Thanksgiving is America’s oldest tradition

Our shared holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving, has been celebrated for centuries.
Gratitude, hospitality and inclusion are the hallmarks of this uniquely American holiday, celebrated with a feast of turkey shared with family and friends.
For generations, businesses have made it a tradition to give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving. Since the practice began more than a century ago, it’s grown and spread across industries and into workplaces small and large. It’s endured from the industrial age into the digital age.
Sharing a turkey gift at the holidays is meaningful and appreciated by everyone. Plus, it’s smart business. An employee turkey gift communicates your Thanksgiving gratitude to your workplace family for all their hard work and contributions to the success of your organization.

10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Thanksgiving

Download our free new 2-page brochure, “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” and learn why so many businesses give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving time or anytime. It’s the perfect employee holiday gift!

Reasons to Give a Turkey

In this free two-page brochure, we explain exactly why it’s tradition (and smart business) to give employees a turkey at Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Nothing says “Thank You” like the gift of a Thanksgiving Turkey! Read on to learn about why turkey is a beloved American tradition.

The American Tradition of Eating Turkey

Turkey isn’t just a workplace gift tradition. It’s also an American tradition and a symbol of gratitude, compassion, family, unity and community service. In his intro to the 2015 New York Times’ Thanksgiving Food special section, Sam Sifton praises Thanksgiving as the time to “celebrate and share the diversity and deliciousness of our diets and cultures, our interests and needs, together.”
“Turkeys are central to how many of us view the feast. This year’s turkey can be the very best you have ever made — whether you cook it whole or in parts, after brining or not brining, in the heat of an oven, in a caldron of searing oil, in a smoker, on a grill,” Sifton writes.
Eating turkey at the holidays is embraced by Americans regardless of ethnic background, religion, political party, subculture or region. In a Times op-ed last year, Hector Tobar writes of immigrants who’ve adopted American turkey traditions while keeping their own, like the Salvadoran-American who incorporates not one, but two turkeys into a Salvadoran dish called pan con chumpe.
The Times’ own Frank Bruni, a former restaurant reviewer, has described his family’s Italian-American take on Thanksgiving in loving detail (don’t read it hungry!).
The all-day meal with his family is a celebration of generosity, he says.
“The day’s final image is always the same: Aunt Carolyn back in the kitchen, drained and triumphant, filling elaborate doggie bags so that each of us totes away enough white meat, dark meat, pasta, stuffing, corn, peas, pie and cookies to restage the meal at home a few times. If the eating doesn’t stop, the togetherness never ends,” Bruni writes.
Thanksgiving is unique among American holidays.
“Thanksgiving goes well with a prayer from any faith,” Tobar writes. “It’s a celebration of the force that binds our diverse country together: family.”
Turkey is not unique to Thanksgiving, however. The turkey rules the Thanksgiving table but it’s also popular at other holidays. Americans eat tens of millions of turkeys at Christmas and Easter, too.

Why Give Employees a Turkey This Holiday Season

Sharing the centerpiece to the Thanksgiving meal lets your employees know you really care. A turkey gift carries the symbolism of holiday gratitude and family togetherness. It’s also a practical gift your employees will be able to share with their family and friends.
But those aren’t the only reasons to give employees a turkey this holiday season. Download gThankYou’s new two-page guide to learn more and to get started now on your employee gift program!

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