Intern Onboarding Tips and Best Practices

summer intern onboarding tips - welcome them from the start!

Intern Onboarding Tips: Make sure your summer interns feel valued and welcome from the start! (Photo via Alex Roberts, Flickr)

Summer’s here! And the time is right for making sure your interns have a rewarding work experience this summer.

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Banish Monday Office Blues with #MondayMotivation

#MondayMotivation is as easy as a smile

A little smile goes a long way to make Mondays better #MondayMotivation #ItDoesntCostAnythingTo (Photo via Ben Smith, Flickr)

For some people the Monday blues can kick in on Sunday evening.  But there are plenty of cost-free things to do to banish those beginning of the workweek blahs and start the workweek off with a smile.

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How to Have a Productive Super Bowl Monday in the Workplace

Super bowl Monday in the workplace doesn't need to be unproductive

Plan now to help employees re-engage and be productive this Super Bowl Monday. Everyone benefits!

You and your team can survive Super Bowl Monday in the workplace — thrive even!

Turn this notoriously unproductive day around with the right leadership and employee engagement.

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7 Ways to Thank Employees Better

Learn how to thank employees better!

Follow these workplace Thank You tips for better communication and happier employees. (Photo via USACE, Flickr)

Is your workplace Thank You inspired — or is it tired?

It’s critical for managers and company leaders to thank employees for excellent performance, and do it effectively. 

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12 Resources for a Better Workplace Culture This Fall

Fall is a key time for building workplace culture in the months leading up to the holidays and planning ahead for next year.

Fall is a key time for building workplace culture in the months leading up to the holidays and planning ahead for next year. (Image via Jurgen Appelo, Flickr)

Fall begins in a few days — and that means more than pumpkin spice lattes and chilly weather.

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5 Easy Ways to Embrace Workplace Gratitude Today

Embrace workplace gratitude!

Building a culture of workplace gratitude is transformative. Start today! (Image via pictoquotes & Dominic Alves, Flickr)

A strong culture of workplace gratitude is the “X factor” in many companies’ success — and they didn’t build it by waiting around for a lavish recognition budget or the perfect circumstances.

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Plan Now: Successful On-Boarding for Summer Interns

on-boarding for summer interns - start planning today

On-boarding for summer interns includes communication, challenge, coaching, and connecting. Photo via thetaxhaven, Flickr.

As college semesters wind down, are you preparing to welcome student interns? If so, planning your on-boarding for summer interns should be front and center.

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Workplace Resolutions for a Brighter 2015

2015 workplace resolutions

What are your 2015 workplace resolutions?

Businesses nationwide have made New Year resolutions to help their companies continue to prosper in 2015. Remember growing up your Mom told you if you don’t make goals, you are less likely to achieve them? 

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