Keeping Employees Engaged in the Summer

keeping employees engaged in summer with a picnic

Keeping employees engaged with a thank you picnic! Why not include families too? (Photo via Just Jefa, Flickr)

Even though summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, it unofficially kicked off Memorial Day weekend. 

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Recognize and Retain Hospitality Industry Employees

Recognize and Retain Hospitality Industry Employees with Engagement, Appreciation and Frequent Recognition.

Almost every industry is facing staffing challenges, but perhaps the hospitality industry is the hardest hit. Knowing how to recognize and retain hospitality industry employees is critical to business survival.

It’s not unheard for restaurant employees to take a job at a competitor across the street for just .25 cents more an hour!

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Insights into Building Employee Loyalty

Secrets to Building Employee LoyaltyBuilding employee loyalty is worth the time and effort

Loyalty in the workplace looks different now than it did a generation ago.  Staying at one job with one employer for your entire working life and retiring with a gold watch is far from today’s norm.
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How to Engage Transportation Workers

How to engage transportation workers - expert tips by gThankYou

Learn how to engage transportation workers to increase retention and reliability and improve customer service. (Photo via teosaurio)

Learning how to engage transportation workers in your industry is key to increasing retention and reliability, keeping workers happy and improving overall customer service.

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Gallup Report: Time to Reinvent Employee Recognition

Employee recognition "wake up" call from Gallup

Gallup’s latest in-depth report is a “call to action” for a more engaged leadership providing ongoing, effective employee recognition. (Photo via COD Newsroom, Flickr)

Grab your coffee, Gallup is serving business leaders a wake-up call.

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5 Ideas for Prioritizing Workplace Well-Being in 2017

What does your organization do to promote workplace well-being?

Workplace well-being initiatives like this employee zumba class can go a long way toward busting stress and boosting morale. (Photo via Aberdeen Proving Ground, Flickr)

If workplace well-being isn’t on your list of priorities for 2017, now’s the time to add it.

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Gratitude: The Secret Ingredient to Help Your Employer Brand Stand Out

Does your employer brand communicate employee appreciation?

Does your employer brand send a strong message of workplace gratitude? (Photo via, Flickr)

Want to attract top candidates who’ll stay loyal to your company through thick and thin? You need a dynamic employer brand that immediately stands out to potential employees — the kind of employer brand that not only attracts the right people for the job but gets them excited and keeps them around longer.

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How to Have a Productive Super Bowl Monday in the Workplace

Super bowl Monday in the workplace doesn't need to be unproductive

Plan now to help employees re-engage and be productive this Super Bowl Monday. Everyone benefits!

You and your team can survive Super Bowl Monday in the workplace — thrive even!

Turn this notoriously unproductive day around with the right leadership and employee engagement.

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