Start your 2019 employee engagement planning with gThankYou's free Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Guide to inspire and make planning a breeze!

New year…new plans for building employee engagement and sharing appreciation!

We all know that New Year’s resolutions are often hard to keep.  But if one of your workplace goals was to get a better handle on employee engagement planning in 2019, that resolution is now easier to keep with the use of gThankYou’s 2019 Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar!
If you are familiar with our annual calendar chock full of engagement and appreciation ideas, then you’ve probably already done the free download because you know what a valuable (and fun) tool it is.
Not familiar with it?  Start by filling out the short online form and you’ll have a FREE, indispensable and inspiring guide at your fingertips.  Here’s what to expect for each month in addition to meaningful, compelling (yet easy-to-read) articles on an array of topics meant to inspire your planning and workplace activities:

  • Key stats (in case you still need to prove to leadership how critical employee engagement and appreciation is)
  • Ready-to-Go Celebration examples (so even if you think you aren’t creative you’ll have turn-key approaches to create more fun in the workplace)
  • Mini-case studies (learn what’s worked for other organizations)
  • Plenty of graphics (which make this ebook feel like fun, not work)

Make Employee Engagement Planning a Focus in 2019

We challenge you to flip through our free Calendar and if you’re new to employee engagement, or stuck in rut – try to implement one new idea each month!  For example National Pie Day is coming up on 1/23 (not to be confused with PI day which is on 3/14) and Fun at Work Day is later this month on 1/28.  Or take the suggestion from the information on the April page which suggests starting “Thank you note Thursdays.”  (We’ve got some thank you note pointers if you could use help.)
Not every company has a large budget for engagement and recognition strategies, but you’ll get ideas for initiatives that are no-cost and low-cost.  Also, all too often, money is poured into recognition programs that aren’t meaningful to employees or fall short on genuine appreciation:

A study by Bersin & Associates found that 87 percent of the $26 billion spent annually on employee recognition goes toward ineffective tenured-based recognition such as pins and awards dinners.

So, while the impetuous behind those types of programs might be sincere and well-meaning, the ROI isn’t there from both a financial standpoint and the impact on employees.  Employee recognition is about so much more than end-of-the year dinners and employee of-the-month plaques.  The most successful businesses know the importance of sharing sincere appreciation and celebrating employee day-in and day-out.

We’ll Help You Keep Your Resolution

Make 2019 the year you energize your organization with a coordinated employee recognition program that builds a fun, happy, engaged and productive workplace!  Download your free “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar” today. Share it with colleagues and start your inspired thinking today.
2019 Employee Celebration Calendar - Free Download from gThankYou Employee Gifts

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