Take the Challenge: Raise the Bar on Workplace Volunteering

Workplace volunteering starts with you – kick off a new effort today in honor of International Volunteer Day!

Celebrate workplace volunteering today and every day! (Image via volunteeractioncounts.org)

Happy International Volunteer Day! Today we’re celebrating the benefits of workplace volunteerism.

International Volunteer Day is a UN-spearheaded effort to highlight and honor the work of volunteers around the world in areas such as education, youth engagement, health, poverty eradication and the environment.

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This Earth Day, Plant a Culture of Gratitude!

Plant a culture of gratitude in your workplace this Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day by planting a culture of gratitude in your workplace! (Photo via Kate Ter Haar, Flickr)

Happy Earth Day!

It may not be a traditional employee appreciation holiday, but Earth Day offers a fresh and unexpected opportunity to connect with and celebrate employees for the benefit of our planet.

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