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About gThankYou® Gift Certificates

gThankYou Gift Certificates are convenient, affordable and meaningful. That’s why they’re ideal employee gifts. Employers can purchase our Gift Certificates, receive them quickly, and celebrate with their workforce without long planning times.


The gThankYou Mission

gThankYou is dedicated to helping companies celebrate with employees. We offer Employee Gift Certificates that are simple to purchase, easy to distribute and convenient to redeem for employees, customers and friends.

Most importantly, gThankYou Gift Certificates create an ideal opportunity for workplace leaders to recognize success. Most of our customers give our Gift Certificates to all employees in the company, division or workgroup at holiday times or the conclusion of a successful project, month or quarter.

What We Believe

At gThankYou we believe fun, happy workplaces are successful workplaces. Dynamic, uplifting employers create a strong sense of pride among employees.

Employers who consistently find opportunities to recognize and celebrate success have happier, more productive workers.

Much of what we believe and learn about workplace celebrating is captured in our blog, Celebrating Work.  Check it out, it's a great resource for Human Resource Managers and Executives, plus it's filled with lots of great recipes.

gThankYou History

gThankYou’s first employee gifts were our Turkey Gift Certificates at holiday time.

For many years employers have given whole turkeys as an employee gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Turkey at holiday time is a great American tradition; enjoyed by everyone it is the center of every holiday meal.

However, distributing whole, frozen turkeys is very inconvenient. Employers must purchase, store and handle them. Employees must make room for them in the freezer and take delivery at time that is often not convenient.  Often the turkey is the wrong size, too small for the employee’s holiday dinner or too large for the oven.

gThankYou recognized these challenges and understands employees are happier when they choose their own turkeys, which is also much more convenient for employers.

The gThankYou Story

gThankYou was founded by Rick Kiley, a veteran of Fortune 500® companies, smaller businesses and an entrepreneur. Rick observed many companies' struggle to find the perfect gifts and awards to honor the dedication and performance of employees, and to say “thank you” to customers.

The gThankYou Team

Our Team is a dedicated to providing employers with convenient, thoughtful gifts for recognizing employees, customers and their families.

gThankYou is located in Madison, WI.  Our key Team members include:

The Future

While gThankYou is always evaluating new product ideas, the best ideas come from our customers. Each year we speak directly with all customers. They are our biggest fans, most constructive critics and a great source of ideas about how to do things better.

We invite our customers — current and future — to contact us anytime with suggestions at [email protected]


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