Savvy HR: Engage Employees on Social Media

Engage employees on social media - be present and appreciate in the moment!

Engage employees on social media to increase engagement, happiness and company visibility! (Photo by NEC Corporation of America, via Flickr with Creative Commons license)

Frustrated employers dealing with distracted, on-the-clock Facebookers and tweeters used to wonder how to disengage employees from social media.

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How to Write Employee Thank You Notes

A handwritten employee thank you is a keepsake and one of your best ways to show real appreciation.

Handwritten employee Thank You notes are still one of the best ways to praise and motivate employees. (Image by ArteZoe, Flickr)

It’s back to the future for employee Thank You notes! Even in the digital age, handwriting a Thank You note to employees is enjoying a comeback among HR professionals and business leaders.

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The Hard Evidence for Employee Recognition

What does employee recognition look like?

What happens when companies commit to investing in employee recognition? (Photo via Maryland National Guard)

Employee recognition feels good, but does it get results?

We know most American workers still don’t get enough on-the-job recognition.

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Get Inspired! Plan Your Summer Think Week

Plan your summer think week now!

Take a Think Week this summer and return with fresh ideas for employee engagement. (Photo via Giorgio Montersino, Flickr)

Is your employee engagement and recognition strategy stale? Are you and your colleagues burnt out?

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