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National Receptionist Day is tomorrow, May 14, 2014! What’s your celebration plan?
It’s the 23rd anniversary of National Receptionist Day, and it occurs annually on the second Wednesday in May. It’s a day commemorated by the National Receptionists Association to honor receptionists as the front line professionals that are often your customers’ first contact with your company, and a perfect opportunity to share your gratitude for receptionists’ hard-work and dedication.
Special Dedicated Day
The National Receptionists Association wanted this day to be separate and set aside just for receptionists, not combined with other celebrations for administrative personnel.  Receptionists are special!
The day originated in 1991 to recognize two New Jersey receptionists working at Ferguson Communication, now Ogilvy CommonHealth, and has evolved into a day to recognize all receptionists and their roles in business success.
What Does the Association Do for Receptionists?
The National Receptionists Association offers a community for receptionists and recognition of their skills and efforts. They plan to launch the first international receptionists day this year, joining with the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. They remind us that reception roles are varied and include front desk staff at hotels, information desk staff in IT, concierges at hotels and other public places where someone welcomes customers, greets the public, and provides the first-level service to customers.
Share Your Workplace ‘Thank You”
Remember how important the receptionist role is to your company, and take advantage of this special day to thank, recognize and celebrate your receptionists. Chances are, they are the ones brightening everyones’ day coming into the office, so brighten theirs for a change.
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