workplace kindness

Workplace kindness can reduce stress and lead to happier, healthier employees. (Photo Credit: Maria Godfrida, flicker)

It’s Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Week! And as the RAK Foundation suggests, let’s make this the year of kindness.

Scientific studies show that random acts of kindness improve your health by decreasing your anxiety, depression and blood pressure. Kindness is important at home, at school, and at work, and in the workplace, company leaders can get the ball rolling.

Author and journalist Marina Krakovsky, in “The Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace,” reports on a recent Stanford University conference on Compassion & Business. Research on “emotional contagion,” she writes, shows that people are likely to “catch” the emotions of their leaders. So if you as a leader are kind, your workforce is more likely to be so as well.

And why random acts of kindness? John Brandon, contributing editor at, writes:

“By showing kindness … when there is absolutely no reason to give out a gift or reward to anyone, you are showing that the workplace is not that predictable after all. In fact, it’s a fun place to be.”

8 Practical, Fun Ways to Nurture Workplace Kindness

We love Brandon’s ideas in “6 Awesomely Random Acts of Workplace Kindness,” so check them out along with some of our favorites to start the kindness flowing in your workplace!

  1. Open the door for everyone entering work and say “good morning”.
  2. Visit or call all your reports and tell them that you are glad they are on your team.
  3. Bring coffee or a homemade treats for support staff, customer service or plant workers.
  4. Buy lunch for someone you don’t know well and get to know them over lunch.
  5. Hold a meeting and don’t talk about work – let everyone share something important to them.
  6. Write a thank you note to the cleaning staff, your cafeteria crew or others that work hard behind the scenes.
  7. Arrange for the local HS to supply kids to do free employee car washes in your parking lot and make a donation to the science team, art or music department or teacher education fund.
  8. Share an unexpected flower, note of appreciation, or simple gift of thanks that employees can share with loved ones.

As our FREE Day-to-Day Celebration Calendar says, kindness as an organizational tool is trending, and for good reason. The proven benefits of a compassionate workplace include better teamwork, higher productivity and happier, healthier employees.

So set the example, starting this week. Have fun with random acts of kindness and suggest your team follow suit. You’ll all be happier and healthier.

We’ll be here all week with ideas, inspiration and more to support your #RAKWeek planning and activities. Looking for more info right now? Read our post from last year on “5 Ways Random Acts of Kindness Build Workplace Gratitude.”
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