Every mother deserves our gratitude. So, in honor of Mothers everywhere, the gThankYou team offers these easy and effective tips on how to show gratitude on Mother’s Day. (Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10.)
1.    Make her a card with your own hands, no matter your age. You get no points for artistry or craftiness with Moms. They’ll love it no matter what.
2.    Cook her a meal. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be served in bed, Mom will appreciate the attention and recognition. Here are some great recipes to search through Epicurious.
3.    If cooking really isn’t your thing, take her out for lunch, dinner, brunch, what have you. Avoid the crowds on Sunday by showing up at her workplace before this Sunday to treat her, making it a real surprise!
4.    Connect by taking a walk or hike with her and enjoy spring’s grandeur.
5.    Make your own floral arrangement. Nothing says “Thanks” like a bouquet of taken from your own garden stock or the surrounding environment. (And, yes, dandelions work, too.)
6.    Give in her name. With more than 100 causes, you’re apt to find something your Mom believes in at Charity Gift Certificates.
7.    Create a chore-a-day jar or basket. Fill it with simple tasks written on slips of paper that you can help Mom with in the upcoming weeks.
8.    Hugs go a long way. Complement the traditional kind with a Hug Card.
9.    Today, the adage, “A mother’s work is never done,” is more true than ever as more Moms work inside and outside the house. Give her a break with some time alone in the house or arrange for her special day with a friend.
10.    Say Thank You. It’s simple, effective and from the heart.

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