The gThankYou! team is excited for Random Acts of Kindness Week - is yours?

Celebrate the power of workplace kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week. (Image via, Flickr)

Random Acts of Kindness Week starts soon, and we’re gearing up for a week dedicated to kindness in the workplace!
Why is #RAKWeek such an important workplace celebration? Because kindness is teachable, spreads quickly, naturally boosts productivity and nurtures a culture of gratitude and happiness. Read our blog post from earlier this week to learn about the science behind workplace kindness.
Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week in your company plants seeds for a better culture all year round — even with limited resources and time!
Read on for more info on how to rock Random Acts of Kindness Week in your workplace.

How One Organization Celebrates Early

One organization is getting a head start on #RAKWeek with “211 Acts of Kindness.”
The United Way of Washington County, Maryland organized a day for kind acts to raise awareness for “2-1-1,” the three-digit number to a regional community information and referral service for food, shelter, employment, and healthcare services.
The 2-1-1 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge is in its second year. More than 400 have already pledged to participate, doubling last year’s involvement! The #RAKWeek Challenge rallies the community around a fun activity in Washington and Frederick Counties and serves as a reminder that everyone can use a little kindness and support.
United Way encourages participants to invite others to join, in person or online, and hand out printable cards or share a social media card to get family, friends and coworkers started on their own random acts of kindness week.
After participants commit their random acts of kindness on Thursday, the organization asks them to share their story on a special Facebook page or on other social media using the hashtag #211ActsofKindness.
Any act of kindness counts: complimenting a stranger, paying for a friend’s meal, even holding a door open for others. One class of second graders last year wrote kind notes and stuck them at random on people’s cars in the school parking lot.

An Act of Random Kindness to Recognize Employees

United Way is also using “211 Acts of Kindness” as a chance to show recognition to employees by offering free 5- or 10-minute chair massages to people working at agencies throughout the county.
“We know they work hard, and they have to get right back to it,” United Way executive director Melissa Reabold told Herald Mail Media.
Small acts of kindness are an everyday occurrence, but it’s important to set aside time to appreciate them, she said. Plus, the giver and recipient share goodwill and a “mutual benefit of wellness.”
“We should feel really good about those things, and there’s definitely more that can be done,” she said.
The Facebook page and #211ActsofKindness hashtag provides a platform for people to share stories and get inspired, she added: “I think it’s so inspiring to see, ‘Oh, these other acts of kindness are going on in our area.'”

How Will You Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week?

Whether you take your team out for lunch, volunteer one day together or organize a social campaign like the United Way of Washington County, it’s easy to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with employees! If you’re organizing a one-day activity, considering planning it for Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday, Feb. 17.
We’ll be here all week next week with ideas, inspiration and more to support your #RAKWeek planning and activities. Looking for more info right now? Read our post from last year on “5 Ways Random Acts of Kindness Build Workplace Gratitude.”
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