Information for Grocery Retailers:

gThankYou does everything it can to help grocery-retailer partners easily process gThankYou® Certificates. We believe it is in our best interest that gThankYou’s retail partners are satisfied and successful with our Gift Certificates.

gThankYou Certificates bring people into grocers’ stores.  We hope gThankYou Gift Certificates add substantially to your sales and profits.

gThankYou, LLC uses CMS, Inc. as its exclusive certificate clearinghouse. CMS, a leading national redemption service, is a division of Inmar which also includes Carolina Services, a major clearinghouse for grocery retailer coupons.

gThankYou enables grocery retailers to quickly identify its coupons with unique security features.   Download an illustration of gThankYou Security Features.

Frequently Asked Questions By Retailers (FAQ):

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How can I be sure my company will be reimbursed for gThankYou certificates?

gThankYou guarantees reimbursement for legitimate Certificates redeemed by you in accordance with the terms on the back of each certificate which are similar to these:

“We will reimburse you for the actual retail price of” [the merchandise described on one of our coupons], "up to the limit indicated on the front of the Certificate plus 8¢ handling provided the Certificate is redeemed at the time of purchase for the product(s) specified and prior to the expiration date printed on the front of the Certificate. Valid for any brand. Certificates not properly redeemed will be void and held. Reproduction of this or any Certificate is expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes fraud. Bearer is responsible additional for costs that exceed the maximum value printed on the front of this Certificate and for any applicable taxes. ...”

Click here for the gThankYou Guarantee.

How do I know a redeemed gThankYou Certificate is valid and not fraudulent?

    1. The front of each Certificate has a (a) light blue safety paper background that (b) has a hidden watermark that generally shows “VOID” if the Certificate is photocopied.
  1. The right edge of the front side of Certificates is pink (or has pink gThankYou “G” images) which are heat-sensitive and will turn from pink to white when they are warmed by your breath or from rubbing between your fingers.

  2. The back of each gThankYou Certificate is covered with an anti-copy watermark of the gThankYou “G” logo. This watermark will appear if the Certificate is (a) rubbed with a coin and (b) often can be seen if it is held up to bright light.

Click for a single-page description of gThankYou Coupon Security Features.

In addition, all gThankYou Certificates have a unique serial number.

If you are concerned a gThankYou Certificate may be a photocopy or otherwise fraudulent, call our toll free telephone number: 888-484-1658.

How is my company reimbursed for redeemed gThankYou Certificates?
gThankYou Certificates are a Manufacturer Coupon. Submit them to your clearinghouse the same way you do with any other Manufacturer Coupon. Your company will be promptly reimbursed for valid expenses.

A few retailers may wish to submit redeemed Certificates directly to CMS, Inc. (for example, if you do not have a retailer clearinghouse or wish to bypass your clearinghouse). If you want to do this and do not have a CMS, Inc. account, you may quickly and easily set up an account with CMS, Inc. by calling CMS Trade Relations at 800-285-7602 during business hours (Eastern time).

What do gThankYou Certificates look like?
Although gThankYou makes changes from time to time to the design of our Certificates, representative examples are pictured below:

Turkey Or Ham




Fruit & Vegetable

Ice Cream




What should our cashiers know about gThankYou Turkey Certificates?
Please instruct cashiers to accept gThankYou Certificates. Remind them the Certificate is good ONLY for merchandise indicated on the Certificate and that they must write in the retail price of the item(s) in the box on the back of the certificate.

Written Cashier Instructions and Cash Office Instructions can be downloaded here.


Can I process the Certificates through my coupon clearinghouse?
Yes. gThankYou Certificates are a Manufacturer Coupon and should be processed along with any other Manufacturer Coupons you submit for reimbursement to your clearinghouse. gThankYou, LLC uses CMS as its coupon clearinghouse. CMS is a large national coupon clearinghouse.

What if the certificate holder wants merchandise that costs more than the limit on the Certificate?
They must pay you the difference (that is, the extra amount) to cover the total price.

What if I still have questions?
Call our toll free telephone number: 888-484-1658.

Do you provide routine updates to retailers who would like to be informed when gThankYou makes changes to its Certificates?
Yes. If you are part of a supermarket chain or store and want to receive notification of such things as new product introductions from gThankYou or changes to our Coupon/Certificate designs, call us at 888-484-1658 to be put on our permission-based email list.

How may I obtain a copy of the general information letter your company sent to retailers/grocers?
Download a copy of the gThankYou Grocer Headquarters Letter here.