Every Day Can Be Employee Appreciation Day

While some may pick the official Employee Appreciation Day to celebrate their employees’ contributions, really any day is the perfect day to thank employees for their hard work and dedication to your business!

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The Employee Perks That Candidates Actually Want

When It Comes to Employee Perks, Trendy Is Out.

What kind of employee perks are you offering?

A study from Oregon State University, cited in HR Dive, has found that at least one trendy workplace “extra” probably isn’t doing recruiters much good: Companies that tout in-office happy hours and other opportunities to drink alcohol can turn off certain job candidates.

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365 Everyday Ways to Build Employee Happiness

Download Free 2019 Employee Appreciation Calendar by gThankYou

Happy New Year!

The celebration-filled holiday season is over, party streamers down, gifts shared and game prizes won. Now what? How will you sustain that workplace spirit and employee happiness into the new year?

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Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates for Distributed Workforces

Employee appreciation gift certificates are an easy, meaningful way to let your distributed workers know how much you value their contributions.

In the absence of daily face-to-face contact with senior managers, communicating appreciation is essential to successfully managing distributed workforces.

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