Flowers are a great employee thank you gift!

An employee thank you gift can be simple or elaborate, as long as it’s sincere. Photo via Daniel Orth, Flickr.

An unexpected, thoughtful gift can brighten workplace spirits and lets employees know how much you appreciate them. An employee thank you gift can be simple and affordable, or as elaborate as you please. As long as it’s sincere, your workers will know you appreciate them.
Read on for easy and affordable employee thank you gift ideas that anyone will enjoy. Be sure to share them with your sincere note of thanks and delight recipients in person whenever possible!

25 Everyday Employee Thank You Gift Ideas

  1. Give a fun plant. A Bonsai tree, is not only pretty, but out of the ordinary suggests Tabby McFarland in, “Wow Your Staff With These Clever Employee Gift Ideas.”
  2. Share a bouquet of fragrant flowers, and brighten someone’s workspace.
  3. Thank your whole team by bringing in coffee and donuts for breakfast.
  4. Share a home-made treat, such as cupcakes or brownies.
  5. Celebrate someone’s key achievement – take the person out for lunch.
  6. If you have the space and the skills, invite your team to dinner at your home.
  7. Host a cookout in a park–or even in your company parking lot.
  8. Give a surprise half-day off at an employee’s convenience.
  9. Stock break rooms with treats and healthy snacks.
  10. Throw a make-your-own-Sundae party and send virtual workers Ice Cream Gift Certificates to join in the fun too.
  11. Give a subscription to a premium music-streaming service such as Spotify suggests Jacquelyn Smith and Aaron Taube in “22 Great Gifts To Buy For Your Employees.”
  12. Give an interesting book your employee would like. Consider favorites for the whole staff such as Humans of New York or DVD such as Planet Earth.
  13. Put together gift baskets with your employees’ favorite treats.
  14. If it’s holiday season, a gThankYou! Gift Certificate for a Turkey or Ham will make for a great celebratory dinner and appreciated holiday gift.
  15. Consider a fun game, such as Apples to Apples, to enjoy with family and friends.
  16. Give premium coffee, tea and cookies or biscuits.
  17. Delight with flags for 4th of July.
  18. Surprise your workers with Frisbee gifts and the rest of the day off.
  19. Give Pizza Gift Certificates to be shared with family and friends.
  20. Bring in someone to make smoothies or ice cream shakes for Friday lunch.
  21. Customize aprons with your organization logo and give Grocery Gift Certificates by gThankYou!
  22. Consider a CSA subscription for the summer.
  23. How about movie tickets?
  24. Or admission to a water park or amusement park for employees and their families?
  25. And, last but not least, remember that a sincere thank you note delivered with a smile and a handshake is a gift in itself.

So what are you waiting for? Use one of these ideas or think of something that’s a fun and good fit for your workplace culture. Your employees will be grateful for the attention and appreciation.

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