Last-minute thank you gifts for boss's day!

You don’t have to create a billboard, but it’s nice to recognize your employer on National Boss’s Day. Photo via Channel DJVT.Milwaukee, TV58.

It’s National Boss’s Day!

Hopefully your boss expresses his or her appreciation for your work regularly. Today is your opportunity to return the favor with a small thank you gift or note for providing the tools that make it easier to do your job well.

Last-minute Thank You gifts for Boss’s Day!

Some employees pull out all the stops to show their bosses appreciation. Milwaukee’s EKG Trucking value their boss, Ed Grober, so much that they had a billboard posted with his picture on it! Most of us though, are not as good about planning ahead.

If you forgot to make or buy a gift, it’s not too late! Use your break or lunch to write a note of thanks. A sincere thank you note and fun card is a wonderful gift anytime.

If you prefer to pick up or make a last-minute thank you gift instead, here are ten easy ideas you can still do and that anyone would appreciate!

  1. Homemade treats. Anything homemade shows you care. With recipes like this “Easy Sugar Cookies” one from AllRecipes,  you can have warm, delicious treats ready in about 15 minutes.
  2. Free lunch. Share a gift card to a local sandwich shop so the boss can have lunch on you or take the boss out to lunch.
  3. A gift to share. Give 2 dozen donuts, cookies or cupcakes for your boss to enjoy and share with colleagues.
  4. Record a video “thank you”. If you work remotely, send a vine or short video of your thanks. It will brighten anyone’s day.
  5. Post ‘Thank You’s’ all over the office. Grab some colleagues and print colorful 8 1/2 x 11 Thank You’s by different people or different departments and plaster them around the workplace.
  6. Host a ‘Thank You’ shower. Gather colleagues and surprise your boss with a basket or bucketful of colorful paper thank you’s. Do it sports style with a ceremonial surprise dump.
  7. Share your ‘Thank You’ socially. Share your thanks socially – it will make your boss proud!
  8. Caffine. Does your boss enjoy coffee or tea? Share it with a fun card such as…“Thanks a latte for all you do.”
  9. Chocolate. Need we say more? It’s a gift everyone enjoys.
  10. Fruit. Companies like Edible Arrangements offer same-day delivery of delicious, beautiful fruit and chocolate “bouquets” (or you can pick one up at their locations).

“It’s the thought that counts” so don’t worry about having the perfect gift. Your sincere appreciation is what matters most. So jump in and share your thanks to the people who help you succeed. It’s not too late.
And, if you’re the boss, Happy Boss’s Day to you!

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