There is plenty of time to engage your employees this year! Download gThankYou's annual Employee Engagment Calendar and be inspired!Maybe your New Year’s resolution for the year was to get organized and plan ahead for employee engagement activities at your job.  The year is winding down but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of the helpful tools and creative ideas to energize the holiday season in your workplace with gThankYou’s Day-to- Day Employee Celebration Calendar
A lot of great things can happen in the next three months and this how-to guide will aid you in building an everyday culture of appreciation.  Each month includes dates to celebrate and a mini-case study.
October’s focus is on fun, November includes tips on writing a meaningful Thanksgiving Letter for employees and December delves into what our employees really want for the holidays.
Fourth quarter is also a great time to plan for next year!
We’ll be launching our updated Employee Celebration Calendar soon – newly updated and full of fun ideas and inspiration for your planning. It’s the perfect supplement to building out your employee engagement plans for the new year.

Create Your Own Employee Engagement Calendar

Need inspiration to start on your new year planning?
Christina Thompson, writing for Quantum Workplace, has outlined some excellent strategies for creating a custom calendar.  It’s a great way to start working through your plan thinking. She advises asking yourself questions about the following topics and consider the communication needs and timelines that come with each:


  • How often and when will you conduct surveys?
  • Are you considering pulse surveys this year?


  • What key employee milestones will you recognize? Anniversaries? Birthdays? Personal achievements?
  • Will you have monthly, quarterly, or annual employee recognition events?


  • When are organizational goals set?
  • Are teams and employees responsible for setting their own goals?
  • When and how does leadership communicate organizational goals to employees? How is goal progress tracked and shared?

Performance Conversations

  • How often do managers and employees have performance conversations or reviews?
  • What resources do you provide to help managers with performance conversations?


  • How often will various levels of leadership receive feedback from their manager, direct reports, and peers?
  • How often will employees receive feedback from their manager and peers?
  • What employee communication is needed to support your feedback program? What are your target dates for these communications?

Culture Events

  • Do you hold company, team, or leadership retreats? When?
  • Do you have all-company meetings annually, quarterly, or monthly?
  • Other parties and celebrations?
  • Will you acknowledge other traditions and important dates?

If you are working on employee engagement activities and plans, your thoughts are likely to turn to employee gift-giving at some point. Use our “Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving” for reference and insights from workplace leaders as to the best gifts and strategies for employee gifts. And don’t forget to check back soon for your FREE Employee Appreciation Calendar chock-full of ideas for the new year!
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