How to Really Thank a Teacher (According to Teachers)

Thank a teacher today! It's National Teacher Day!

Learn how to really thank a teacher – from teachers themselves!

If you have children and work outside the home, then you know you owe teachers a debt of gratitude. These dedicated professionals choose to spend their time with dozens of kids every day — not just taking care of them, but also preparing them to become informed, thoughtful, and well-behaved members of their communities.

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Workplace “Thank Yous” Are Important, Even Belated

Workplace "Thank You's" are an easy way to help employees feel valued and appreciated.Conventional wisdom suggests sharing workplace “Thank You’s” as close to possible to the act that you are thanking colleagues for. But that’s not always possible, especially in a busy workplace. Another approach is to use a traditional holiday like Thanksgiving, a year-end celebration or an annual event such as National Thank You Month in January as a prescribed time and opportunity to show gratitude to your hard-working team.

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Civility in the Workplace: More Than Just ‘Being Nice’

Civility in the workplace grows through small, positive gestures - start today!

Civility in the workplace grows through small, positive gestures. (Photo via Kate Ter Haar, Flickr)

Civility in the workplace is quickly becoming a topic of concern among HR leaders. The more it’s studied, the clearer it is that civility is not just a matter of “being nice.”

It’s an important part of everyday company culture.

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How to Write Employee Thank You Notes

A handwritten employee thank you is a keepsake and one of your best ways to show real appreciation.

Handwritten employee Thank You notes are still one of the best ways to praise and motivate employees. (Image by ArteZoe, Flickr)

It’s back to the future for employee Thank You notes!

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