Happy Administrative Professionals Day from the gThankYou team!

Administrative Professionals Day is a reminder that admins deserve daily appreciation. Share yours today! (Photo via USCAE Europe District, Flickr)

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
Today we’re celebrating the people who make our lives easier and our offices run smoothly day in and day out: administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries, personal assistants, data managers and other administrative support professionals.
WHSU Public Radio Group columnist David Bouchier praises admins in an essay this week.
“The essential fact about administrative professionals,” Bouchier writes, “is that they actually do most of the real work in any office and, in my experience, they usually run the place. Imagine the chaos if hospitals were run by doctors, or universities by professors.”
Administrative Professionals Day is a reminder that our admins deserve daily appreciation: “Flowers and gifts are all very well, but a few words of sincere thanks might be even better,” Bouchier writes. “As Gertrude Stein remarked, silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”
So how are companies celebrating Administrative Professionals Day? Read on for five real-life examples of standout admin gratitude this month.

5 Real-Life Administrative Professional Day Celebrations

Throughout the month of April, companies are celebrating their administrative professionals with special luncheons, free trainings, networking events, public gratitude and more. Get inspired and create your own unique Administrative Professionals Day celebration! What’s your plan?
1. Lunch, Door Prizes and Education
The Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce is offering its members an Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon with door prizes and a presentation on generational marketing. An announcement in the Sidney Sun-Telegraph promises that “no one will leave empty-handed.”
Following the luncheon at a local restaurant, Sidney city councilman and Nebraska Senate candidate Wendall Gaston will speak on the topic of “Generational Marketing” — specifically how Baby Boomers and Generation Y react and respond to work, products and services.
The luncheon announcement includes two great quotes on appreciation:

  • “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” — William Arthur Ward
  • “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” — Voltaire

2. “Spring Into Action” Luncheon
Western Illinois University is putting a fun twist on its annual Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon by partnering with students.
The “Spring Into Action” event is a collaborative effort between catering students from WIU’s Department of Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, and Hospitality. Students will work, “to prepare this year’s meal and have a hands-on learning experience at the same time.”
3. Honor Three “Outstanding Admin Professionals”
Earlier this month, the RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate network presented three of its employees with Outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year awards for 2015.
The award recognizes the efforts of office administrators “who make major contributions not only by facilitating day-to-day operations but also by creating an office environment that supports the productivity and spirit of the entire brokerage team.”
In RE/MAX’s award announcement in the local paper, one award recipient, Cherie Gilliland, explains why she values her job:

“What I like most about my job is working with 50 amazing and talented agents and always providing them with fast, accurate results so they have great success helping families reach their dreams. I take such pride in learning the newest technology, establishing budgets, reconciling bank accounts and preparing all the financial reports to keep our office running smoothly.”

4. Day of Celebration and Learning
Edison State Community College of Piqua, Ohio is presenting a day of educational programming and networking open to all administrative professionals in the area. Supervisors and managers are welcome to attend with their admins.
The day includes a buffet lunch, door prizes and featured speaker Rene Delane on how “Your Voice Can Change the World” — a presentation on secrets of success she’s learned from conversations with women who have overcome gender, culture, color and economic barriers and who have used failure as a stepping stone to success. After Delane’s presentation, attendees go to breakout sessions on a variety of topics including technology, social media and workplace transformation.
“This will be the 24th year that we have held an event for Administrative Professionals at Edison State,” Shirley Moore, Dean of Business, IT and Engineering, tells Sidney Daily News. “We design this event as a celebration of the contributions and value that all administrative professionals bring to all work environments.”
5. An Event for Thanks and Gratitude
Last week, Cornell University hosted an event to honor and celebrate the institution’s office professionals. The annual appreciation event was started in 1988 by a faculty member and is focused on public expressions of gratitude.
One dean thanked his administrator, Theresa Woodhouse, for making his work “better every single day,” adding that she is “careful, smart, organized, anticipates things and has remarkable judgment.”
Keynote speaker and Cornell VP and Chief Human Resources Officer Mary Opperman, said Cornell’s office professionals are “all part of something very big,” because Cornell’s mission of “providing education, nourishing creativity, fostering important research and carrying out many forms of public service and public engagement” does “a lot of good work in the world.”

How Are You Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day?

Don’t just wish your admins a “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!” Take time to thank them specifically for their dedication and hard work — and build a culture of gratitude that honors them all year long.
Download our free Day-to-Day Celebration Calendar for expert tips on how to engage, recognize and build a happy and loyal workplace. This one-of-a-kind eBook will help you to build an everyday culture of appreciation with month-by-month guides, case studies, research highlights, how-to recognition advice and celebration ideas for specific holidays and anytime.

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