What are YOUR 2023 New Year's workplace resolutions?

Write New Year’s workplace resolutions that happi-fy your workplace! Photo via Carol VanHook, Flickr

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for your personal life. In fact, you can expect some serious rewards when you refresh your goals in the workplace, too! The key is to set positive, forward thinking goals.

As Dan Bowling, leader of consulting firm Positive Workplace Solutions and Duke Law School labor law professor writes in “10 New Year’s Resolutions for Workplace Happiness,”

“At the heart of most resolutions is a desire to live a happier life and enjoy more workplace success, but for some reason, resolutions focus on removing the negative things from our life rather than filling our New Year with positive things.”

You heard him! Negativity just isn’t sustainable. And honestly, how many of us have made New Year’s resolutions abandoned the effort by mid-January?

Reboot your New Year’s resolutions and turn 2023 into the year of happier work and even happier living with these 10 resolutions worth keeping!

New Year’s Workplace Resolutions Worth keeping

For many of us, it helps to separate workplace and at-home New Year’s resolutions. According to F&H Solutions Group article, “Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace—A HR Perspective:

“Even if things could be going better in your personal life, your workplace can be a place of reward and accomplishment, if you allow it.”

In that spirit, we’ve compiled this list of positive workplace New Year’s resolutions worth keeping.

  1. Encourage employees to be mindful. As Bowling notes (and evidence proves), just few moments of mindfulness or simple meditation during the workday will boost employee happiness and health! Not sure where to start? Bring in a local mindfulness expert and train your office in basic exercises that can help everyone.
  2. Help workers play to their strengths. Research shows that people are happiest when their work matches their strengths and personality. What can you do to more effectively deploy your staff?
  3. Have a sense of humor. Learn not to sweat the small stuff. When possible, set the tone by keeping things light and having fun! Your workforce will take its cues from you. If you enjoy your workplace, chances are they will too.
  4. Keep things moving. Sitting is the new smoking. Hold meetings while walking or standing, organize group walks at lunch, provide standing workstations, provide exercise opportunities, and set an example – work out at lunch-time and take the stairs not the elevator!
  5. Empower employees. Ask their opinions, encourage decision-making, keep them informed of your goals and priorities, and support failure – it’s an opportunity to learn how to do better and grow!
  6. Be kind. Make the time (schedule it if you must) to walk around the office and take a sincere interest in employees—ask how they spent their weekend or how their kids are doing. Remember birthdays and acknowledge good work. Be interested and approachable! Not only will employees relax, but overtime they’ll be more likely to share ideas and suggestions with you.
  7. Challenge yourself and your employees. Take on a new project that helps you expand your experience. Assign projects that help your workforce gain new skills and demonstrate your investment in them!
  8. Teach resilience. Be optimistic and support it in your workplace. Be generous with your appreciation and let employees know what they are good at. Invest in community building activities that strengthen workplace relationships. Offer training in effective communication skills, conflict-resolution and stress management.
  9. Do work you’re proud of. Figure out how your company’s mission can improve your community and workers’ lives. Communicate these objectives so employees and customers know your workplace contributes to the greater good.
  10. Create a culture of gratitude. Studies show that expressing gratitude to others increases wellbeing. Say “thank you” often and remind workers to do so. It doesn’t just make others happy—it makes you happy, too!

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We wish you a healthy, happy and successful 2023, at work and in life!
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