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Everyone Loves gThankYou Gift Certificates. Here’s why …

One Meaningful

Employee Gifts Make
Everyone Feel Appreciated

Employee gifts are an important way to say "Thank You" and engage your valued employees.  gThankyou Ham Gift Certificates are a great way for Corporate America's leaders to recognize employee accomplishments.  Certain to bring a smile, these thoughtful Ham Gift Certificates give employees the choice to select any kind and any brand whole or half ham from any grocery store or supermarket.

Everyone appreciates a gift card.  And there's no easier way to treat your employees, clients and friends than with Ham Gift Certificates.

gThankYou Ham Gift Certificates are a perfect employee gift!

Our famous Ham Gift Certificates help make everyone feel appreciated without the added effort of buying, storing or distributing hams.  Employers simply give one of our Gift Certificates to employees, who then redeem the Certificate anytime for the ham of their choice at the best time and most convenient store.

Everyone wants a
Ham Gift Certificate.


Employers & Recipients
Appreciate the Simplicity

The #1 reason gThankYou Gift Certificates continue to be the top choice for business leaders: Convenience.  Buying and distributing our Ham Gift Certificates is easy:

  1. Purchase: gThankYou Ham Gift Certificates online or by telephone.  It's speedy and simple, usually taking less than 5 minutes. gThankYou can ship overnight.

  2. Distributing: Some choose to enclose them with paychecks with a “thank you” letter from a company leader, others hand them out personally.

  3. Employee choice: Employees enjoy choosing any whole or half ham they want, from any store they want, anytime they want.

gThankYou Certificates
are that easy.

You'll love them!

Three Fast & Affordable

Can Count On

gThankYou makes your purchase of Gift Certificates fast, easy, affordable and on time.

Fast. Your time is valuable, so we work quickly and accurately to meet your deadline. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of the time we receive them. Many of our customers choose overnight shipping. Often gThankYou Gift Certificates are received the day after they are ordered.

Affordable. gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates come in convenient amounts ranging from $10 to $30. You choose the amount that fits your needs.

Complete. You will receive a detailed online order confirmation shortly after your transaction is complete.

On time. We never miss your deadline — ever.

Free Enclosure Cards. Most of our customers choose to have their company name imprinted on gThankYou Gift Certificates, a free service. We also imprint Recipients names on gThankYou Gift Certificates — also FREE!

At gThankYou we work hard to make it easy for you!