Agriculture, Flickr)

It’s back-to-school time! Are you engaging employees with flexible workplace benefits — benefits that ease the transition from summer vacation to the demands and routines of the start of school?

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Workplace Exercise Incentives That Turn #Goals to Reality

Workplace exercise incentives that work!

Cash doesn’t work, so what are the workplace exercise incentives that actually motivate? (Photo via Global Panorama, Flickr)

It’s time to rethink workplace exercise incentives involving cash.

New research shows money does little to motivate gym visits, even among people who have the intention of exercising more.

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7 Days to a More Mindful Workplace

Be mindful. 7 Days to a more mindful workplace.

April is Stress Awareness Month. Build a more mindful workplace daily by focusing on wellbeing and gratitude with employees. (Image via libookperson, Flickr)

A mindful workplace is your buffer against the kind of employee stress that disrupts productivity, drains happiness and drives high turnover.

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5 Ideas for Prioritizing Workplace Well-Being in 2017

What does your organization do to promote workplace well-being?

Workplace well-being initiatives like this employee zumba class can go a long way toward busting stress and boosting morale. (Photo via Aberdeen Proving Ground, Flickr)

If workplace well-being isn’t on your list of priorities for 2017, now’s the time to add it.

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Recharge Your Workplace Gratitude Culture with Mindfulness

"Mind Full" or "Mindful": Building a workplace gratitude culture with mindfulness

Guide your workplace from “mind full” to mindful” and recharge your workplace gratitude culture! (Image via Heidi Forbes Öste, Flickr)

Is mindfulness the missing element in your workplace gratitude culture?

A workplace gratitude culture that doesn’t sustain a commitment to mindfulness is like a flame without oxygen — it will quickly flicker out.

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5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Develop Resilient Employees

Help develop resilient employees

Create a culture that develops and supports resilient employees. (Art by J. Howard Miller, image via Wikipedia Commons)

Resilient employees live with the same challenges and stressors as everyone else. The difference is that resilient employees have developed skills and healthy coping mechanisms to protect themselves.

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