Intern Onboarding Tips and Best Practices

Summer’s here! And the time is right for making sure your interns have a rewarding work experience this summer. That experience begins even before their first day on the job. Here are best practice intern onboarding tips to ensure they feel valued and an important part of your workplace culture and success from the start!

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How to Have a Productive Super Bowl Monday in the Workplace

You and your team can survive Super Bowl Monday in the workplace — thrive even!

Turn this notoriously unproductive day around with the right leadership and employee engagement. Like other holidays (official or unofficial), Super Bowl Monday is a great chance to let your employees know you care about them and appreciate their work.

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7 Ways to Thank Employees Better

Is your workplace Thank You inspired — or is it tired?

It’s critical for managers and company leaders to thank employees for excellent performance, and do it effectively. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to thank someone!

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Plan Now: Successful On-Boarding for Summer Interns

As college semesters wind down, are you preparing to welcome student interns? If so, planning your on-boarding for summer interns should be front and center. You want them to love working with you, so you both have a successful summer experience.

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Simplify Your Life Week: 5 Ways to Help Workers De-stress

It’s Simplify Your Life Week!

Simplifying life at work takes organizational cooperation and changes to workplace culture.

Managers have the power to institute these changes and model behavior that inspire everyone at work to simplify both individually and as a team.

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Workplace Resolutions for a Brighter 2015

Businesses nationwide have made New Year resolutions to help their companies continue to prosper in 2015. Remember growing up your Mom told you if you don’t make goals, you are less likely to achieve them? 

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Mentoring Monday: How to Mentor Your Employees

National Mentoring Month Logo - Start Mentoring Your Employees Today!It’s national mentoring month! Last week’s post covered why workplace mentoring is essential and this week we’ll share tips for how to mentor your employees.

You want to make the best possible use of your time and that of your “mentee,” and really help him or her develop professionally and personally—it will bolster your image as a valuable employee too.

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How Gratitude Helps with Holiday Stress

Gratitude to the rescue! If holiday stress creeps into your workplace, try mindfulness and gratitude techniques to restore your sanity, be more productive and bring joy to those around you.

Although the holiday season is all about appreciation and togetherness, it ironically triggers disconnection and stress when we don’t actively exercise conscientious and grateful attitudes.

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Smile! 5 Ways to Have Fun with Workplace Wellness This Week

Get moving, get healthy and get happy this week by promoting workplace wellness activities for your coworkers and employees! This week, March 31 through April 4, is Workplace Wellness Week. Along the way, celebrate International Fun at Work Day (April 1, aka April Fools’ Day) and National Walk to Work Day (April 4).

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