Our holiday gift to you - the 2022 Employee Appreciation Calendar - FREE!

gThankYou 2022 Employee Appreciation Calendar

It is our tradition at gThankYou to publish an annual employee appreciation calendar for all the hard working managers and staff trying to engage and appreciate employees and build vibrant, loyal workplace cultures. This 2022 Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar helps you stay ahead of the game with holidays, celebrations, and monthly ideas to keep employee appreciation front-and-center. It’s the ultimate resource to inspire and help plan employee engagement and celebration activities for the new year!

After all, do you have the time to remember when to honor your admins, drivers’ fleet or the scientists in your workplace? We do! Do you know for sure when Employee Appreciation Day is? (Hint: it’s Friday, March 4, 2022.) Download this free Calendar resource and know for sure.

Download your 2022 Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar now - FREE!


Dates and SO MUCH MORE…

Do you think we’d just give you a list of dates? Of course not! The 2022 Employee Appreciation Calendar is packed with valuable how-to information including monthly “Ready-to-Go-Celebrations” and “Don’t-Miss-Celebrations”, party ideas, examples, case studies, resources and more!

gThankYou’s Calendar is designed to include everything you need to keep you current, inspired and focused on day-to-day employee appreciation.

Monthlty spread of the Employee Appreciation Calendar for 2022

Take the time to flip through this gorgeous gift that is all yours! Share it with your colleagues and other leaders. Print it out or save it to your desktop! Share it with your social media gurus and the benefits team. Encourage everyone to think ahead for how to illustrate employee recognition in proactive and creative ways.


If there were ever a “one size fits all” approach to appreciation and recognizing workers, there definitely isn’t now. Too much has changed.

That’s why we’ve designed this calendar eBook. We want to inspire you to super-charge your engagement and find the recognition tactics that work best for your organization. After all, you know your company best.

This how-to guide walks you through planning for seasonal engagement and a wide variety of holidays, organized by month. You’ll also find important statistics, mini case studies, “anytime recognition” ideas, and tips for building a happier workplace through engagement and fun. (However things go this year, everyone can use more happiness and fun.)

This isn’t a novel that needs to be read front to back. It is intended as a year-round reference — so skip ahead, go back, reread, and return to it whenever you need a little creative juice. This is “choose your own adventure” engagement!


New Year - New Start

Happy New Year from Us to You!

Let us celebrate YOU! You’ve had a long, hard year and deserve a BIG thank you and inspiration heading into 2022. We sincerely hope this colorful, jam-packed, helpful resource makes your life easier — and more fun!

Be sure to check out our other resources for building a workplace culture of appreciation and gratitude – all FREE on our website!

With appreciation,
Your Friends at gThankYou

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