Sharing Employee Gratitude Keeps Holiday Stress Away

Prioritizing employee gratitude helps keep holiday stress from hijacking your workplace.

Fun activities with a focus on wellbeing, appreciation and making social connections are the antidote to the kind of stress that can distract employees and derail productivity over the holiday season.

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Flexible Workplace Benefits: Perfect for Back-to-School

It’s back-to-school time! Are you engaging employees with flexible workplace benefits — benefits that ease the transition from summer vacation to the demands and routines of the start of school?

Flexible workplace benefits consider employee experience in practical ways that help employees manage work-life balance.

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Engaging Employees in National Safety Month

Marc Flanders, principal at consulting firm WC Solutions Group, sees a common mistake in workplace safety engagement.

The mistake is in how incentives are targeted, Flanders tells EHS Today. Companies may think they’re checking off all the right boxes by incentivizing safety, then reward the wrong employees.

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Wellness Incentives for Workplace Health & Fitness

Wellness incentives help reward and encourage healthy employee choices like regular exercise, annual checkups, smoking cessation and nutritious cooking.

If your company isn’t already using wellness incentives, now’s a great time to start!

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7 Days to a More Mindful Workplace

A mindful workplace is your buffer against the kind of employee stress that disrupts productivity, drains happiness and drives high turnover.

With Stress Awareness Month coming up in April, now’s the time to plan workplace activities focused on stress awareness — and to give employees the tools they need to handle stress before it takes over.

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