Happy New Year!

The celebration-filled holiday season is over, party streamers down, gifts shared and game prizes won. Now what? How will you sustain that workplace spirit and employee happiness into the new year?
If increasing employee happiness is one of your workplace goals this year, you’re not alone.
Organizations big and small are re-evaluating their strategies as Gallup continues to report low employee engagement across industries. Gallup data shows Millennial workers in particular aren’t responding to traditional engagement.
We know workplace celebrations are a reliable way to engage and motivate employees. A celebration honors excellence, fuels innovation and strengthens teamwork. It gives everyone a chance to fully appreciate individual and team successes.
But celebrating employees goes well beyond parties and prizes. Sustaining everyday employee happiness, 365 days a year, takes a comprehensive approach and a cultural shift.
That’s why we here at gThankYou created a “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar.” It’s a guide to each month, with practical tips for everyday engagement and appreciation, as well as seasonal and holiday-specific employee recognition ideas and inspiration.
Read on for a peek at what each month of the calendar offers and how it can help you build a sustainable culture of appreciation.

Month by Month, 365 Days of Employee Happiness

A recent survey of HR professionals found that an “employee burnout crisis” is at hand — and concluded it will be the biggest challenge to workforce engagement in the year.
Part of that challenge is the complexity of the issue. Fixing burnout and disengagement takes more than an annual awards banquet or employee-of-the-month program. True employee happiness takes a holistic approach and daily commitment.
Here’s what you’ll find month by month in gThankYou’s “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar” to help your organization forge your own unique plan for better engagement and happier employees this year:
Build sustained employee happiness

  • How to handle post-holiday workplace stress
  • 5 signs your workplace is “kind” — and why it matters
  • Inspiration for celebrating National Thank You Month


  • How to keep everyone on-task on Superbowl Monday
  • The nuts and bolts of a “gratitude practice”
  • Why kindness has awesome ROI — and how one company does it


  • Special focus on employee happiness: If it’s so vital to business, why isn’t it more prevalent?
  • A case study in city-wide employee appreciation


  • How to show appreciation on a shoe-string budget
  • 5 low-cost tools for engagement
  • Lessons from a 90-year-old in employee loyalty


  • 6 anytime Thank You ideas
  • Why “Teacher Appreciation Week” isn’t just for schoolteachers
  • How laughter busts workplace stress


  • Why to start a reverse mentoring program
  • 5 tips for giving better compliments
  • One company’s method for communicating a sense of purpose


  • Special focus on peer-to-peer recognition: Are you empowering employees to share gratitude?
  • Find out what your employees really think with anonymous feedback
  • Don’t forget your interns and systems administrators this month!


  • Summertime engagement strategies for distracted employees
  • Plan ahead for the Total Solar Eclipse, predicted to be the most-viewed eclipse in history
  • How to use a “Think Week” to rejuvenate


  • Engaging employees the Grateful Dead way
  • What distributed workers need to feel recognized
  • 3 back-to-school engagement tips


  • The link between recognition and innovation
  • 6 ways to foster a culture of fun
  • How to make a difference with workplace volunteerism


  • Mastering the art of giving thanks, from basics to advanced
  • Why a holiday turkey gift is still #1
  • What happens when an employee never hears “Thanks”


  • What your employees really want for the holidays
  • How to distribute gifts like Santa
  • The secret to a great workplace holiday party (hint: it’s not a big budget!)

That’s not all you’ll find in the Calendar. We’ve also put together thought-provoking stats, inspiring case studies, examples of fun unofficial holidays and dozens of celebration opportunities to spark engagement.

Get Started Today: Download Your FREE Calendar

“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day — or to celebrate each special day.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

This is the year to build real employee happiness in your organization — or risk getting left behind.
Download the gThankYou Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar for resources and advice to help your organization thrive in the next twelve months. Our calendar guide gives you the tools and inspiration to build a culture of appreciation every day of the year. Download yours today, absolutely free!
Here’s to a happier workplace!

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