The evidence is clear, as our previous post illustrates, that helping employees balance their work and home lives pays off for them—and for your business.
October is National Work and Family Month (NWFM), so what better time to plan communications, events and programs to recognize employees and empower them to manage both family and work responsibilities?  You’ll improve their job satisfaction, productivity, morale and commitment.gThankYou Work-Life Balance CrosswordConsider picking a few of these ideas to show employees you’re serious about helping them improve their work-life balance:
 Conduct a work-life needs assessment

Start new work-life programs
Based on your self-assessment and survey results, implement at least one new program that addresses employees’ top concerns.  Employees need to know you take their feedback seriously.  Include an employee recognition and engagement initiative as part of your plan.  Your actions should be tailored to your specific issues, but a couple of examples are:

  • Periodic employee luncheons with guest speakers offering solutions to common work-home conflicts
  • Free or discounted fitness and wellness classes
  • Institute job-sharing or more flexible work rules

Host social events that enable employees to bond and celebrate National Work and Family Month

  • Try an ice cream social or pizza night for staff and their families.
  • Arrange a group outing to a sports event, such as a minor league baseball game.
  • Hold a company all-family sports and game night at a local park.

Say “Thank You!” to Employees

  • Send employees a letter thanking them for their work and reiterating your organization’s commitment to their well-being.  A sample letter is provided by the Alliance for Work-Life Progress.  Be open and candid, your employees will appreciate it.

Communicate!  Communicate!  Communicate!

  • Post information about National Work and Family Month on your website.  Invite employees to submit their stories and pictures about managing work and home.
  • Promote work-life balance discussions on your company intranet, blog or Facebook along with HR participation.  Promote successful strategies and suggestions to the rest of the company.

What does your Company do to show you take work-life balance seriously?

Employers: Tell WorldatWork how your company recognizes work-life effectiveness as a business imperative.
Employees: Tell WorldatWork how you are finding a balance among all your responsibilities in October.
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